Volume 4 Chapter 14-3: Defensive Wall

We each wrapped cloth around our hands. If we swung our fists with full force, it could be lethal. So, we had the rule that once a hit connected cleanly, the fight would end.

「[Magnetic Field Generation], [Internal Current Enhancement]」

I activated a new magic. Thanks to “Me” consuming the Hero, I had learned and gained access to a new form of magic involving the conversion of my internal magical power (Odo) into electricity.

In the battle against Ashno, someone with power equal to that of a Hero, simply winning against the imperial soldiers without using magic wouldn’t be enough. It was necessary that someone hold her in check.

The only one who could do that was me.

With just my internal magical power (Odo), I could activate ​[Program] and [Perception Expansion] ​, but that alone wasn’t enough. In my previous battle against the Hero, I had also used wind magic, [Perception Enhancement] to vastly increase my information-gathering abilities, and [Wind Armor]​ to further enhance my physical abilities. Only after doing all this, I was able to fight on equal terms

At the very least, I have to be able to activate magic that can substitute for [Perception Expansion] and [Wind Armor] solely with my internal magical power (Odo). Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be able to fight.

「I’m going.」

Kuu’s figure disappeared, a swift step so quick that it seemed to vanish from sight. And then, the right-hand strike from Kuu, who attacked in the shortest distance possible, directly and without any wasted movement. It couldn’t be captured by the eye.

However, my body reacted.


My right hand flicked up, deflecting Kuu’s strike, as if she had foreseen it. Kuu, who had crouched low to vanish from my line of sight, skillfully avoided my low sweep kick with minimal steps. Her exceptional flexibility and explosive acceleration allowed her to materialize behind me in an instant. Without turning to face her, I swiftly intercepted the attack from behind, grabbing her hand and twisting it at the joint.

「Once again, I lost. I always think this, but Cyril-kun’s reaction speed is strange. It doesn’t seem human.」

「Yeah, I’ve been trying some different combat techniques this time, but how was it compared to the usual me?」

「It was still like facing a monster, but your monstrosity was toned down a bit.」

「I guess so. I want to get more used to it, so would you mind spending some time with me today?」

「Of course not. I’ll do anything for you, Cyril-kun.」

「Thanks, that helps.」

I indulged in Kuu’s words and sparred with her multiple times.

[Magnetic Field Generation] is a magic that generates a magnetic field, just as the name suggests. Iron powder is scattered within it, and the area’s external forces affect the iron powder, causing changes in the magnetic field. From these changes, information is fed into [program] that controls the optimal movement of the body.

It still lacks the same precision and reaction speed as using [Perception Expansion], and its range it’s inferior. Furthermore, it consumes a lot of magical power. When using wind attribute magic, using one’s internal magical power (Odo) to summon mana would typically return ten mana. However, due to the limitation of using only internal magical power, the consumption increases tenfold.

In addition, I’ve to use other magic in combination with [program], like [Internal Electrical Current Enhancement], which speeds up the electrical signals sent throughout the body and uses them to enhance my physical abilities. Of course, this also consumes a significant amount.

While fighting Kuu, I continued to explore a style of combat using only internal magical power (Odo).

「Kuu, thanks for the help. Thanks to you, I’ve gained a much better sense of things.」

「I’m losing confidence. I wish I could win at least once.」

「I’m using a lot of tricks with magic, so don’t worry too much.」

「Can I use magic too? I think I can win if I turn everything in my sight into a sea of fire.」

「Then, martial arts wouldn’t matter anymore, right?」

Kuu was feeling down due to her consecutive losses. However, I had to get accustomed to the new style, so it was necessary.

But still, it was inferior to my previous style. This needed to be resolved.

「Cyril-kun, please let me say something I couldn’t say before.」

「If it’s a request from Kuu, I’ll listen to just about anything.」

「Please don’t infiltrate the Empire. Can’t you leave that to someone else?」

「I can’t do that. There’s no one better suited than me. Besides, as the chief of Erucy, I need to see the current state of the Empire.」

「Then take me with you!」

「I’m sorry, but that’s impossible, the fire fox’s physical characteristics are too eye-catching, disguising your tail and ears for a long time it’s impossible.」

「I have a bad feeling about this. If you can take me with you, I don’t mind cutting off my tail. I can easily hide my ears.」

I was genuinely surprised. For a fire fox, the tail should be more precious than anything else. I had seen her dedication to it up close.

「I don’t want you to do something like that. Isn’t it even more important than your life?」

「Surprisingly, it’s fifth in importance for me. In order of importance, it’s Cyril-kun first, skipping one, my sisters third, my life fourth, and my tail fifth.」

Kuu’s eyes didn’t lie. She seemed ready to cut her tail off at any moment.

「Even so, cutting off your tail is not an option. I love your tail, Kuu.」

「You’re so mean, Cyril-kun. Even though I’ve been requesting you so much, you won’t stop going, and you won’t take me with you. It’s cruel.」

「You rarely ask for anything, so I want to grant your request. But I can’t give in on this.」

This visit to the Empire wasn’t just for preparing for battle. If the Empire still intends to oppose Erucy, we’ll crush it by any means necessary, this will involve a lot of noncombatants We absolutely cannot make the wrong decision here. That’s why I have to go.

「I want you to stay in Erucy, Cyril-kun. Because… no, it’s nothing.」

Kuu said that while rubbing her belly.

「Please promise me you’ll come back. I don’t want to be a widow just after getting married.」

「I promise. I’ll swear it on Yggdrasil and the Elven Ancestor.」

「You don’t seem like you’d believe in that, Cyril-kun, so please swear it to Lucy-chan.」

「I definitely can’t break that promise. But what should I swear to when making a promise to Lucy?」

「At that time, swear it to me.」

I burst into laughter at Kuu’s words. No matter what happens, I must return to Erucy, where Lucy and Kuu are.

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