Volume 9 Chapter 1 Part 10

Oh wow, that’s amazing! I never knew that you can actually fight with the spear while wielding it in such a way!

She is actually spinning it above her head, like she’s one of the heroes from the three Kingdoms era.

If it turned out that she is actually an incarnation of someone like Guan Yu, then I would probably start crying out loud in delight on the spot.

Vesta rushes at the monster, and swings the Holy Spear down, causing the Cheep Sheep to be smashed down into the ground with violent force.

Another victory in a single blow!? How amazing is that… no, wait, surely that must be just a coincidence, right? Yes, it must be.

However, Vesta didn’t get any new Job, even though she finished the enemy off with a spear. There was no Knight on the list of her available Jobs, which was somewhat expected, but not even Dragon Knight? Come the hell on game, throw us a bone here, would you?

「Great. Next time, try fighting the enemy bare-handed.」


「I realize that it will be a little difficult, but trust me, that is something that you have to do.」

「I-It’s okay, I think I will be fine.」

After receiving the Drop Item and the Holy Spear back, I see Vesta off to the next battle.

When the next Cheep sheep appears, Vesta fights it bare-handed. She strikes it with her fist, and the Cheap sheep returns the favor with a body slam of its own. Hoping for no damage was too much, I guess.

After she was hit by the Cheap Sheep’s body slam, I cast「Plating」and 「Heal」on her once more. I don’t know how much recovery she requires, but for now, I cast it only once, hoping that the damage that she received from that attack wasn’t all that high.

Vesta dodges the next body slam, and slams her fist into the sheep’s flank. The monster charges at her again, but Vesta manages to dodge it again. Looking at Vesta and the Cheep Sheep from the sidelines, they look like a girl playing with her pet dog, or I guess a pet sheep in this case.

Vesta hits the sheep on its head in the next moment, bringing a swift end to my little fantasy, since physical violence can never be classified as just playing around with anything in my book. If that thing was really a dog and we were back in my old world, then she could have been reported for animal abuse.

The monster stands back up, and attacks Vesta again, seeking revenge for that strike to the head. Vesta receives its attack and counters it with another punch.

Cheep Sheep stumbles backwards, and collapses. As expected, it was really hard fighting bare-handed, even if it was literally nothing else but an overgrown sheep. It might have been comfortable watching from the sidelines, but for Vesta who actually had to do all the fighting by herself, it was a really furious fight.

「Well done. For now, you better get some rest. Call me when you think you are ready to try fighting some more, alright?」

「There’s no need for that, master. It only scratched me a little, so I think I’ll be alright.」

Eh? Was it just my imagination? I thought Cheep Sheep assaulted her quite harshly without holding back… but was that not the case?

「If you say you’re fine then you must be, I guess.」

「That aside, you can even use Recovery Magic! That is amazing!」

It was because I got the Monk job when I fought bare-handed before. Right now, even you should already have it, if everything went smoothly.

I cast 「Plating」 on her again. With this, the experiment with Vesta fighting bare-handed is over. Now, the only weapon left for her to use is a hammer. But so far, hammer was relevant
only to our residual Master Smith, so is there even a point in having her try that out?

Even I didn’t get any Job related to using it, so why would it be different in Vesta’s case? Even more so since Master Smith is a racial job of Dwarves, Vesta won’t be able to get it.

「Do you know what exactly is required to become a Dragon Knight?」

「To become a Dragon Knight? I heard that only the bravest members of the Dragonkin tribe can obtain that Job. It is also believed that you can only become one when you fight monsters all alone without the aid of your other Party Members.」

Fight the monsters all by yourself? Talk about a grueling condition.

「I don’t know much details of it since it is racial-specific Job, even though I was reading a job-related book in the library yesterday.」

Vesta and Sherry answer me one after another. Was Sherry gathering information relating to the Jobs and the methods of their acquisition for us?

Honestly, she’s such a good girl.

「There is no helping it since it is a racial Job then.」

「I am sorry for not being more helpful than that, master.」

「It’s okay, Sherry. Was there anything interesting there that you managed to read?」

「Yes, there was a Job I have never heard about before listed in one of the books. If I am not mistaken, then I think it was called Gambler.」

Gambler? Is there really such a Job? Well, it might as well be, but I have not seen anyone who would possess it so far. On a sidenote, I wonder how can I become one?

Is gambling even common here in this world? Or does it look the same as the one that I am familiar with? Or maybe it’s going to be something Labyrinth-specific once more, like stabbing a monster with a toothpick in my mouth until it dies while hoping for the best?

No, if something like that was really a legitimate requirement for becoming a Gambler, then I would much rather like to become a Dragon Knight by fighting against the monsters in the Labyrinth without anyone else’s help.

However, since it is a Dragonkin tribe exclusive racial job, I can’t become one even if I wanted to, so I got needlessly absorbed in thinking about something that’s going to stay out of my reach.

Or maybe, I need to visit the Konpira shrine? (TL Note: Konpira Shrine is a shrine dedicated to Konpira Gongen, the Japanese god of the Shugendo sect who watches over merchant sailors.)

On the other hand, that might not be a good idea, because I would probably die, because you know, it’s like with that one famous saying: an Idiot can not be cured unless they die. Or I guess the more appropriate way to ut it would be: once a fool, always a fool, and gamblers are most certainly fools.

「Gambler, huh?」

「You know about it? It is my first time hearing this word. Gambler, I mean.」

「Is that so? You know anything in this regard, Vesta?」

「I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t know anything about it.」

So even Vesta doesn’t know anything that might point me in the right direction in regard to the Gambler Job? Well,

Since it is being translated to me as Gambler, it doesn’t seem to be a word that is an unknown one in this world. Therefore, gamblers definitely have to exist in here.

「Is it perhaps something like a hidden Job for the people from the back alleys, similar to Bandit and Thief?」

「I see. It was indeed written that it’s something similar to Thief. Perhaps then, it really is a Job related to Thieves in some way.」

「Are you sure it was not just some random, unconfirmed scribbles?」

I mean, can you really trust a book that only describes something as 「similar to a Thief」without going into any greater details? Maybe it was just something written by someone on their deathbed, or by someone who was biased towards Gamblers because they wronged them in some way or another?

「I don’t know. 「I discovered an astonishing way to obtain this Job, but there is not enough space to write about it.」. That is what was written in the book that I read.」

Wow, what a really helpful description. Who was this guy, this world version of Fermat, and that book was his Fermat’s theorem? If you’re putting something in a book, then at least write it down properly next time!

It is a really serious matter.

「It is alright, perhaps.」

「But there is one thing I still didn’t get. Strangely, it was written that it is also related to Bounty Hunter, too. It could really be just a prank, in that case.」

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