Volume 9 Chapter 4 Part 3

Additionally, since 「Critical Outbreak」 hardly ever invokes in first place, using 「Increase Critical Rate」 is useless. Instead, I should invest in Gambler’s skill set.

It is also quite a chore to use Gambler in addition to Explorer, Hero, Wizard, and Monk.

Honestly, I wanted to use Fourth Job and have 「Required EXP」 set at 1/20th, but am I going to have to compromise on that? Or maybe I should go and remove the Hero Job? No, if I reduced base offensive abilities by removing Hero in order to increase Critical Rate, It would be illogical, like putting a cart before the horse.

Because Job effects are shared by all the Party Members, the highly effective Hero is hard to take off, because the benefits that it grants to us are simply too good to pass by.

Should I remove Explorer then?

In case of Intelligence Card verification, I can always change my job to

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