Volume 7 Chapter 5 Part 4

However, even if you have  Sacrificial Misanga that protects you from death equipped, it’s effect does not prevent you from getting hit, nor does it inhibit the pain from getting hit.


「Giving such a precious item to someone like Roxanne is going to be such a waste. However, if she is going to drop onto her knees during the duel and beg for her life, I may just find enough kindness in my heart to forgive her for all of the transgressions that she committed against me and spare her. After all, we the members of the Baradam family are widely known for our benevolence when it comes to dealing with the uneducated masses.」


Even though Sherry was speaking very quietly, the woman ended up hearing her words anyway. And not only that, but she also probably understood what Sherry meant by 「that」. Well, she has one too, so it’s not surprising that she understood that.


However, she does not seem to be understanding the most important thing here: that in the end, she is going to be the one who’s going to be begging Roxanne for mercy on her knees.


「Okay, okay. I get it, I get it.」


Even though I do not like it in the slightest, it looks like I have no other choice but to go and accept the duel between those two.


「Thank you very much. Master. I promise that I will never forget what you did today.」


「O~hohoho~!!! Finally decided to accept my challenge, are we? That’s commendable of you, Roxanne, but let me give you a final warning: whatever happens from now on, you better make sure to not have any regrets about it, you hear me? Well then, now that we have the arrangements out of the way, let us be off to the office of the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy. Also, do not even think about backing out of the agreement now, because that would be truly distasteful and disgraceful of you.」


The woman turns around and heads toward the exit from this part of the Labyrinth, while the other members of her Party obediently followed right behind her.


「Do you really think it’s going to be all right to leave this matter the way it is?」


「Yes. It’s going to be all right, I just know it. Also, there are no monsters near the entrance room, so we don’t have to worry about them causing us any harm on the way back.」


When I asked Roxanne how does she feel about this situation, she bowed her head to me and answered respectfully, albeit the thing she told me was not the thing that I asked her about, because I don’t care about the safety of that other Party. All that I want to know is if Roxanne herself was fine with going through with this whole duel thing.


「In order to go through with a duel, you need to have permission from the Knight Order, so we should go and take care of that as well.」


Sherry also bowed to me with respect and followed that up with a very useful advice.


Maybe it is because I grew up in modern-day Japan, where it is generally agreed that interfering with the private affairs of others is a thing that’s very heavily frowned upon and is not encouraged at all, but I could not help it but to find this whole duel affair as more than a little bit awkward. Also, even though duels seem to be so commonplace in this world, I have never heard about anyone actually challenging someone to one even though it has already been a while since I started living in this world, and that got me thinking now: are duels really that common in this world? Or is it that its just my impression of them?


Well, Roxanne’s and Sherry’s attitude seems to suggest that something must really be up with that topic, but instead of mulling that issue over for longer than it is actually worth it, I just let out a long, heavy sigh as we headed towards the exit of this Labyrinth’s floor.


「All right then, wait for me right here. It shouldn’t take too long.」


When we arrived at the castle of Bode, the woman entered the castle by herself, and a short while afterwards, she came out together with Gozer by her side.


「By my authority as the leader of the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy, I Gozer North Braun Anhalt hereby confirm that both sides of the conflict that request the duel to be held are indeed the Freemen.」


Gozer made a loud and rather pompous-sounding proclamation while raising his eyebrow a little when he saw me, but other than that, he didn’t react in any noticeable way and simply continued on without hesitating or changing his facial expression for even a second. That’s probably since in this little conflict of ours, he is a member of the third party that is supposed to be neutral to both sides to ensure that the duel is going to be judged fairly and without any sort of prejudice.


「Of course.」


Roxanne then takes a step forward and stands in front of me.


「What is it this time, Roxanne? Do you have any objections to our duel?」


「No, none whatsoever.」


「Well then, the challenge to the duel, which has been issued in accordance with the principles of self-defense, has been accepted. If you so desire, then you can fight in the duel personally, or you can nominate a champion that’s going to fight in your place. Do you wish to exercise the right to do so?」


「No, there won’t be any need for that. I am going to fight in this duel myself.」


Upon hearing Roxanne’s answer, Gozer glanced at me. Was he expecting that I will be the one who would be taking part in the duel myself? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you Gozer, but that’s not how it’s going to be this time.


「The other party has requested that the duel would be an immediate one carried out in a private setting. Do you agree to these conditions?」


「I want the duel to be carried out immediately because that way I can be sure that you won’t have the time to prepare and use any of those underhanded tricks of yours that you definitely wanted to employ in order to fight against me yet again.」


The woman explains her reasoning behind wanting to duel Roxanne as fast as possible. But I have to say that I do not understand the kind of logic on which this chick seems to be operating. Not in the slightest. What does she even mean by underhanded tricks? Is she really expecting that Roxanne would result to cheating in an official duel?


「In case that one of the would-be participants is injured or tired, the duels can always be scheduled to a later date if the other participant agrees to it. It is also possible to change the duel from a private one to a public one if any of the sides suspect the other of possible foul play, since with the audience watching, it is presumed that cheating would be that much more difficult to be utilized.」


Gozer gives me an additional explanation. So if you are afraid that your opponent might be cheating in your duel, you can also employ such preventive measures, huh?


Nevertheless, Roxanne still turned towards me and looked at me with expectant eyes. To tell you the truth, I am actually kinda glad that this acquaintance of hers wants to make this duel a private matter, because if this was to be carried out in public, then it would have most definitely resulted in bringing much of unwanted attention towards both Roxanne and myself, since I am her master and she’s my slave.


Also, I don’t know if it’s because he’s busy or he’s not around, but the Duke was not here along with Gozer. That is also to our benefit, since the Duke of Hartz is the last person whom I would have wanted as a spectator to a dual that Roxanne was about to engage in.


Since I have nothing else to say in the matter, I simply give her a nod of approval.


「Yes, I accept these conditions.」


「Very well then. Upon the agreement of both sides, only the members of the Parties involved in the dual will be allowed to spectate it. Now, if you would please follow me.」


Gozer then headed inside of the castle, and we followed right behind him.


「I will not let you escape me this time. We will settle this once and for all, whether you like it or not.」


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