Chapter 104

After a shocking reunion with Diadora, who was now employed with the Galois Magic Academy, I had the Headmaster serve as witness as I signed a contract with Dramina, in order to make her my familiar.

Copying after the precedence of Selina’s contract, we used the power of the god La Venta to erase the part of the contract that forced Dramina to be obedient to me as her master.

Immediately after the familiar contract with Dramina was finished, the Headmaster gave Dramina a medal which she had prepared beforehand. Dramina hung the medal from her neck like a pendant, just like the way Selina wears hers. Dramina looked at the medal happily, which had her name, as the familiar, and my name, as the master, engraved on it.

This master-servant relationship is honestly not really my cup of tea, but both Selina and Dramina made such happy faces after signing the contract.

「Fumu, Dramina, I just want to ask, why do you look so happy right now?

Selina was like that too, but becoming a familiar is usually not something to be happy about」

I suppose it’s because they gained a reason to boldly stand by my side in this world, so it isn’t strange for them to be a little happy about that. But still, they just appeared too happy to me.

Diadora, who had been watching over the ritual for signing the familiar contract, let out a very erotic sound, as if she had just come up with a good idea, and then she smiled.

Her charming smile was laden with mischievousness, and in response, Selina and Dramina’s shoulders shook, their wary vigilance clearly visible.

I understand those two’s feelings, but weren’t they being a little too sensitive and overly cautious?

Diadora’s words and actions up until now seem to have instilled a feeling of weakness, or a sense of caution, in them.

Selina aside, Dramina was once a queen. If her subjects saw her now, wouldn’t they become speechless?

「You don’t have to be so on guard, jeez. It’s just that I can more or less understand it, those feelings of yours.

That medal is proof that you are a familiar. That you are Dran’s familiar. In other words, it’s proof that you belong to Dran. Am I wrong?」

Ahh, so it can be thought of in that way. They’re mine, huh.

Well, Selina and Dramina are my fiances, and I am also theirs, so that isn’t wrong. But saying it in that way makes it sound like I’m treating the two of them like possessions, so I end up feeling disgust toward just that part of the contract.

But if they can become this happy from that, then should I just be proud that I was fortunate to have been born male?

「Selina, Dramina, is it really as Diadora says?」

When I tried to gauge the truth with that question, Selina and Dramina each held their own medals in their hands, lowered their eyes for a moment, and tried to evade answering by laughing.

It seems Diadora had hit the bull’s eye. But, well, these two have grown to have similar actions, as if they were sisters.

「Oh my, well, it is something that is direct proof of my relationship with you, and it’s also something that other people can look at and know, that I belong to you」

Selina embarrassedly wagged the tip of her deep green colored tail, and seeing that, the Headmaster narrowed her eyes a little.

She was probably already tired of our lovey-dovey talk from earlier, but now she must be getting really fed up with it.

I do feel bad about it, but it’s also a fact that the people involved with the flirting are having fun.

I am also one of those people, and having the snake girl and vampire queen who I both love, show their affection for me so clearly just makes me so happy, I can’t help it.

「It is as Selina-san says, so I am a little embarrassed to admit it, but that’s how it is.

Dran, the fact that there is visible indication of our relationship is enough to make our hearts race.

Fufu, if people who used to know me were to see me now, I have no idea just how much they would lament over me, but the fact is that I am yours. That is something we are happy about, please always remember that」

「Fumu, I’ll engrave it deep in my heart so I never forget」

「You sure are loved, Dran. I don’t intend on losing to the two of them」

In response to Diadora, who was conveying her affection audaciously with a positive smile on her face, I answered with a direct acceptance of her feelings.

「I also intend on loving everyone just as much as you all love me. I think I am really unworthy, since I can’t even decide on just one of you」

Because Christina-san seemed to be absent from my side as I strongly confirmed my feelings, the Headmaster couldn’t relax, and her sour expression steadily worsened.

