Volume 9 Chapter 5 Part 2

If I hadn’t come out of the Labyrinth the moment that I did just now, then he probably would’ve started asking me where I was and what was I doing the next time we met.

Not using 「Warp」 to get out of the Labyrinth was the correct thing to do after all.

「This Labyrinth has now officially been subjugated by the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy. Thank you for your cooperation.」

The members of Gozer’s Party started calling out to other people who came out of the Labyrinth after us.

「That being said, there are still two active Labyrinths in the territory of Hartz Duchy, so we absolutely cannot allow ourselves to let our guard down just yet.」

「Ah, well… I guess so.」

So they plan to immediately go to the two other Labyrinths? I wonder if they’d want me to go there as well, and if so, then which one of the remaining two

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