Volume 5 Prologue-2: The Day Before Departure

The lecture on how to use the coke furnace ended in the morning. I moved to the old workshop where I had called Kuu, we were alone together.

「Kuu, I’m sorry for calling you out.」

「Cyril-kun, it’s not good.」

Kuu showed clear wariness and kept a step farther away from me than usual.

「I’ll ask just in case, what’s not good?」

「We can’t do it. It’s a delicate stage right now.」

Ever since she got pregnant, Kuu had started refusing intimate activities. It seemed she was afraid of harming the child.

「… I don’t have any intention of doing that, you know.」

「Is that so? Every time you call me here, it’s for that reason, so…」

「True, but…」

I couldn’t bring myself to engage in intimate activities with Kuu in Lucy’s house, and it was impossible in the village chief’s house where someone was always present, or in the workshop where the fire foxes resided.

So, inevitably, we used the storage room converted old workshop for our encounters.

「Our child is precious to me too. I won’t force you into anything.」

「I’m sorry for doubting you, Cyril-kun.」

「No need to apologize. It’s my fault for being like this.」

I had done quite a lot of things with Kuu. I loved her so much that often I lost control of myself.

「Why did you call me here then?」

「I wanted to talk about our children.」

I looked at Kuu’s face with a serious expression.

「Kuu, I have a technique to make the child a genius by modifying them before they are born.」

By continuously exposing the fetus to a specific wavelength, its ability to use magic and its body’s adaptability to magic will be increased. The smallest mistake controlling this wavelength could cause disabilities or even lead to death, but I wouldn’t make such a mistake.

Magic is affected by the practitioner own’s mind. It grants subconscious desires to a certain extent. Although minimal, the accumulation of these desires can’t be underestimated.

It’s a common instinct for people to desire strength, intelligence, and physical beauty. These desires are, to some extent, fulfilled by one’s own innate magic, even before birth.

It can be observed that individuals with high magic aptitude tend to have enhanced appearance, intelligence, and physical abilities compared to others. Examples of this can be seen in individuals like myself, Lucy, Kuu, and Yukino.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the earlier magic affects the body, the more effective it becomes. By enhancing a child’s magic circulation and adaptability during the fetal stage, it’s possible to give birth to a child prodigy.

One of the past “Me” had been ordered by the country “Me” worked for to conduct research into this subject. After decades of investigation and thousands of sacrifices, “Me” was able to establish the method to mass produce child prodigies.

「Cyril-kun, that’s not a natural method, is it?」

「Correct. It’s a magical technique. Magic alters the child before birth.」

「… That’s dangerous, right?」

「I won’t deny that it’s a risky magic. If it fails, there’s a possibility of leaving disabilities or causing a miscarriage. But I won’t fail. Please trust me on that.」

「I don’t want to. I don’t want to do such a thing to our child. I can love a child born naturally, even if they’re ordinary or less gifted than others. I don’t want to do this.」

「You’re right, I’m of the same opinion.」

If the child is capable, I would be happy, but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be able to love them if they were not, I would prefer if they could be born normally.

「Why did you bring this up then?」

「Because I want our child to be happy. It’s true we would be able to love the child independently of their abilities, but if a normal child were born to us, they’re sure to have difficulties, they’ll always be compared to us.」

「Indeed, that might be true.」

Both Kuu and I are considered geniuses and are well-known figures. No matter what, our child will be compared to us.

In “Me” memories, there are several “Me” who experienced parenthood, and some of their children were crushed by the excessively high expectations of others and the constant comparison with their exceptionally talented parents.

「You also have to consider that as our children, they probably won’t be able to live a peaceful life.」

Just by virtue of having us as parents, our child may face more danger than an ordinary child. They might be targeted as a hostage or, as they grow, pitted against their own siblings or even me by ambitious individuals seeking power in Erucy.

「If we protect them, there’s no problem!」

「Of course, that’s the plan. I will protect our child. I will create an environment for them to grow up in peace. But, Kuu, if nature takes its course we’ll die before them.」


Kuu was at a loss for words.

「Kuu, here’s what I believe. It would be unfortunate if our children were born ordinary and lacked the means to protect themselves. That’s why I want a strong child to be born.」

「I… I…」

Kuu’s heart wavered.

“I want to love the child just as they are, in their natural state”. It was a natural feeling for a mother.

「Kuu, you’re the one giving birth. So, I won’t force you into this decision. If you don’t want it, I’ll never bring it up again. That’s why I’m asking you, what do you want to do?」

「I… I…」

Kuu took a deep breath and made her decision.

「I’ll give birth to a strong child. Someone who can protect themselves even when we’re not around. So please, Cyril-kun, cooperate with me.」

「Thank you for deciding. Before I leave for the Empire, I’ll use the magic.」

「Are you sure it’s safe?」

「Yeah, trust me.」

I nodded and started preparing the magic.

I summoned Suzina using [Samsara Recursion]. Without Suzina’s expertise in magical control, this magic couldn’t be realized. With more focus than ever, I meticulously crafted the magic.

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