Volume 9 Chapter 1 Part 11

「Oh. No, maybe it is not, after all.」

When she said the words 「Bounty Hunter」, I think I finally figured it out.

The Bounty Hunter Job has a Skill called, 「Ignore Life and Death」. If you look at the name carefully, and the fact that you need to select a target in order to invoke it, then wouldn’t that make「Ignore Life and Death」 a single-target death blow Skill?

But I have yet to succeed in activating it even once, so maybe it is a kind of Skill that has a certain percentage chance of success? In other words, it’s a gamble whether you can kill the target or not. And if it is gamble, then it is therefore a part of a gambling world.

Maybe the condition to acquire Gambler is to successfully activate 「Ignore Life and Death」Skill at least once? That is what I think, at least.

「Oh, did you realize something from that, master?」

「No, I am not sure yet. But it was a good hint, nevertheless. Thank you.」

「No need to thank me, since it wasn’t much.」

I haven’t been successful with 「Ignore Life & Death」 Skill thus far, so I think it is highly possible that the success rate of this Skill is related to the level of the user.

If any idiot could kill any monster without any limitation or restriction, then 「Ignore Life & Death」would be a truly broken Skill.

Gambler seems to be a difficult-to-get Job. You need to level Warrior up to Lv.30 first to get Bounty Hunter. After that, you need to level up Bounty Hunter to increase the success rate of 「Ignore Life & Death」Skill. It is also possible that I need to level up Thief as well.

Leveling up Thief in addition to Warrior and Bounty Hunter, huh? If it’s like that, then there’s no way for it to be generally known. However, there is a compatibility between Thief and Bounty Hunter.

If a Thief quits the life of crime, they can start working as a Bounty Hunter, and a Bounty Hunter can cross the line and fall to a Thief’s level. Both of those things are likely to happen.

There also seems to be a person who managed to fulfill the condition and became a Gambler.

Since he was not able to publicly announce that he was a Thief, I can understand that he could only write it in a book in the corner of the library.

For now, I can try to aim for it and see how it goes. But because the Job is difficult to obtain, I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be successful or not.

For the time being, getting Dragon Knight is the priority.

Since you need to fight alone, will killing a monster by yourself meet the requirement to acquire the Dragon Knight Job? Or will she have to take out more of them?

I bring out Durandal.

「Vesta, can you try fighting a monster by yourself using this sword?」


If she were to use Durandal, even if the first blow didn’t work, the second one would surely kill any monster that she’ll have to fight against. With that weapon, she will be able to safely fight just by herself.

「Umm… This is the sword that Master always uses, right?」

「Yes, it is.」

「So you’re giving it to Vesta, even though you have never let me use it before?」

Roxanne complains in a low voice. This is starting to get troublesome.

「Well… because it is a two-handed sword.」

「It is not like I can’t use a two-handed sword at all, you know?」

「T-Then, do you want to try it as well, Roxanne?」

「Are you fine with it?」

I am the one who needs to ask if you’re fine with it. However, Roxanne’s eyes were sparkling when I looked at her.

Well, looks like it can’t be helped.

「Then we can try it in order, I guess.」


Roxanne takes Durandal from me excitedly. She holds it like it is something very important. She looks pleased as well. That’s good, I guess.

Roxanne slowly pulls the sword out of its scabbard… and advances just like that.

「Good! Now, with this sword, go and kill it that monster!」

I inspired her to face off against the Cheep Sheep that targeted Roxanne. Roxanne rushes to the monster, and swings Durandal down at it. The Cheap Sheep dies with the first blow, exactly as I have expected.

「Amazing. Even I managed to kill the monster in a single blow with this sword. To have such an amazing weapon as this one, as expected of Master.」

Roxanne hands over the Drop Item from the Cheap Sheep and Durandal back to me. Being praised by Roxanne feels nice as usual, but this time I should be the one saying: 「As expected of Roxanne」. I think that her being a Knight now also had something to do with it.

「Would you like to have a go at it as well, Sherry?」


「Here you go.」

I hand Sherry Durandal while Roxanne guides us to the next monster with her usual 「This way!」.

So, it looks like everyone would like to try using Durandal at least once after all, huh? That being said, I don’t think there is a chance for anyone else to obtain any other Job than Dragon Knight in Vesta’s case, which makes me feel like this is going to be a waste of our time… is what I would like to say to them, but I obviously can’t.

Sherry cuts the monster that she was fighting against in half. The level of her Job is higher than Roxanne’s current Job since she switched it just recently, so that’s not surprising to me at all. Also, because Master Smith has a Job effect of 「Increase STR (Small)」, it should be obvious that Sherry’s physical attack power is going to be pretty high. It is perfectly natural for any of her enemies to be done in with the first strike.

「What an incredible Sword this is. Anyways, with this sword, will we be able to get any new Jobs?」

「Nope. I don’t think that any of us is going to be able to get anything new by using it.」

「Is that so? Well, you have a truly amazing sword, nonetheless.」

As you would expect from Sherry. She perfectly understands why I am having them partake in such activities.
「Do you want to try it out as well, Miria?」

「Yes, desu.」

As expected, Miria also kills the monster she faced in a single blow.