It might be fun to speak fondly toward loved ones, but overdoing it in front of others will make them uncomfortable.

But even so, when we reunited with Dramina earlier, Lenia was extremely opposed and protested vehemently, but due to her insatiable craving for tea and cakes, she was now eating instead of rampaging.

When I told Lenia that I was engaged to Selina and Dramina, she started treating them with a more dignified attitude, but it would be a help if she would continue behaving that way in the future.

It could be that she was learning about human emotions through my relationships with them, and she was becoming more of an adult.

「Now then, the Headmaster’s face has been quite stiff for a while now, so let’s change the subject.

So, Diadora will be working in the botanical garden, but has her living arrangements been decided, Headmaster?」

In response to me voluntarily changing the subject, the Headmaster refilled her own cup of tea while she answered.

I wonder just how much mental strife did she endure during our flirting. I’m really sorry.

「We invited several others from Ente Forest, but in Diadora’s case, we prepared a room for her in the botanical garden.

We’ll be entrusting the care of all the black roses in the garden to her, after all, so we need her to be nearby just in case.

Diadora, I have no intention of butting in on your actions during your time outside of work, but you can’t make a move on Dran while he’s in class.

Also you are not allowed to enter the boys’ dorm without permission.

I am aware that you are ignorant of this society’s rules and customs, and I know that it is convenient for you to be able to be near Dran, but if you wish to keep working here at the Magic Academy, then you must follow our rules.」

Diadora originally didn’t know much about human ethics and common sense, and there were many occasions when she ignored such conventions, but she does understand what responsibility is, so she answered the Headmasters words while shrugging her shoulders.

「Until I complete the work that was given to me, I don’t intend doing something so irresponsible such as going to see Dran.

It’s true that I’m not familiar with the lifestyle and the rules of this place, but I will refrain from leaving work unfinished just because there are things I don’t know.

But in that case, during the times when it isn’t a problem to meet with Dran, I won’t hold back」

As soon as Diadora said that, she sent me a gaze packed full of love, and I unconsciously recalled the sensation of her lips.

Upon seeing the mood between me and Diadora, it doesn’t even need to be mentioned that even though they were in good moods just moments ago, Selina and Dramina immediately puffed up with jealousy.

Dramina sure has become good at puffing up her cheeks like Selina does.

After that, we talked for a little bit about the upcoming Magic Tournament and our classes for the second semester, and then we left the Headmaster’s office.

Diadora stayed behind, but it was probably to comfort the Headmaster, who looked like she was experiencing heartburn.


List of People Involved with the Galois Magic Academy

Fatima Criste Dissidia

  • Dran’s classmate. A petite girl resembling a small animal. A little airheaded, but she has a big heart. She is the third daughter of the Dissidia family.
  • She has a habit of calling people she’s close to by nickname, and she was the first one to call Dran by this nickname: “Bathhouse Dran.”
  • Her combat ability is nonexistent, but she has a spontaneous and flirty personality, with the ability and virtues to make connections with others naturally, which Dran could tell just from one or two looks at her.

Nelneshia Furen Apienia

  • Dran’s classmate. Fatima’s close friend, and born from the leading Grand Mage of the country, her mother, “The Capturer of Fortresses,” and her father, Luozo Zolan Apienia, known as “The Killer of 100.” Eldest daughter.
  • One of the top four strongest in the Galois Magic Academy, holds the alias of “Ice Flower,” has a contract with the Ice Wolf King Fenrir, and specializes in turning magic directly into chilled air and ice. A person of outstanding talent, found only once in ten years.
  • Having a side to her that is a combat enthusiast, she burns with strong competitiveness toward Dran from when he defeated her, or to the Western Genius X, whom she lost to in the Magic Tournament last year. She is normally silent, stoic and indifferent.


  • An adventurer who used to be the nobility of a certain fallen country. Bitten by a vampire, and purposefully stopping her own transformation, leaving herself stuck in a state of being half human and half vampire.
  • Her current condition is neither vampire nor dhampir.
  • After many ups and downs, she became Fatima’s familiar. She will not become anything beyond a servant to Fatima, but Fatima wishes Sierra would just act normally around her.

