Volume 7 Chapter 5 Part 2

「Even though it was pretty faint, I still managed to catch that unpleasant stench you dare to call body odor of yours all the way from the entrance to this floor of the Labyrinth. I know you probably hoped that I am not going to notice you, but trust me, smelling someone like you is a child’s play for me.」


Didn’t Roxanne say that they were at the entrance? And just now she said that she could smell her all the way from there to our current location? Looks like the nose of this lady is every bit as amazing as Roxanne’s own nose.


「That is very interesting to hear, but what kind of business do you have in here, exactly?」


「Oh pitiful, illiterate Roxanne who knows nothing about the world and its ways. I can clearly see that you have failed to improve yourself even one bit throughout the time when we didn’t see each other, and I feel such a big pity for you because of it that I think I am going to answer that question of yours without asking anything in return, just to show you how benevolent and magnanimous I am. For you see, Simon the Mad Dog has resumed his criminal activities in this region. He’s become such a menace to the authorities that his wanted posters have been circulating all around the Duchy’s cities and villages almost non-stop. My family doesn’t want to have anything to do with the likes of him, but if he’s a criminal with a bounty placed on his head, then the possibility of obtaining it for themselves is something that they just cannot ignore.」


「Simon the Mad Dog, you say?」


「Simon the Mad Dog was one of the two members of the Wolfkin tribe who have been given the moniker of a genius, a prodigy. He might have defeated Sabo once in the past, but this time, we are going to find him, and we are going to prove once and for all that we, the Baradam family are the strongest members of the entire Wolfkin tribe!」


Sabo Baradam is the male Beast Warrior Lv.99 who is standing beside Roxanne’s acquaintance. Looking at him from the side, he does look like quite a strong warrior indeed. I mean, what else have I expected from someone with a whooping Lv.99? If there is anyone in this world who can be described as strong, then that’s definitely going to be the individuals who have managed to achieve such a high level.


「Uhm… err….」


Roxanne appears to be too troubled to actually say something meaningful in response to her acquaintance’s words, but I cannot blame her for it, because of one thing.


Simon the Mad Dog is already dead. I have killed him when we were ambushed by his Bandit group, so it is now impossible for this Sabo guy to defeat him and prove any of the things that he or Roxanne’s acquaintance wanted to prove.


But the thing is…. me and my Party are the only people who know that Simon the Mad Dog is dead, and since I have killed him by using 「Equivalent Exchange」on him, causing him to explode into a giant puddle of blood from which not even the Intelligence Card could not be recovered, that means that there is no evidence that we could possibly present as proof of us actually killing him.


「I see that you’re still  as uncultured and undisciplined of a woman as ever. Even though you seemed to have learned the Brahim language to some extent, I can see that you have yet to become fluent at using it, which is admittedly pretty pathetic.」


I don’t know if she did that intentionally or not, but for whatever reason, this woman seemed to have misunderstood the reason as to why Roxanne could not say anything coherent to her just now, thinking that she could not say even a single sentence to her because she’s not good at speaking Brahim just yet, but I know very well that this is not the case here.


「Ehm, uhm…. N-no, not all. Actually, I…」


「You know what? I have to say that you turning into a slave turned out for the better. It was helpful, even, so I must thank you for going along with it and throwing your freedom away. However, it is quite regretful that even though your family went through all the trouble of selling you into slavery, they were still unable to get the decent amount of money for you.」


「You…. Why would you do such a thing?!」


When she heard the shocking revelation from her acquaintance’s mouth, that was all that Roxanne was able to mutter under her breath. If I didn’t know about it already, I would have probably been in a similar state as her right now.


From what Roxanne herself has told me before, her family had to sell her into slavery because if they didn’t do that, they would be unable to pay the yearly tax that all citizens of the empire need to pay once a year. So that incident was plotted by this woman in front of us?


「With the influence that that the Baradam family has, setting that up was all too easy. And if you’re curious as to why I went and done something like that in the first place, then I did that in order to punish you, Roxanne. Because you are nothing more but a conniving bitch who seduces men that belong to others!」


「I have never done something like that in my life before!」


「You might be trying to deny what I’m saying, but your actions speak louder than your words! Just fess up already! How many men have you seduced with that whore-like body of yours? And don’t even try to deny it and lie that you have never seduced anyone, because I know that you did! And you know why I know that? It’s because of the way that men always looked at you! The way that was always so different from when they were looking at me! From how my fiancée was looking at me! And you had the nerve to steal him from me!」


「I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have never stolen any men from anyone!」


I see. I think I know what the root cause of the problems between those two is. Essentially, the men of the Wolfkin tribe were drawn to Roxanne’s chest in the same way like I was ever since I first laid my eyes upon her.


Roxanne’s chest is big, round, soft and very alluring, of that there can be no doubt. Therefore, I think it was inevitable that she would be stealing male glances and hearts wherever she went, for better or worse.


「And look at you now. Even after you’ve been reduced to nothing but a lowly slave, you still went and got that weak-looking human wrapped around your little finger. I should have predicted that you were going to do something despicable like that, since such lowly trickery is the only thing that a seductress like you is capable off. You have nothing else going on for you but that body of yours, so you go around and flaunt it in front of everyone until you always get what you want.」


「I don’t mind you saying all those horrible things about me, but I want you to stop bad-mouthing my master!」


All of a sudden, Roxanne also raised her voice.


「My oh my, what is it now? Is little pathetic Roxanne trying to order me around now?」


When Roxanne’s acquaintance heard her raising her voice like that, the eyes with which she was looking at her changed from someone who was looking down on her to those that were not even trying their bloodlust and ill intentions. Just how much bad blood must be between those two for the things to escalate to such a degree so quickly?


「No, that is not what I am trying to do here at all. I just want to reiterate what I said: I do not mind you telling all those awful things about me, but I will never allow you to bad-mouth my master in front of me!」


「Oh, is that the case? Fine then, if that’s how you want to play it, then I challenge you to a duel.」


「 A duel?」


Suddenly, that Wolfkin woman said something that I would have never expected to hear. I know that she’s angry at Roxanne, but is that really a reason to be going as far as to challenge her to a duel instead of calmly talking things out? If I was in their place, that’s what I would have done.

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