As Long As There’s Tea, That Man Will Be Fine

『By the way, that girl isn’t awake yet, is she?』

『Please do not worry. That girl is still asleep.』

The two AIs began conversing again.

Kou became curious about the topic and interjected.

「By “that girl”, are you two referring to the AI of the third Hora-class ship, Eirene?」

『That’s right. Her jurisdiction is peace.』

Astraea was the one who answered.

「But doesn’t she seem like, um…… the most harmless? I mean, peaceful seems harmless.」

Aimer blurted out her impression. Judging from the personalities of the other two, she held the impression that the last one would act like a meek and gentle little sister or something to that effect.

『Absolutely not. That girl is the best among us when it comes to warship weapons development. I am more inclined toward ships with excellent supply capabilities, and Astraea’s specialty is balanced-type ships.』

This time, it was Eunomia who responded.

『Since ancient times, peace was only maintained through military force so overwhelming that it could easily stamp out the embers of war. In Greek mythology, the goddess that girl is based on is known as Eirene. But in Roman mythology, she is known as Pax. And Pax is also known to mean hegemony through great military might in Ancient Rome.』

「So that was how things were in ancient times.」

Kou, who wasn’t that knowledgeable about myths and ancient nations, couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

「What kind of personality does she have? Is she stern and uptight like the two of you?」

「Kou, you really stepped on that landmine huh?」

Aimer warned Kou who blurted out what he was thinking carelessly.

『It appears like I am being misunderstood……』

「Is it really a misunderstanding?」

「I don’t think so.」

『Libya, Matt. Let us have a good chat later. Indeed. A nice, long one.』

The two people inside the Eunomia’s command center trembled in fear.

『You and I also need to talk, Kou. In any case, let us get back on topic. In a peaceful era, anything one does will be allowed as long as it does not constitute a crime, even if it is something absurd. That’s why that girl is brighter and more innocent than us, and even Asia, who is the youngest among us.』

『Can you really call that girl bright and innocent, Astraea?』

『I am not aware of an equivalent slang term for those words, so I made do with them. Let’s see. She has boundless enthusiasm, or rather…… In 21st-century terms, perhaps you can describe her as a “party animal”? She has a constantly easygoing…… and chipper personality.』

「Those were some pretty amazing descriptions…… I wasn’t expecting to hear “party animal” even in this part of the universe.」

Kou was dumbfounded.

『Please do not worry, Outis. With such a unique personality, the number of Odysseus who can form a pact with that girl should be extremely limited.』

『True. There are few people who would be able to keep up with that girl who disrupted the Interplanetary War era with a bunch of outrageous weapons…… And Eunomia, please call them Development Engineers.』

『I have just woken up, so I lack an understanding of the current era. Requesting relevant data. –Data revision complete. Right. Kou, the number of Development Engineers who would be able to form a pact with that girl should be quite limited.』

『Agreed. Even among the A-class Development Engineers, the only candidate would be Kelly. Kou, I’m sure it’s impossible for you as well. You are too earnest.』

「Uh, sorry, Astraea. I think my image of Eirene is becoming more and more biased.」

『Your impressions are mostly right though. Basically, she’s the type to wear an extravagant costume during Halloween and organize a flash mob during a friend’s wedding.』


Even someone like Kou was rendered speechless. He was convinced that he was a bad match for Eirene.

『She’s also very good at playing tricks. Among the three of us, Eirene is definitely the best at scheming. After all, peace can only be maintained through having a strong sense of purpose, a good grasp of information, and employing negotiations and strategies based on said information.』

『However, that girl is merely fond of playing pranks and planning surprises, so she’s mostly harmless. She poses no danger to humanity. Probably. In any case, as long as a Development Engineer does not share her unconventional sensibilities, they would not be able to partner with her.』

「I think I kinda get it. Eirene is the type to prioritize compatibility with a Development Engineer more than their access rights and talent.」

『Indeed. Fortunately, I am blessed with a wonderful owner. In terms of access permissions, talent, and compatibility as well.』

Astraea flashed a rare smile toward Kou.

Kou was surprised.

『That Astraea is actually speaking fondly of someone…… Is this really alright, Asia?』

Eunomia suddenly addressed Asia.

『Of course not!』

An expressionless Asia suddenly barged into the transmission but left immediately.

