Chapter 105

A few days after Dramina and Christina-san had caused a commotion due to their good looks, we entered the second semester at the Magic Academy, and most of the students who had gone home were now back at school.

After the opening ceremony, when I entered the same classroom from last semester, everyone was talking with their friends about their trips back home, but they noticed that I walked in with not only Selina, but Dramina too. In the blink of an eye, their conversations turned toward talk of Dramina.

Currently, Dramina’s face was firmly protected by a veil, preventing her beauty from stealing the consciousness of our classmates.

Learning from the past incident in Galois, we were using magic to keep the veil in place within a fixed distance from her skin.

With this, no matter how strong of a wind passes by, the veil will not be overturned.

Selina moved toward her seat, her tail making a small slithering sound as it dragged along the floor. Next to her seat, Fatima, her familiar Sierra, and Nell were all already seated, but when they noticed Dramina next to me, they all showed various degrees of surprise.

In particular, the half vampire Sierra, who at one point was hostile toward vampires, showed solid surprise on her face, which was usually covered by her hood.

「We haven’t met since Golnev, how is everyone doing?」

「Yahoo, Dran, Seli, it’s good to see you guys are doing well~. Dramina-san’s with you too~. Long time no see」

「I am glad we’re able to safely meet up again」

The always grinning Fatima contrasted well with the expressionless Ice Flower Nell, but their greetings were filled with affection.

But Sierra was the only one whose eyes remained fixed on Dramina, and not a single word came out of her mouth.

For Sierra who had turned part-vampire, when Dramina, the one who reigns at the top of the vampires, stood before her eyes, Sierra probably felt an immeasurable amount of reverence welling up in her heart.

Sierra was the one who always said that she probably wouldn’t end up in this state, no matter how much she felt like a frog being stared at by a big snake, but here she was now. In response, the one who sent out a rescue ship to her was Dramina.

The aura of a somewhat troubled smile could be felt through the veil, then Dramina took one step forward and softly talked to Sierra.

No matter how sick or gravely injured a person was, they would surely forget all about their pain and suffering upon hearing her voice full of compassion.

This was probably the same voice she used to talk to the subjects she swore to protect, when she once sat on the throne as the extraordinary queen of her country.

「Sierra, I am relieved that you seem healthy. I heard that you became Fatima-san’s familiar, but the degree of relief from seeing you in person is a different story」

「Y-Yes. Your Majesty, you are too kind to someone like me」



Dramina interrupted Sierra’s words, and put a finger to her lips over the veil, implicitly telling her to be quiet and not say another word.

The Dramina here right now was not the vampire queen, but just a single woman, and if word of her identity got out, it would create a huge, nationwide problem.

「I am Dramina. Just Dramina. Here, I am just like you, nothing more than a girl who is also a familiar.

Please treat me as your equal, though I know it will be a little difficult」

She wasn’t as mad as I was when Caravis would provoke me, but Sierra made it seem that way when she shrunk away, which caused Dramina to let out a bitter smile.

「I will try, to the best of my abilities」

That answer was the best Sierra could give.

Sierra treats Fatima like an older sister, and through Sierra’s own positive personality, they have built a relationship of friendship, but no matter what, even if it hadn’t been this sudden, it would probably be impossible for her to treat Dramina as an equal.

「I would be grateful if you did」

The tension left Dramina’s shoulders with a puff, but Fatima, who noticed that there were several words that Dramina said which couldn’t be overlooked, mysteriously tilted her head and opened her mouth to speak.

Fumu, it’s been a month since I last saw her, but as always, she still had the charming mannerisms of a small animal.

「Hey, hey, Dran, why did Dramina-san become your familiar~? You didn’t tell us anything about that when we went to Golnev」

「Ah, Dramina contacted me after that. We said that she would come visit me after I was done with everything I had to do at my hometown, and well, after that, a lot happened and she became my familiar. And that’s why she’s here now with me」

「Hmm. But even if Dramina-san wasn’t a familiar, isn’t it really amazing that she’s here? Does the Magic Academy know about her?」

「We already told the Headmaster. Maybe it’s good though that familiars aren’t allowed to participate in the Magic Tournament, or at least that’s what the Headmaster said」

「Ah, I see. If Dramina-san and Seli get to participate together with you, then no one else would win, after all~」

It’s exactly as she says.