「How was it?」

「Amazing, desu.」

Miria’s ears stand erect. She returns Durandal while staring at it with great interest. I don’t know how it happened, but somehow this has turned into a sword exhibition. However, with this, I have exposed in broad daylight that my ability to kill monsters so efficiently was all thanks to Durandal….

No, not yet. It is not an established fact yet. There’s still a chance that the girls won’t realize it.

「Vesta, try using it now.」

「Understood, master.」

Even with only Villager Lv.5, Vesta defeated the monster in one blow. With this, there is no longer any room for doubt. It was all thanks to Durandal.

Even though it has been established as fact, Vesta still managed to acquire the Dragon Knight Job.

Rather than killing a monster with a final attack, the condition is to kill a monster all by yourself from the start. The reason for it being that it will be difficult even for a Dragonkin tribe member to kill a monster in one hit.

Dragon Knight Lv.1
Effects: Increase END (Medium), Increase END (Small), Increase END (Slight)
Skills: Dual Wielding, Critical Outbreak, Damage Reduction

As you would expect from a Job with such a chuuni name. And these skills, they are even more amazing.

That there is a Skill called 「Dual Wielding」, does that mean that it perhaps impossible for normal people to wield two swords at once?

And what’s with this 「Critical Outbreak」 skill?

There is an Increase「Increase Critical Hit Rate」 Skill in my Bonus Skills, but I didn’t feel anything in particular while using it.

Perhaps, without having 「Critical Outbreak」, it is impossible to use 「Increase Critical Hit Rate」? Is Increase in Critical Hit Rate skill useless except for Dragonkin tribe members then?

Nope. There may be another Job with 「Critical Outbreak」 Skill. That’s what I want to believe!

「What kind of Skill is 「Damage Reduction」?」

I can understand, though, what it means to some degree.

「You are asking me? I have never heard it before.」


「I have heard about 「Physical Damage Reduction」 and 「Magic Damage Reduction」Skills, but as for 「Damage Reduction」 Skill, I have never heard about it before.」

It seems neither Sherry nor Vesta know about it. Is it perhaps a Passive Skill? Rather than the type that needs to be invoked, is it possible that it always reduces the damage received? As you would expect from a Job with such a cool chuuni name.

「When you say 「Damage Reduction」, doesn’t something strange happen?」

「「Damage Reduction」? No, nothing strange.」

I have set Dragon Knight Lv.1 as Vesta’s Job, but nothing seems to be happening.

So it is a Passive Skill, after all. It would be strange for nothing to happen if it were an Active Skill.

「Dragon Knight, what kind of Job is it?」

「A Job held by only the righteous amongst the Dragonkin tribe. It’s a Job they wield to protect their lord and friends.」

I see. Does it mean that a Dragon Knight is basically a Knight, but for the Dragonkin?

「Dragon Knight is a Job that excels in defense. It is believed that the stability and safety of a Party increases if they have a Dragon Knight in it.」
Sherry further explains. No wonder. With that much Increase in Endurance, it will surely excel in defense.

So the three of them will form the line of defense.

Dragon Knight is a job that specializes in defense, huh? The Job effects are shared by the whole Party, so we’re going to benefit from it as well.

Being a Dragon Knight, she’ll be able to take a hit, surely. But I am still not sure if 「Damage Reduction」 will work for the whole Party or just her alone. Since our Party’s main attack force is my magic, it may be better to have a Job specialized in defense, actually.

I will leave Vesta’s Job as a Dragon Knight for now.

「Becoming a Dragon Knight is a dream of every Dragonkin tribe member. I, too, would like to become a Dragon Knight one day in order to better support Master and his Party.」

「Well, Vesta is already a Dragon Knight, so you don’t have to worry about it.」

I try my best to say it as casually as possible.


「Do you want to go on as Dragon Knight, or go back to Villager for now?」

「Umm, but in order to become a Dragon Knight, you need years of training, and you must get recognized by the Guild Temple. As for me, I didn’t even fight that much, so how…」

「It’s okay. Show me your left hand.」

Vesta shows me her left hand as instructed.

However, since my Fifth job is Alchemist, and I am currently using 「Plating」, I switch my Fourth job, Monk, with Knight. I invoke 「Intelligence Card Operation」, causing Vesta’s Intelligence Card to emerge from the depths of her left hand.


「Go ahead and check it.」

Seeing is believing after all, and it’s going to be faster to show it to her than to explain with words. Vesta has also checked my Intelligence Card before, so she should be able to read Brahim language without any difficulties.

Vesta looks at her own Intelligence Card closely… and then her eyes shoot wide open.

「It is true… It states that I have become a Dragon Knight!」

「See? Do you believe me now?」

「Umm, Dragon Knight… Err, Intelligence Card… Eh? So Master’s Job was also the one capable of operating the Intelligence Cards?…」

「It is alright, Vesta. Because it’s master.」

Roxanne tries to calm Vesta down. Since we are still in the Labyrinth, we will be in trouble if she continues to behave like that and loses her focus because of it.

「Rather than that, I think it happened because Vesta is a natural-born genius, and that’s why you were able to become the Dragon Knight… I think.」

She may be confused for now, but she will get used to it eventually.

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