Azur Lane: Episode of Belfast Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 13



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko





At that moment, the part of Belfast’s yukata came undone on its own.


From Belfast’s potent collarbone to her slender and milky-white shoulders, all of her pure-white, soft skin was now completely exposed for everyone in the room to see.


Apparently, the Head Maid must have also loosened the sash of her yukata when no one was looking. That was the only logical explanation here.


Both Repulse and Rodney, who were just mere bystanders here, could only freeze up on the spot while they watched the scene before their very eyes play out. 


[Fufu…… Nelson-san, that troubled expression on your face is actually pretty nice, don’t you think?]


[N-No, stop it, don’t…… Don’t come any closer…… Kyah!]


Wrapping her arms around Nelson’s shaking shoulders, Belfast pressed herself tightly against her chest and whispered right into her ear in a seductive tone.


[Why are you trying to run away, you naughty little kitten? I’m just trying to teach you a great way for you to get along with your Master. Or rather, how you can express your feelings through actions alone rather than with words……]


[H-Hey, wait just a…… Wha……]


Their bodies entangled and entwined, all of a sudden Nelson’s face became beet red for reasons completely different than simply being drunk.



Also, Nelson must have gotten somewhat excited by Belfast’s words, for her breathing just now was so heavy and erratic, with a little bit of hot breath emerging from her mouth.


Both Repulse and Rodney covered their eyes with their hands so as o avoid having to look at the spicy scene, but even so their hearts were pounding like mad inside of their chests. That, however, proved to be meaningless action, because they could still see the two of them rather clearly through the gaps in between their fingers.


As Nelson’s face was buried deep in between Belfast’s bare chest, her gaze went upwards from the shockingly soft sensation pressing tightly against her. Also, her face became so hot that she felt as if she was going to boil inside.


Anything that would go beyond that point seemed to be more than enough for Nelson to reach her limit.


Nelson’s whole body began to squirm violently, and she was not even trying to fix her disheveled yukata anymore. And just like that, all of a sudden she fell unconscious on the spot.


[Oh my, did you fall asleep, by any chance……?]


Looking a little disappointed, Belfast turned around to presumably find a new target that she could aim for.




[Whoa there!?]


Realizing what was about to happen, both Repulse and Rodney stood up in a hurry.


[What’s the matter, everyone…… ? And what’s wrong with your faces? You look really scary right now for some reason……]


[N-No, it’s nothing. Think nothing of it!]


In response to Belfast’s puzzled expression, Repulse frantically waved her hand in denial, trying to calm the Head Maid down a little bit.


[H-How about we all go to sleep now? Everyone else has fallen asleep already, so we might as well do the same, don’t you think? Please? Pretty please?]


[Oh? But I haven’t even told you the secret for getting along with your Master, have I?]


Belfast slowly approached the other two shipgirls as she swayed her body in a seductive way from side to side.


[W-Well…… We have learned more than enough about that by watching Nelson’s example just now!]


[Oh, is that so~? Come on now, don’t be shy, it will be fun ––––––]


Each time Belfast would take a step forward, the two would take a step back.


However, that situation did not last all that long. Driven to the edge of the wall, Repulse and Rodney became horrified once they realized that they had nowhere else left to escape.


[I am going to make extra sure that the two of you are going to be thoroughly educated on that matter~.]


When Belfast’s hand slowly loomed closer and closer towards them, the two frightened shipgirls shouted out loud with all of their might while their eyes began to fill with tears.


[NOOOOOO ––––––!!!!!!]


* * *


The next morning.


[–––––– Please wake up. It’s already morning.]


When she heard Renown’s voice and opened up her eyes, for a moment out there Belfast was blinded by the light that shone through the opened window.


She slowly sat up as she held her throbbing head in her hands.


[Say, what exactly happened last night? I fell asleep way earlier than you guys did, so I don’t really know anything, but after seeing the state of the room, I can only assume that it was something big.]


After hearing those words, Belfast looked around the room in a state of shock.


Nelson, Rodney, and Repulse all lay fainted on the spots where they fell last night, their yukatas all disheveled and their bodies practically half-naked. The futons, which should have been carefully laid out, were all scattered all over the place. It was a state that could be well described as “disastrous” or “warzone-like”.


As her mind slowly began to clear up, Belfast covered her embarrassed face when she remembered the events that took place last night, the ones that could only be described as disastrous.


[Nothing serious…… At least I think so.]


The Head Maid then jolted up on her feet, and wanted to leave this place as soon as possible, to avoid any further embarrassment and shame.


[Now that I think about it…… I seem to have forgotten to buy some souvenirs that I wanted to buy yesterday.]


After ignoring Renown’s call and leaving the room in a hurry, Belfast noticed that her face was getting hotter and hotter for some reason.


After that, Nelson and the others finally started to wake up as well, but not even a single person was able to answer Renown’s question about what exactly transpired last night after she had already gone to sleep.


[What’s wrong, everyone? Is there something that you are hiding from me? I admit, it’s my fault that I fell asleep in the middle of drinking, but still…… Yeah, I knew it. Something DID happen. Something abnormal. Now I’m even more curious, so please, can’t you really tell me?]


But much to Renown’s disappointment, no one said anything, even when it was finally time to pack their luggage and leave the inn and go back to the train station.


Eventually, when the group arrived back at the station near the Home Port, everyone went their separate ways without saying anything about the incident of last night.


Belfast walked back to the Royal Navy’s dormitory while being all alone.


[Sake is…… truly a terrifying drink…… It’s a force to be reckoned with.]


In order to satisfy her desire to enjoy her vacation to the fullest, she let her guard down and drank too much, enjoying the taste that was spreading inside of her mouth.


At that moment, a distant voice could be heard ahead of her, almost at the same time as Belfast made a vow inside of her heart to be more careful and responsible with her drinking from now on.


[Heeey! Bel~~!!]


When Belfast looked up, she could see both Edinburgh and Elizabeth in front of the gates leading to the Home Port.


[I hope that you haven’t forgotten about your promise! I hope that you have those delicious dangos together with you!]


Hearing Elizabeth’s words, Belfast let out a burst of sudden laughter.


[Your Majesty…… I guess that’s just like you.]


The first two days and one night of her summer vacation.


There were a lot of unfamiliar things that she was able to experience, but now Belfast waved at them all with a warm smile, thinking that she was able to fully enjoy that time in order to appreciate her unusual and extraordinary life even more.


[Everyone, I have just returned. It’s good to be back home.]




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