Even supposing if I didn’t participate, and had Selina and Dramina participate in the tournament in my place, the only ones who had a chance of winning against these two would have to be on the same level as Christina-san, who can awaken the full power of Dragon Slayer, or Lenia.

No matter how big of a kingdom Arkrest is, there is no one strong enough who has a chance of winning against Selina and Dramina in a fair, two versus two fight.

But if we expanded the scope past Arkrest and included the whole planet, and included those on the same level as the Three Dragon Emperors or the king of the spirit beasts, then that might be a different story……

「Yeah, if that happens, then no matter which school we go up against, it’ll be too unfair. It’ll be like an adult fighting with a child」

There are no longer any students who have a familiar strong enough to match Selina and Dramina, and even if we look into the past, there won’t be anyone either. In that case, it’ll be nothing more than a story of them bullying the weak.

And since Fatima and the others knew of Dramina’s true identity, they had the same opinion, and didn’t disagree.

Putting aside Selina and Dramina, just me by myself would be more than enough for it to look like I’d just be bullying the weak.

And it’s true, I can’t deny that, but I at least wanted someone to protest and say that Lenia and Christina-san weren’t on that low of a level.

Fumumu, when I let out a small hum of disappointment, Nell’s expression changed slightly as she mumbled.

「But, I understand now why Bern Village was able to safely repel the goblins. If it’s Dramina-san, she could defeat them, even fighting solo」

As the eldest daughter of the Apenia warrior family, news had traveled to her pretty quickly, or so I wanted to say, but it was a newsworthy topic after all. At least basic information on the incident should already be widely known throughout the country.

And that’s because a remote village in a rural area to the north had enough military strength to repel five thousand goblins.

「Ah, that’s right, Dran, it must’ve been rough. I don’t know the details, but I did hear your hometown was attacked.

So you fought too, right? Did anyone get hurt? Was everyone alright~?」

「Fumu, it’s already over, so there’s no need to panic now, Fatima. I also went out to fight on the frontlines, but their numbers weren’t something we couldn’t handle」

Well there were actually a number of things that one wouldn’t expect from ordinary goblins, but there was no need to worry an adorable classmate with that.

But maybe because she already heard about the abnormal goblins, Nell’s gaze lit up sharply, and she wasn’t deceived by me.

Not wanting to make Fatima worry needlessly; that was something Nell and I could agree on, without having to exchange a single word.

The story of how we repelled the goblins’ attack on Bern Village was definitely something that concerned them, and their attention was drawn to us as they began to listen in on our conversation.

Most of the students at this Magic Academy lived in the northern region of the country, so the threat of being invaded by other species or peoples from the north was a story that hit close to home for many of them.

If war breaks out with forces from the north, then the ones at the top of the list to be drafted to fight in the front lines will be the low class nobles, like Zenon and Berk. One after another, our classmates came over to listen, and I told them as much as I could while also introducing Dramina to them.

Since Diadora would soon be working here at the Magic Academy, I wanted to make sure everyone knew about her abilities and achievements, so they wouldn’t underestimate her.

Until Professor Arneis arrived, we continued to talk about the fight with the goblin forces led by Gogo Guuma, while hiding certain details of it.

After we finished talking about the goblins and introducing Dramina, and after class with Professor Arneis ended, Nell and I received a summons from Phenia-san, so we met up at one of the many terraces built in the school’s courtyard.

Fatima and Sierra, who weren’t called for by Phenia-san, were still with us, but they already knew what her business was with us, and it probably wasn’t something that would raise any eyebrows anyway.

Selina, Dramina, Nell, Fatima, Sierra and I went as a group, and as we traveled there, our group caught the attention of the other students who passed us by.

Ever since I fought with Lenia during the preliminaries to the final match, interest towards me has remarkably increased.

The fact that I was close to Christina-san, and that there were constantly beautiful girls waiting around me, I was the target of jealousy and envy from both male and female students alike, which, well, had both good and bad sides to it.


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