Volume 9 Chapter 5 Part 8

「No, it is alright, master.」

That being said, even though she did not explain anything in detail to me, it is still amazing that she cares so much about it to such a degree.

But still, if the twenty-second floor of this Labyrinth is known for being quite difficult, then that might still pose a potential problem for us.

「Are these floors really going to be so difficult for us? Mabreams are weak against Earth Magic Spells and resistant to Water Magic Spells. Pig Hogs are weak against Water Magic Spells and resistant to Earth Magic Spells and Fly Traps are also resistant against Earth Magic Spells… yeah, thinking about it now, it might prove to be quite difficult.」

「That is right. I think that this might be the exact reason for why not only the twenty-second, but also the twenty-first and the twentieth floors of this Labyrinth are so unpopular amongst the people.」

The twentieth floor is also the floor where monsters that are weak against Water Magic Spells that the monsters on the lower floors are resistant to begin to appear, so that might be one of the reasons for why it is not very popular.

Even if there was a Party that would come to these floors from the lower ones while aiming to advance up the floors one at a time, then even if they would happen upon two difficult floors in a row, it should still be possible for them to go and try doing the same thing in a different Labyrinth.

If it is going to be just one such floor, then it might be more worth it to continue trying to go up in the Labyrinth, especially since it might be difficult for a Party without Adventurers or Explorers in it to move around different Labyrinths.

「Well, the lack of people coming here is not necessarily bad for us. Let us go back for now, and then we shall come back to this Labyrinth one more time.」

「Yes, let us do that.」

With out business finished, we agreed to go back home. However, before we did that, we warped and made a stop at the Labyrinth of Zabir, the one that we visited previously so that I could enter it and recover the MP that I lost to get us there.

The road to Zabir from Quratar is a long one, so if I want to continue warping me and my Party back and forth between these two locations continuously, the proper recovery of MP is pretty much necessary if I don’t want to run out of it, especially if I am not sure how much of it exactly do I have left.

Even though I have Durandal with me, I am still a little bit worried about fighting on the twenty-second floor of Zabir’s Labyrinth, so I am going to fight on its first floor just to be on the safe side.

But since Roxanne is not with me this time, I cannot even ask her to guide me to a place where there is not that many enemies.

I have only entered the twenty-second floor of the Labyrinth of the West Forest in Zabir, so I can’t move to its first floor from there. It is only necessary for me to go outside of it once, but if I tried to go to the first floor from the entrance, then the Explorer stationed there might have started to wonder what I am doing there, so I want to avoid such situations.

That is why I have replenished my MP at the Labyrinth of Zabir even though it was plenty troublesome, and once I was done with it it I have returned home together with Sherry.

「Welcome back, master.」

「We are back, Roxanne.」

「Welcome back, desu.」

That trip took us a little longer than expected, so once we were back, everyone was waiting for us in the living room. Especially Miria was staring at us with shining us. She looked as if she was pretty impatient.

「Alright then. Since we are all here, then let us go to the Labyrinth where the Mabreams are.」

「Yes. I believe that you said that we are going to go to the Labyrinth of Nordselm?」
Roxanne said, thinking that she has my plan of action figured out.

「Let’s go, desu!」

「Wait a moment, Roxanne.」


I beckoned Roxanne to the side and whispered into her ears while staring at the overly-enthusiastic Miria.

「That was originally the plan, but due to various circumstances we are not going to go there.」

「I understand.」

I did not explain anything else beyond that, but Roxanne was still nodding her head at my words as if she understood everything that I wanted to say to her. She’s so reliable.

And just like that, I gathered the entire Party and we warped to the West Forest’s Labyrinth near Zabir. I warped us right to the Entrance Room of the twenty-second floor, and when I moved forward, everyone else followed right behind me. Since Vesta was the largest one of us, she was walking at the very end.

So reliable.

「Roxanne, for the time being, focus on looking for the Mabreams. It seems that the twenty-second floor of this Labyrinth is especially tough, so we have to remain careful.」

I asked Roxanne to guide us while brandishing Durandal.

There is quite a bit of distance between Quratar and Zabir. Since I already made a trip from Zabir to Quratar and now back to Zabir, then I should recover all of the MP that I used in order to get us all to this Labyrinth first.

As much as I do not like it, this Labyrinth is not like the one in Quratar that is so close to our home that we can basically reach it with a short walk, so I should prepare myself to be dealing with this kind of trouble from now on.

Well, it’s not like there is anything that I can do about it now. If this is this much of lost MP that we are talking about, then it can be safely recovered with Durandal.

「I see. Master, I smell the smell of Pig Hogs coming from that direction.」

As expected of Roxanne. She was immediately able to notice the reason for why the twenty-second floor of this Labyrinth is considered to be so difficult.

Once again, she is so reliable.

「It would seem so.」

「Also, there does not seem to be a lot of people around here on this floor, so I think it should be okay for us to advance forward. I can also smell a herd of Mabreams over there. If you are not going to be using magic to fight this time, then would you like to go fight a mixed group of Mabreams and Pig Hogs before moving to that one? If so, then this way please.」

I see. Even if this floor is supposed to be tough, then as long as Roxanne is around, I can still have the luxury of choosing the opponents that I want to fight, and with her, we can take all of them on without worrying.

For the third time, she is so reliable.

「There seems to be relatively few people around here because this floor is notorious for being difficult.」

「Are we going to be okay with our current line-up?」
「We will, but the time we’re going to be spending in battle is inevitably going to be longer.」

「Even if the monsters on the twenty-second floor are strong, they will not be able to launch a surprise attack against us, so we are going to be okay.」

Even though the conversation between Roxanne and Sherry sounded a little disturbing, both of them were sure that we are going to be just fine, which was pretty reliable of them.

I feel that I’m sounding like a broken record, but 「reliable」is the best word that I can describe them with. So, if they say that we’re going to be fine, then we’re going to be fine. Probably.

We moved on to fight the mixed group of Mabreams and Pig Hogs, and I slashed them all to ribbons regardless of their elemental weaknesses. My MP was quickly restored thanks to that.

「Now then, let us begin our search for Mabreams in earnest from here on out.」

「Of course. There should be Mabreams and a herd of Pig Hogs just over there. The Pig Hogs seem to be only a few and far between. Let’s go.」

See? I told you Roxanne is reliable. Well, if it is this floor, then it really can’t be helped. Under Roxanne’s guidance, we continue the exploration. When there’s just one Pig Hog, Roxanne can deal with it, and even if there are two of them, Roxanne and Vesta will deal with them, so their numbers don’t matter.

So reliable.

We should be fine like this.

Whenever we’re dealing with Mabreams, Miria’s eyes look different from normal.

Vesta, who advances before me, is large enough to keep all of the monsters at bay.

So reliable.

We should be able to fight well enough on the twenty-second floor of the Labyrinth located in the West Forest near Zabir.

〈To be continued in『Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World』Volume 10〉

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