「Why did Asia appear?!」

「So thickheaded……」

Aimer muttered as she pressed her hat down on her head. Nyanta and Aki displayed bitter smiles.

『In any case, it’s the same as needing excellent leaders during peacetime. There aren’t many Development Engineers who are compatible with that girl’s free-spirited personality.』

An image of a gentleman holding a fresh cup of tea in one hand flashed through Kou’s mind.

「Uh, what about Abel?」


Astraea finally remembered such a variable. That fellow had been missing for more than a month and was purged from the survivor list in her memory banks.

『Please do not mention such a nightmarish thing even as a joke. I beg you.』

『Hold on. Who is this individual who even Astraea fears?』

『I will send you the relevant data. See for yourself.』

『Data link established. ……An aircraft carrier made of ice? Eh? A nanocellulose prop fighter? P-Panjan……』


『This variable truly is quite terrifying.』

It was truly scary. Even Eunomia was displaying an agonized expression.

『Isn’t it? Those two should never be brought together.』

It was terrible compatibility, or perhaps a good one depending on perspective. The two AIs became quite uneasy.

『But please rest assured. I have not confirmed Eirene’s reactivation ever since I reactivated myself. I have also not confirmed the existence of the one called Abel underground or anywhere within the Silhouette Base.』

『That’s good then. There should be no error if you’re the one saying it. Are there any other possibilities?』

『It should be impossible for them to come together unless that girl had long woken up even before I did and took action in order to deceive us while rescuing the Development Engineer called Abel. I am not sure if she would be able to arrange for things so thoroughly, even if it’s her.』

『It’s a slim possibility. But it’s a possibility that cannot simply be ruled out. Since she needs to actively deceive us, her activity period should be quite limited.』

『Even if that girl has awakened, it’s doubtful that this Abel managed to hold out. It’s been over a month since he went missing, and he’d be subsisting on the same rations during that time period you know? It wouldn’t be strange for a person to go mad from just that. He would need to escape as soon as possible and seek help aboveground.』

『That’s true.』

Kou kept quiet.

Actually, he thought that he’d personally be fine with eating the same rations for a month or so. Especially if he was in an environment where he could freely conduct bricolage. He’d probably forget about eating and sleeping and fully immerse himself in experiments.

He was sure Abel would even be able to last ten years as long as there was tea, but he decided to keep that to himself for the peace of mind of the two AIs. But there was still a need to confirm.

「Uh, can I ask something? Is there tea of any kind included in the food stores aside from the rations?」

『Did you forget that the Astraea had a large amount of frozen foodstuffs stored within it before? There’s a large supply of black tea, green tea, and coffee. The thawing process requires the help of Therianthropes or Familiars, but…… I believe Eirene has no need for those. She would have only stored water and rations.』

A silent transmission line was opened. It was Libya.

He eyes looked quite agonized. She then shook her head.

A large number of new Familiars created within the Silhouette Base had gone missing.

The possibility of Abel surviving was becoming more and more likely. After all, as long as he had tea, that man would be fine.

「Libya, didn’t you mention something about a rat before?」

Libya elbowed Matt who inquired while failing to read the atmosphere.

「That was probably just my imagination. Eunomia did say she procured some necessary supplies from the base.」

Libya realized that carelessly bringing up the subject would be troublesome, so she decided to play ignorant.

『We helped ourselves to the necessary materials listed on the Silhouette Base’s database. Those originally belonged to Astraea anyway.』

「Astraea, we ended up waking a lot of Therianthropes from cold sleep.」

『I have no problems with that, but are they going to serve as pilots?』

「That’s right. We needed pilots to put the new Quattro Silhouettes into action.」

Matt answered. He was referring to the new Silhouette model he completed with Libya’s help. He took full responsibility for it.

『A new Silhouette model. What is your assessment, Eunomia?』

『Even after taking the fact that only Therianthropes can pilot them into account, this new Silhouette model can be said to be another great leap for Silhouette evolution following the Quattro Silhouettes.』

『So, they are that pivotal, are they?』

「I managed to complete them with Libya’s help. It wasn’t my effort alone.」

「What are you saying? You were the one who came up with the idea. I merely adjusted the design a bit.」

Eunomia laughed daringly.

『Our forces are currently at a disadvantage. So let us take this chance to show everyone the true worth of your accomplishment.』

Libya laughed along, and Matt, who was still quite worried, simply nodded.

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