Azur Lane: Episode of Belfast Volume 4 Chapter 1 Part 2

The one to say that was the Iron Blood’s First Battleship of the Bismarck Class, Bismarck. She was the flagship as well as the representative of the Iron Blood faction.

Hearing her remarks, Elizabeth was somewhat annoyed instantly, but she and Warspite decided to heed that no mind and instead headed to their assigned seats.

「But speaking of which, I wonder who the other factions are going to delegate to be their representative during this year’s ‘Beauty Pageant’?」

When Elizabeth muttered those words as she took her seat, Warspite looked at the faces of all the other representatives of the other factions.

「No matter who we are going to be dealing with this year, there’s no doubt that it is going to be a very difficult battle.」

A School Festival is being held in the Home Port every year around this time of the year.

At the time of the festival there are many attractions

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