Volume 12 Chapter 5 Part 10

It looks like she was working outside in this heat all the time while we were gone, so her situation was drastically different from ours where we were moving through a relatively cool forest in between going from one Labyrinth to another.

「It’s alright. You should also take a moment to rest, Roxanne, Vesta. 」

「In that case, I was almost finished with caring for the Rosemary, so would you mind if I took care of that first, master? 」

「Alright, go ahead and do it. 」

「Then we are going to help as well. 」

After Sherry said that, Miria and Rutina also went outside.

That is exactly why I was asking her if she wanted me to take her equipment off for her. If I get the chance to do so, then I think I am going to take it off for her after all.

That’s basically about it.

But since I cannot help it

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