Volume 7 Chapter 4 Part 6

Following after the Explorer, we entered Bode’s Labyrinth.


We have arrived in a small room with an ordinary door. It is the same room you can find on any floor of any given Labyrinth. As soon as we got there, the Explorer left our Party and headed back to the entrance immediately.


「Okay, so now that are alone, what else can you tell me about Mabreams, Sherry?」


「Mabream is a monster that specializes in long-range Water Magic attacks. As such, it is also resistant to Water Magic. Earth Magic is its weakness.」


「Earth Magic, huh? All right then. Roxanne, can I ask of you to find us a small group of monsters, or preferably a single one since it is going to be our first time fighting against this monster?」


「As you wish, master.」


After Sherry briefed us on what Mabreams are and their strengths and weaknesses, I asked Roxanne to guide us to a small group so that we could get a feel on how to fight this monster, exactly.


Mabream is a fish-type monster that looks like a fish that has two long legs growing out formthe lower parts of its body. Actually, looking only at its head, it looks more like a fish than a fish-type monster…. Nope, the longer I get to look at it, the less I am sure if it is actually just a head or its entire body.


To top it off, there are two long and skinny legs stretching out. It is truly creepy and disgusting, as if I was looking at some kind of abomination that shouldn’t even be allowed to exist. If the circumstances were any different and it wasn’t an enemy that we are going to have to defeat in order to proceed, then I would just turn back on my heels and noped the hell out of here as fast as I could, all so that I wouldn’t have to look at that freakish thing again. Whoever decided that this thing is a fish-type monster must’ve had something seriously wrong with their head.


Whatever. If they say it’s fish-type monster, then it must be a fish-type monster, and that’s what we’re going to go with, even though it looks like a badly designed Martian, in all honesty.


Since this monster is supposed to be weak to Earth Magic, I tried shooting a 「Sand Ball」at it. Since it was hit with the element that it is supposed to be weak to, the damage that it received was that much greater. After four shots of 「Sand Ball」fired at it in rapid succession, it finally collapsed onto the ground and disappeared in a cloud of green smoke.


Mabream might look unpleasant as hell, but at the moment of its death, it is no different from any other monsters from the Labyrinths since it dies in exactly the same way. And precisely because of that, there is no reason for me to feel bad in any sort of way about killing it. It is a monster, and therefore it needs to die, just like the rest of them.


Anyway, now that Mabream was dead and not coming back, the only thing that remained of it was its Drop Item: White Fish, just like Sherry said. It makes sense, you know? Mabream is a fish-type monster, so it leaves a White Fish behind when it dies, and White Fish is where White Fish Meat comes from.


「Yes, desu!」


When Miria saw the Drop Item with her own eyes, she immediately started jumping up and down in joy. I don’t know if this single White Fish drop is anything to get excited about, but she once again looked me directly in the eyes when she stopped hopping up and down.


What does she want to say to me? I don’t know… except that I know very well, and so I already have my answer for her ready. 


「Yes, Miria. This is going to be our dinner for tonight, I guess.」


「Yes, desu!」


Miria bows her head to me respectfully while her entire body practically radiated with joy. I said that we’re going to be having it as tonight’s dinner because we already have some fish and because I thought that it would be unnecessarily cruel to torture Miria by having her wait another full day so that she could eat her beloved fish, but now that I look at her, I think that she could have waited for another day to eat the fish and she would have still been fine.


「All right then, we’re going to do some hunting around these parts for the time being. Roxanne, show us the way please.」




For a while, we hunted the Mabreams and other monsters in the near vicinity of the twelfth floor’s entrance. After all, since the exploration of Bode’s twelfth floor has only just started, it’s going to be best to stay as close to the entrance as possible without going too far inside the floor itself. As long as the majority of this floor remains an uncharted territory, we are going to have to restrain ourselves if we don’t want to accidentally stumble upon a trap room with a large number of monsters inside.


If we ended up getting ourselves locked up in such a trap room like the one that I got trapped before, but with much stronger monsters inside, then I am not sure if I would be able to guarantee my Party’s safety.


No, this time it should be better, because now I can use powerful Bonus Spells that will be able to vaporize my enemies off the face of the earth in an instant.


In order to test out how effective my Bonus Spells are going to be against the monsters of the twelfth floor, I used 「Meteor Crash」.


As soon as I did that, a red-hot meteorite has decended from the sky above and crashed into the group of monsters we were currently fighting against, leaving none of them alive.


So just like always, a one-shot victory for me, huh? Yeah, when the dust finally settled down, I saw that this one 「Meteor Crash」really was enough to kill the group of Mabreams, which would mean that aside from the Earth Magic, Mabreams seem to be weak against Fire Magic as well, which is good, since I honestly believed that I would need at least two uses of 「Meteor Crash」to bring them down since this is the twelfth floor and all, but at the same time, this is not as good as it sounds.


Why would that be? Because it leaves me quite confused, because I have no idea how can I discern which monsters can be killed in one shot, and which ones are going to require more than one attack with my magic.


I can defeat Rub Shrub with one magic attack, but against Pig Hogs, one Spell is not enough. Initially I thought that maybe it was because the Rub Shrubs were also weak against Fire Magic, but to be honest, I am not so sure about it anymore.


Well, it’s not like it is an urgent issue that requires solving it right this instant, so as long as I can defeat groups of Mabreams with a single 「Meteor Crash」, I am going to be more than happy about it.


「Amazing, desu.」


That was Miria’s first time seeing me using such a powerful magic, so she was obviously quite impressed with what she saw….. is what I thought at first, but once I followed her line of sight, which was aimed suspiciously low towards the ground, I understood that it was not my magic that she was impressed with… but the amount of the White Fish that was left on the ground when the Mabreams were defeated.


I, uhm…. Maybe it’s going to be better if I just let this go without saying anything. Yeah. Let’s just leave that matter and move on. 


「Since 「Meteor Crash」 seems to be effective, I think it should be okay for us to proceed a little bit further inside.」


「I guess so.」


「Yes, I don’t think we’re going to have any particular problems they way we are now, master.」


「All right. Roxanne, for the time being, let’s focus on exploring this floor instesd of searching for monsters, so you can stop looking for them for now.」


I instructed Roxanne to stop searching for monsters and switch into the exploration mode.


I felt bored while we were on Haruba’s fourteenth floor, like there was nothing there for us to do.


But here on the twelfth floor of Bode’s Labyrinth, I might be able to set off some proverbial fireworks if I get the chance.


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