Volume 9 Chapter 3 Part 6

But most likely, such a thing is impossible. Base critical rate won’t be more than five percent, and the most reasonable increase would be by fifty percent.

Even if it gets increased by thirty percent, it will be a little over one third of the critical rate that would be ideal for me to have. Therefore, I think it is safe to say that I can’t depend on critical attacks in battles.

With all the members of my Party attacking and me repeatedly hitting the Roll Troll with 「Rushes」, we finally managed to slaughter it.

It looks like Sherry’s spear delivered the final blow this time, because once her strike pierced its side, the Roll Troll fell to the ground and disappeared.

「From now on, let’s split into two groups to beat the monster and the Floor Boss. Roxanne and Miria will be in charge of keeping the Boss occupied, so Vesta, can

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