Volume 12 Chapter 3 Part 6

「Nesco, you say?」

That sounds like a Labyrinth that might have dinosaurs roaming its halls, although in the case of this world they might not be dinosaurs, but dragons instead.

「Right now, it is a Labyrinth that my clan is trying to subjugate with all their might. You can reach it either by going from here or from Bode. Even if you subdue it though, I can’t give my title as a noble away to you. But if you build your strength there, there is a pretty high chance that you will be able to subdue yet another Labyrinth and become a noble yourself next time.」

I see. In other words, she’s willing to cooperate with me so that I could get stronger, but in exchange for that, I need to help her clan subjugate the Labyrinth that she designated.

Considering the circumstances, this seems to be a perfectly reasonable request, all the

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