Phenia Phoenixian Phoenix

  • A third year at the Magic Academy. Including Nelneshia, Lenia, and Christina, she is one of the top four strongest in the school.
  • Her blond hair is styled into curled rolls, she carries a fan with her, and she has a high pitched “ohohohoho” laugh typical of a rich young lady. She is interested in Christina, and is always trying many different ways to approach her.
  • She has a natural disposition toward using magic to turn calories directly into fire. Her ancestor had a phoenix as a familiar, so her flesh and her spirit both have the rare factor of a phoenix engraved on it.
  • She is quite loud and boisterous, but it is not because she is unconcerned with differences in family and social status, but rather it is because she understands such differences clearly that she can interact with others fairly and wisely. She is a good person who possesses talent rarely seen once every decade, and her nickname is “Gold Flame Person.”

Irina Ebena Cranan

  • A female student, and Lenia’s one and only friend. She comes from a lower class noble family. She is timid and always trembling nervously, and it could be said her personality and physique are all the complete opposite of Lenia, but luckily she gets along well with her.
  • Lenia recognizes Irina as the next most important person to her after her birth parents, so if Irina is ever hurt, the wrath of a Divine Beast will surely come out.

Zenon, Berk

  • Dran’s classmates. The one with good physique is Zenon, and the thin, curly haired one is Berk.
  • They were jealous of Dran because he was close to Christina, so they approached him with the ulterior motive of getting closer to her.
  • After that, the two brothers of a lower class noble family found out that their values don’t differ much from Dran’s values, and somehow they became normal friends.


  • Dran’s classmate. A good natured person who approached Dran without being constrained by differences in status. His red hair is neatly brushed back, giving off the appearance of a very immaculate male student.
  • He is good natured, but his flaw is that he sometimes can’t read the mood.

Manos Luluba Colechran

  • A very skinny and pale young man. Exchanged a battle once with Dran during the qualifying match for the selection of the representative to the Magic Tournament. He is an expert at constructing golems, and holds a natural disposition for arts and crafts.
  • He is full of spirit, and is passionate about making golems. Dran’s evaluation of him is also high.
  • He is a little bad at talking, and admits himself that he doesn’t quite understand interpersonal relationships, but at his core, he is a good person. Inspired by Dran’s Thermal Golems, he is obsessed with further developing his own golems.


  • Dran’s magic teacher, and also Grandma Magul’s son. He is a teacher at the Magic Academy. He has a gentlemanly appearance and mental aptitude suitable for a brilliant mage. In regards to Dran’s enrollment into the Magic Academy, he was Dran’s benefactor who made many accommodations for him.


  • A teacher at the Magic Academy, whose special features are his fox eyes and hooked nose. He is in charge of combat related classes. He refers to himself as “We.” [1]


  • Headmaster of the Galois Magic Academy, and the last queen of the kingdom in Ente Forest.
  • A high elf who was involved with the founding king of the Arkrest Kingdom, she is among the top five strongest mages in the country.
  • She is the descendant of one of the seven heroes who killed Dragon. She is also one of the few people to know Dran’s true identity, so she is having quite a hard time.
  • She holds citizenship in both of the two powers, Arkrest Kingdom and Ente Forest, so she is in a special position, and is recognized within the kingdom as an important leader. Her stomach begins to hurt when she thinks about Dran’s actions.

Arneis Lucine

  • Female teacher in charge of the general education class that Dran, Fatima, Nelneshia, and others are a part of.


  • The dorm mother of the high school, second year boys’ dormitory. Dran evaluates her as a very hard worker.
  • [1. TL Note: This teacher uses another form of “I/my/me” (吾輩) to refer to himself. It’s just an archaic version of “I” in Japanese, so I likened it to the royal “We”]


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