Volume 9 Chapter 1 Part 2

「Yes, it might have been your first proper battle, but from what I have seen you managed to hold your own ground quite well, but I want you to remember that here in the Labyrinth, you must never let your guard down. if you know what is good for you. If you let your guard down for even a moment while in here, then death is surely doing to come for you. That’s why from tomorrow onwards, I want you to perform as well as you have been doing today. If you do that, then I’m sure that everything is going to be fine.」

「I understand. Thank you.」

Since there was no problems with Vesta’s conduct, I instead gave her some general advice. I wanted to do so to reinforce the importance of always staying as careful as possible in such places.

「Is there anything else that you’d like to add, Roxanne?」

「No. Judging by what I saw, there really is no need for me to be saying anything more. As expected of a slave that was hand-picked by master, Vesta is a truly exceptional warrior.」

「Oh, well… thanks, I guess. Shall we make our way back home then?」

Now that our goal for this excursion has basically been achieved, there was no reason for us to be staying here any longer. We can go home soon since our tour with Vesta was now completed. And since Roxanne had nothing else to say about it, I warped us back to the house.

「Alright then, I think we may start preparing dinner.」

「That’s right. Would be okay if we made one of the dishes that we have prepared before?」

I agreed to the suggestion that was given to me. We spend a little bit more time in the Labyrinth than we admittedly should have, so we don’t have the time to be making anything too elaborate for dinner.

On the other hand though, this is the first day of Vesta living together with us, so it would speak poorly of us if we didn’t prepare something good to commemorate the occasion.

「Oh, in that case, I am going to prepare a simple vegetable soup.」

「Okay. Miria, in the meantime, can I ask you to prepare a fish that would be easy to fry in oil?」

「Fish, desu!」

Miria said. Was that supposed to be a 「yes」or 「no」?

Well, if I had to guess then I would say that it’s a 「yes」, since I was the one who started this whole conversation first. The most important thing here is that both Roxanne and Sherry don’t seem to have anything against it.

「Can I ask you to help them as well, Sherry? Vesta?」

「Of course.」

「As you wish, master.」

「I will be preparing the bath, then.」

After arriving at home, I immediately escape to the bathroom while entrusting Roxanne with keeping watch over Vesta, however…. the two of them come running after me.

「Master, if I may, please.」

「Yes? What’s wrong?」

「Vesta said she doesn’t know what a bath is.」

So Vesta came here with Roxanne because she wanted to see something that she has never seen before in her life, huh? Well, , I don’t have any problems with it.

「You don’t know what a bath is?」

「I am sorry. I have really never seen one before.」

「This is the bath.」

「We submerge ourselves in a tub filled with hot water. It seems to be a luxury that normally only nobles can afford to enjoy.」

Roxanne explains to Vesta what a bath is and how we are using it.

Since it is something normally reserved only for nobles and rich people, there is no helping if she doesn’t know about it. And you would of course want to see it if you never saw it before.

「Is that so?」

「My only concern is that if Vesta joins in, it may be a bit to small for all of us to fit in at once.」

Vesta freezes when she hears that. Don’t tell me she’s self conscious about her size and doesn’t plan on going in with us because of them.

「Well, I’m saying that because I intend to have you take the bath together with the rest of us. Unless you don’t like that idea of course?」

「I mean… a bath is something only nobles can enjoy, isn’t that right?」

「It’s alright, Vesta.」

「It’s fine, because it’s Master.」

I wonder if Roxanne’s persuasion is going to work?

「Is it really alright?」

「There’s no problem. It will be a little cramped, however, since everyone is going to join in, but that’s something that we’ll just have to deal with.」


Looks like Vesta will be joining in on a bath with everyone else after all. ‘With everyone’ is the most important part here, since when I say ‘with everyone’, it has an entirely different meaning from when I say ‘with me’.

That’s wonderful. I can hardly wait for it to finally happen. It is frustrating, though, that I can’t go in right now.

「Then, I will start preparing it, so you can have a look to see how it is actually done.」

Instead, I decide to show her how I prepare the bath.

I cast 「Water Wall」, and the water starts filling the buckets I arranged on the floor of the bathroom. After all, this is a literal wall of water made by magic.

When I cast 「Water Wall」, Vesta let’s out a surprised sound.


「So, what do you think?」

Cool, right? I know it full well, but you can go ahead and say it, I won’t mind.

I must really look cool right now. Vesta must really be full of respect toward me right now. I must really look like a chuunibyou king.


Vesta is surprised.

「That’s right, that’s right.」

「Because it’s Master.」

「It’s my first time seeing someone from outside of a Beastman tribe that can produce water.」

Eh? What was that just now? Is it just me, or does her line of thinking seems to be a little wayward?

「What do you mean by ‘tribe’?」

「Eh? Is it not a racial ability of a Human tribe, but something different?」

「This is called magic.」

「But Master’s job is not Wizard or a Mage, but an Explorer… ah, is it perhaps because you actually have a Job named Master?」

She has already been inspired by Roxanne in thinking that I am more amazing than I actually am. Well, if she wants to think that I am called master because of my Job, then I guess that’s fine.

「Yes, it is. Because it’s Master.」

But as it turned out, instead of looking for a confirmation from me, she is looking for a confirmation from Roxanne.

「Is that so? That’s really amazing then!」

「Is there a tribe of Beastmen that can actually produce water?」

I asked her, because I wanted to know if there really is such a tribe somewhere in this world. Maybe she meant a Merman tribe, perhaps?

Also, it is terrifying that there’s actually such a possibility in this world. Well, there already are monsters that attack using water.

「I don’t know if there is a tribe that can produce water, but I do know that those from the Dragonkin tribe can produce fire.」

「Eh? Really?」


As you would expect from a tribe that has such a cool chuuni name. Because they are from the Dragonkin tribe, is that why they can breathe fire?

That’s great.

They are on a completely different level of chuunibyou compared to someone like me who merely uses magic. That ability of theirs is just like a chuunibyou that manifests itself suddenly on the first day after summer vacation, only to mature over the course of summer vacation after experiencing everything that the heat of the summer has to offer and all that resolution bullshit.

Compared to that, the chuunibyou that I have gone through is at a level of someone who experienced the opening ceremony on the first day of high school for the first time, which means that I am barely a chuuni. The most I can do is look down upon other freshmen with contempt while holding myself and only myself in the highest of esteems.

I understand, and yet at the same time I don’t.

「Would it be okay for you to show it to me?」

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