Azur Lane: Episode of Belfast Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 16

When Edinburgh shouted those words out loud, pointing out just how weird and thoughtless the manjuus actions were, that caused the group of small yellow creatures to become startled, and in a gesture of apology they started to bow down their heads even lower now.

But that being said, if they were actually stealing all that candy and sweets just for the sole purpose of stealing, it was a thought that was truly sickening to even consider.

「Oh…… Look, guys! The sun is all about to set soon! How about some delicious pumpkin cake?」

Once the entire maid group got out of the cave and was slowly starting to head back to the dormitory, seeing that the sky was already starting to turn dark, Kent dropped such a suggestion completely on the spot.

「Of course, but we can do that once we get back and properly thank all those girls and children who helped us with carrying out this operation. Besides, we also need to make sure that those guys properly apologize to every single person from whom they happened to steal what was not theirs.」

Saying that, Belfast cast a quick and sharp glance in the manjuus direction once more, and in response to that the small creatures turned blue with fear, and then they started to profusely bang their heads against the ground in the gesture of apology. It would seem that after receiving quite the earful from the Head Maid earlier, right now they were properly reflecting upon their actions and what they did.

And then, once the whole group returned to the entrance of the Royal Navy’s Dormitory,

「…… So it would seem that the operation managed to end in a success, I take it?」

Repulse said that while smiling all broadly and happily. Behind her were the rest of the Maid Corps and the various girls from all around the dormitory who agreed to help them out with capturing the thief, including Nelson and Rodney as well.

Belfast smiled back at her and nodded her head with an elegant grin.

「Yes, that’s right. Thanks to your assistance, the matter at hand has been properly resolved. Thank you very much for your help. We couldn’t have done it without you.」

It was a sincere thank you, coming straight from the heart.

At that moment Javelin let out a sigh of relief, and it was also the signal for everyone else that the operation was now over, and that it managed to end in a success. At that time it felt like all the gathered tension in the dormitory dissipated without a trace.

Belfast then turned towards Edinburgh who was standing right by her side.

「Everyone really did a great job during this little operation.」

While looking at everyone gathered in front of her, Belfast thought back to a little while ago, when the contents of the operation were being fleshed out and brought into action.

At first glance, it seemed that the patrols were being carried out completely from the entrance to the dormitory to its very rooftop. But in reality it was only a clever trick, an elaborate ruse for the thief to think that way and to pull them as far away from the dormitory as possible.

From the outside the dormitory might have looked like an impenetrable fortress, but if only the thief went inside of the building through the door or a window, they would be able to see right through the maids’ strategy.

「But even so, some of the kids were really doubting that a strategy like that would be able to succeed.」

After all, even the most solid strategies do not always succeed. Theory is never truly equal to practice.

That was one of the things that Belfast told to everyone beforehand.

That’s why Belfast was wholeheartedly grateful to shipgirls such as Foxhound or Javelin, who although were afraid of ghosts, managed to pull through here and perform their duties splendidly.

「Bel, you have been a splendid leader this time around.」

Edinburgh smiled brightly as she looked at Belfast’s profile.

「Was I, now? Do you really think so?」

「Yeah, I do. You yourself might not even realize it, since for you this is probably a day-to-day occurrence. But then again, Bel. You are the Head Maid, and the current Maid Corps is the way it is only because of you and the way you made it. So have a little more self-confidence for a change.」

It was the kind of a feeling that Belfast understood all too well, but at the same time the kind of feeling that she completely did not understand.

In any case, since that matter was well taken care of, it was time for the maids to go back to the cake-making. That way, they should be able to make it in time for everyone at the dorm to be able to eat it.

「Nee-sama! How about we go and finish making that cake now?」

Hearing Bel-chan’s words, Belfast and Edinburgh nodded their heads at the exact same time.

「Attention! All members of the Maid Corps! Can I have your attention, please?」

Upon hearing Belfast’s voice, all the maids that were currently present turned around to look her way.

「Now then, let us hurry up and finish preparing the cake for everyone to enjoy –––––– the best pumpkin cake that we can all think of!」

With a truly warm and genuine smile now blooming on her lips, Belfast was ready to head back into the kitchen with everyone else and get back to her originally assigned duties.

The maids’ Halloween was now ready to begin in full swing.

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