Volume 9 Chapter 1 Part 7

* * *

Engulfed in a sweet euphoria, I wake up filled with the sweet feeling ecstasy. Roxanne’s soft skin feels so pleasant to feel against my own so early in the morning. It’s smooth and elastic, and I can feel its lovely weight on my arm.

It felt so good in fact that I almost subconsciously bent over in order to start pleasuring myself.

N-Not good. I need to control myself so early in the morning!

Which reminds me, after having our fun yesterday, I left Sex Maniac on as my First Job. Again.

Well, with Roxanne sleeping in my arms, I would assault her even if didn’t have Sex Maniac on, so I guess it doesn’t matter either way.

Roxanne notices that I have woken up, and gives me our usual good morning kiss. It makes me think that she is seducing me specifically so that I would do her again, even though she’s just faithfully following the instructions that I gave her when she started living with me.

I can feel her soft lips on mine, and her moist breath on my face. C-Calm down. Calm down I said! It’s okay, it’s fine. It won’t be long before the night falls again, and then we’ll have another chance to continue where we left off today.

I used Sex Maniac last night. Like I thought, with four people around, there was no other option for me but to use it, since without it, taking proper care of everyone equally would be pretty difficult without using Sex Maniac.

However, when after using Sex Maniac, I feel like even the four of them are not enough to fully satisfy my ever-increasing sexual urges. To be honest, I feel like it might develop into quite a vexing problem.

But then again, it’s important to show them that there’s still room for me to please them more and more in the future, because that way, it’s going to be yet another argument for me to keep on increasing the amount of my harem members.

That’s why even if I’m feeling unsatisfied now, it’s something that I just have to go and endure, since it’s definitely going to pay off later.

And besides, Roxanne’s tongue can make up for my feeling of dissatisfaction.

I push my tongue in Roxanne’s mouth, and stick it to her tongue. I move my tongue around and taste the entirety of her mouth and didn’t let go of it until I was fully satisfied.

「Good morning, Master.」

「Good Morning.」

I release Roxanne and then move on to Sherry.

That’s right. There’s still more to come for me. I fully enjoy the lovely mouth of petite Sherry until our lips separate on their own. Thereafter, I also receive a kiss from Miria, who had changed places with Roxanne.

It’s still dark inside the room, but Miria can move freely regardless of it, since her cat-like eyes are able to see in the surrounding darkness.

I enjoy Miria’s wildly moving tongue to my heart’s content. After fully enjoying her mouth, I let my lips part from hers.

「Good Morning, desu.」

「Good Morning, Miria.」

I waited for some time after Miria’s turn was over, but Vesta’s kiss did not come no matter how long I have waited.

Huh? What’s wrong? Why is she not kissing me? And where is she? Now that we have joined the two beds together to create a bigger one, the size of the bed should be big enough for all of us, so there should be enough room for Vesta to join in.

When Vesta entered the bathtub, it became quite cramped, but that was actually the outcome that I have expected, even if It felt like we were bundled together like potatoes in a bag. You know why that is?

Because being sandwiched between Roxanne and Vesta in the bathtub was a godly feeling. I feel like nothing else can quite possibly compare to it.

Increasingly worried, I move my arm around the bed, searching for Vesta. Just where the hell is she? Is she still sleeping?

She is… here. However, when my hand touched her body…

「She is… she is cold!」

I pull my hand back the moment I touch her, because Vesta’s body, who was sleeping naked, was cold. And not just your regular type of cold that you might expect after sleeping naked.

It was very, very cold. Almost as if she was…

Eh? No way! Is she alive? Or …. Don’t tell me…

Is she dead?

「As expected. Because she is a Dragonkin, her body is cold in the morning.」

「Really? Is that what this is about? Are you absolutely sure that this is the case here?」


Sherry explains to me patiently.

「…Good morning, Master.」

「Good morning, Vesta.」

「I am sorry. I feel a little weak in the mornings.」

Vesta seems to have woken up properly, much to my relief. She is alive, thankfully. If it turned out that she was actually dead, I think I would have had a heart attack myself.

「Your body is cold. Are you alright?」

「Yes. When the temperature during the day is high, I lose warmth, and my body becomes cold during the night. Oh, but there’s no need for you to be worried, master. My body regains its warmth after I wake up, so it’s fine. Conversely, if it’s cold during day, my body becomes hot, so I don’t freeze while sleeping. However, I wake up tired and exhausted in the morning as a result. We, the Dragonkin, are weak from late night till early morning. I believe you have been informed about that before, right?」

Yes, as a matter of fact, I was. I just can’t shake off the feeling that the Dragonkin tribe members, for one reason or another, always seem to be troubled by various things, almost as if they’ve pulled the short straw as the only ones from among all the other races.

Now I get that they don’t have such a cool chuuni name without any cost.

Vesta raises her body, and touches me. Even though her body was cold, that coldness was actually pleasant to the touch. Maybe the chilly Vesta can become quite useful when the temperatures are going to be rising?

「Are you fine with moving around? Don’t push yourself too hard.」

「Yes. I feel fine, but I might be slightly cold for a little while longer.」

「I don’t mind. Rather, I am actually happy that you are like that.」

The temperature is high because it’s summer, after all. That is why Vesta’s cold skin feels good, because I can rub myself against her skin to warm her up. Now, doesn’t that make Vesta, who becomes cold at night, the best body pillow that a man can dream of?

If it became any hotter in the summer than it already is, it would be pretty uncomfortable for us to sleep together like this, I’m afraid. With Vesta, however, there is nothing to fear, because she’s going to be able to cool us all off. What’s more, she can conversely be used to keep our bodies warm when the temperature drops.

Cold pillow in the summer, hot water pack in the winter. A two-in-one package that you’re not going to get anywhere else. If it’s going to be like that with her, I may not be able to part from her anymore.

Vesta puts her lips on mine and kisses me. She sucks my mouth, and pushes her tongue inside of it. Her cold, refreshing tongue then moves around it, reaching every hot corner inside my mouth and intertwining with my own tongue.

She is the most aggressive one amongst the four of the girls when it comes to kissing. It looks like Vesta’s senior taught her more than just how to perform pafu pafu, or so it would seem. I really want to thank that senior of hers for everything that she taught her.

While locking lips with her, I try put my hands around Vesta’s back, but she is too big, to the point that I can’t pull her into my embrace. Even so, she is still great.

After some struggles and gymnastics, I somehow manage to hug Vesta’s cold body. Because her body is too big, she didn’t wear any nightgown, so I am sandwiched between her enormous breasts.

After finishing with her tongue and breasts assault, Vesta moves away from me.

「I wonder if it felt good. I was told that you would love it if I did it like this.」

「It was amazing.」

「Master’s warm body was great, too. It might not have felt as good since am still not used to doing it, but I will try my best from now on to meet your expectations of me as best as possible.」

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  1. PLaci

    “I left Sex Maniac on as my First Job. Again.”

    Let me guess: It’s not a translation error, but an error from the autor. He would need to emphty his Item Box, before he could change the 1st job.
    It should have been 2nd/3rd/4th/etc.

    1. ranomeinon

      Or perhaps he discovered a way to reorder the jobs without unequipping them, in which case he could have just turned Explorer into 2nd job without having to empty the Item Box.

      But given that 1st job only affects the number of Bonus Points available, I believe it should most likely have been “I left the Sex Maniac Job on. Again.”

    2. bk3k

      If he puts on another job with item box, such as cook, that should be okay.

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