Volume 8 Chapter 5 Part 1

Chapter 40: Vesta

Current Levels & Equipment:
Villager Lv.2

After making the promise to do my best to Roxanne and passing the house keys to her, I jump to the waiting room in the Merchants Guild.

The waiting room is crowded with people as always, even though it is a holiday today. To tell you the truth, this is actually the first time I’m seeing so many people in the waiting room of the Merchants Guild all at once. I feel like there is even a possibility of me hitting someone while coming out of the wall, so maybe I should be especially careful…

Is this really okay, Merchants Guild? Looking at the congestion right now, I can’t help but notice how lazy things here usually seem.

Well, I guess there’s no point in me worrying about the financial situation of the Merchants Guild, since this is not my problem.

The most important thing here is that I didn’t collide with anyone. Also, I thought that my heart would beat faster at the incoming prospect of getting myself a new harem member, but surprisingly, I am plenty calm.

There is a different receptionist than usual in the waiting room, but that shouldn’t pose any problems for me. All that I have to do is to pay the participation fee at the counter where he’s sitting, and once I do that, I should be able to go inside the auction hall, it seems.

I follow behind the line of people who’re standing in front of me and wait until it moves until I can stand face to face with the receptionist.

「Is the participation fee a thousand Nars?」

「Yes, that’s right.」

「Hey you guys, did you know? It seems a Wizard slave will be exhibited today!」

When I was about to pay the participation fee to go inside, someone behind me shouts loudly. When I looked back behind me, I saw that it was actually a dirty old man who looked like the boss of some kinda workers’ camp.

「Is that true?!」

The guy who went inside before me reacts to the sudden piece of news. Aside from him, pretty much everyone seems to be interested in the Wizard slave that this dude mentioned.

I, however, remained calm and didn’t jump on the hype train along with everyone else, because for me, what’s important is not the Job of the slave, but whether they’re beautiful or not.

「I will get them no matter what! Do you have any platinum coins on you? If you don’t, go back home and bring some!」

The old man keeps on shouting. You can hear his voice everywhere, to the point where it’s actually getting so loud and annoying that it becomes difficult for me to hear my own thoughts. And if he’s annoying like that, then I wonder if any of the people who are gathered here right now are really going to go back to their homes to bring more money with them.

Nope, as expected, no one went back, but even despite that, the old man leaves the waiting room while looking satisfied.

I pay the thousand Nars entrance fee and go inside, advancing to the inner part of the Guild.

The small rooms, which are normally used for meetings, have been turned into showrooms for the slave merchants to exhibit the slaves they are selling. I enter one of such room.

「Welcome, welcome! Our shop is exhibiting this man from the Dragonkin tribe, so please, feast your eyes on him to your heart’s content!」

One of the Slave Merchants speaks as soon as I step into the room.

There are two more men inside the room. One of them is most likely a customer since he is an Explorer, the second one is a sturdy, big, muscular man whose Job is Dragon Knight Lv.1.

Dragon Knight, huh? Now that’s a Job that any kid with chuunibyou would definitely love to get. I wonder if it’s a racial job of the members of the Dragonkin tribe.

「I see.」

「The Dragonkin tribe is a race that excels in battling and combat-related abilities. Their power and overpowering presence can easily be the main force of any Party that specializes in close combat. You may consider them the best combat slaves available on the market.」

I receive a recommendation from the Slave Merchant. Even though they’re called Dragonkin, they don’t look that different from humans, actually. Their bodies are slightly larger than ours, but that’s really about it. In that regard, however, I really feel like they really are suited for combat.

「I see.」

「This man is an outstanding one even amongst the other members of the Dragonkin tribe. I can recommend him with confidence. Also, he has already been training in the Labyrinth and he has already acquired the Dragon Knight job, so he can immediately be put to use. It is also rare to have someone from the Dragonkin tribe as a slave. You will certainly regret it if you don’t bid on him when you’ll have the opportunity to do so.」

You are saying he has trained in the Labyrinth, but he is just a Dragon Knight Lv.1, which means that this guy must have acquired that Job only recently. Therefore, I can’t trust the recommendation of this Slave Merchant, since he’s clearly engaging in false advertisement.

I decline the offer of the Slave Merchant politely and leave the room, moving on to the next one.

There are two female slaves displayed in this room. Both of them are sitting on the chairs.

It’s different from the room with the Dragonkin tribe guy that I just walked out of as they are not being kept separately in a cage, but are instead allowed to sit freely without any kind of restraints.

One of the women is young and cute, and the other is a beautiful, mature woman. That being said, I’m not sure if they are good enough to be in this auction, though.

「These two are a set of mother and daughter.」

The Slave Merchant whispers in my ear, with a somewhat nasty grin on his face. Mother and daughter, huh? I see. So if I buy them, I would be able to try having some spicy oyakodon action, huh? It’s something that every man dreams of really wanting to try at least once before dying.

If I didn’t become an Explorer, I would definitely become an AV actor thanks to my Sex Maniac Job. And once I would have retired from my acting career I would then move on to work as a professor in an all-girls college, since such places are literal treasure troves for those who’re looking for young women who want to have some casual fun without any lasting consequences.

For now, however, I also withdraw from this room because I don’t have that much of an interest in those kinds of things right now. That, and a purchase like that would not be practical.
There’s a woman in the next room, too. Apparently, there are more women around here. Earlier, Alan the Slave Merchant told me that female slaves are automatically more expensive, so how can they be so common here?

The woman in the next room is graceful and noble. She is also quite the beauty. As long as she remained silent, she would definitely look like a young lady of noble stature. I think she has been a slave for a short time. If I were to grade her, then she would have definitely received high marks from me.

「Do you like her? Although she is not suited for combat, she is definitely a first- class beauty.」

Indeed. With just one glance, you can tell she is not suited for any kind of rough treatment, and since someone like that is not who I am looking for, I had to go out since more customers were coming in.

She is an enormous beauty, with her hair tied back into an alluring ponytail. Since she can not fight, however, there is no need for me to be interested in her anymore. But still, if only she sat quietly and let her head down, she would look just like a princess….

But since there is no shampoo in this world at all, so her beautiful hair would probably get all greasy and messy very soon, and if she grew her hair that long, then that proves that she really has no combat experience at all and that she had a lot of time to spare. Maybe we could make her into a fighter still, but I don’t know how much time, effort, training and grooming that would require.

Anyways, there is no way she can become a princess now. Rather than getting disillusioned after hearing her story, it’s better to form delusions without talking to her.

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