Beast Tamer Who Got Kicked Out From the Hero’s Party Chapter 18 Part 1


We returned to the city and reported everything that transpired thus far, marking the request as officially completed.

However, we decided to not actually hand Tanya over to the authorities.

Even though she had caused a whole lot of trouble with those duel challenges of hers, it was not that she meant any harm or that her intentions were malicious in nature to begin with.

If we handed her to the Guild right now, it was almost certain that the Guild would then hand her over to the country’s officials, and the only fate that would await her at the end of that path would be hard prison time.

Knowing that full well, I felt kind of sorry for her, so I actually mixed a few well-thought out lies here and there in my report, stating that we actually engaged the culprit in battle and we managed to somehow chase them away.

Of course, the Adventurers’ Guild is not stupid or anything, so there was no way that they would believe a far-fetched story like that from the get-go.

Surely there must have been doubt in them. Is the culprit really gone just like that?

And apparently they would be sending their own investigation team to the Stride Bridge to conduct their own independent investigation.

If the results of that independent investigation would show that the culprit was really gone from the bridge, then the request would be officially marked as completed.

But until then, the case was put on hold and there was no reward money for us just yet.

Well, I mean, it’s something to be expected, so it’s not like I’m in any position here to actually complain.

「I’m really sorry for this. It’s not that I’m doubting you, Rein-san, but after all, it’s just a really serious problem, so the Guild cannot simply take your word for it just like that……」

Natalie-san looked and sounded really apologetic when she said that to me.

「No, it’s fine, really. It’s only natural that the Guild would want to investigate this matter on its own. Incidentally, do you happen to know just how long the investigation will take?」

「Hmm, let’s see…… The culprit was out there causing trouble every single day, so if I had to guess…… about two or three days at best? I think that we will be able to conduct it rather quickly. Rein-san, you are going to stay in town for the foreseeable future, right?」

「Well, for the time being I do not plan on going anywhere.」

「’Then I’m sorry to trouble you, but please come back to the Guild in about three days’ time. At that time, I’m sure we’ll have completed our investigation and I’ll be able to give you your reward, just as promised.」

「All right, then. I’ll see you in three days, Natalie-san.」

We were then just about to leave the Guild……

「Oh, yes, that’s right. By the way……」

Natalie-san said, as if remembering something all of a sudden.

「Who is that girl over there?」

Yeah, go figure. We departed as a two-people party and we came back with Tanya as an additional person, so there was no way that Natalie-san would not pick up on that. 

「Umm, this girl is someone that we have met while we were fulfilling the request. And she was actually kind enough to lend us a hand when we were in a really tight spot, so ……」

「Oh, I see. So, does that mean that you are an Adventurer as well, Miss?」

「No, I’m not that kind of person at all! Now hear me and be surprised! For I am actually the supreme ruler of all skies! The mighty Red Dra…… MUGUH!?」

「Alright then, I guess we should be taking our leave now!」

「We’ll see you later~♪!」


While both Kanade and I covered Tanya’s mouth to prevent her from dropping the truth right here and right now, we left the Adventurers’ Guild’s building in a hurry.

「Nnngh…… W-What was that for, huh!?」

After we were finally some distance away from the Guild, we released Tanya from our grasp.

And of course, right after we did that, Tanya got really angry with the both of us.

「Listen, I do feel bad for covering your mouth completely out of the blue like that, I really do. But what were you thinking, trying to reveal yourself in a place like that without a single care in the world?」

「…… I’m sorry. I just tried to say it completely on a whim.」

「So, Tanya is someone who charges right in without any sort of a plan behind her actions, nya.」

「I don’t want to hear that from such a carefree Cat Spirit Tribe such as you!」

「What did you say, nya?」

「The hell’s your problem!?」

The two of them started to argue so feverishly that you could almost see the sparks flying in between them.

「Girls, please! No matter what you do, just don’t break into a fight right in the middle of the street like that!」

「「But this is all her fault!!」」

Oh my, and now they are perfectly in sync with one another?
Maybe those two can get along much better than I initially anticipated?

「For the time being, how about we go and grab something for dinner? A whole lot of things happened today and they managed to leave me pretty hungry.」

「Dinner! Yay, nya~♪!」

「Of course, it’s going to be your treat, right?」.

The eyes of both Ultimate Species girls sparkled when they heard the word “dinner”.

I knew it, the two of them really do get along better than they would like to admit.


「Haguh! Hague! Hague! Amumuh! Amumuh! Gagagagh!」

「Paku, paku, paku! Hamuh, nnnhh!!! …… gokun!」

Both Kanade and Tayaa were eating through their food at a tremendous pace.

I wonder if the members of the Ultimate Species also cannot compare to others in terms of the amount of food that they eat?

Also, it’s not like my funds are unlimited, so I really hope that you are going to cut me some slack here, you guys.

Once their plates were stacked in a tall pile, their appetites finally seemed to have subsided.

「Nyaa~♪ I’m full and I’m satisfied!」

「Not bad, not bad at all. You know, human cooking is not half bad, if I do say so myself.」

「Alright. Now that you two seemed to have calmed down, I was hoping that we could finally talk some more……」

「Okay, we can do that. Ask me anything that you want. I will do my best to try and answer your questions. Oh, and thanks a lot for the meal.」.

Maybe it was because her stomach was filled to the brim, but for some reason Tanya seemed to be in a really good mood.

「So, about what we are all going to do now…… Tanya, can you promise us that you are not going to pull off a stunt like that again?」

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