Chapter 163

My biggest worry was introducing Lynette to Lenia, but after it ended peacefully due to Lynette’s quick thinking and Lenia being able to understand easily, I decided to introduce her to Phenia and Nelneshia as well.

Just like when I had made Dramina into my new familiar during the summer break, everyone was teasing me, albeit with different wording this time, that I had yet another cute girl waiting on me. However, objectively speaking, it was definitely true, so all I could do was cringe.

Now, it’s not much of an exaggeration to say that the addition of Lynette has made a big difference in our lives.

Lynette referred to herself as “inexperienced, but knowledgeable in all kinds of things,” but since the staff employed by the academy handle doing the laundry and cooking, there wasn’t much else that we could ask her to do, besides doing some cleaning around the place.

We thought that she might accidentally use too much force and break the furniture or a window, so we watched her nervously, but Lynette was doing a good job at cleaning, and she was especially enthusiastic about finding and preparing and collecting the materials needed for class.

Before, I was able to finish these tasks faster than all the other students because I could ask Selina and Dramina for help, but with the addition of Lynette, who takes pride in her accurate, precise and fast work, the amount of free time I have has definitely increased.

Even after I graduate from the Magic Academy and become a vassal for Christina’s family, I’m sure there will be many opportunities for Lynette to help me with practical matters there too.

Although she doesn’t exactly hate studying, Nelneshia is not very suited for it, so when she found out that Lynette is very capable at everything, she would sometimes come over to beg Lynette for help.

However, before I met Lynette, I had already taken all the credits and finished all the exams needed to skip a grade and graduate, so my daily routine now consisted of doing some personal magic research unrelated to graduation, and reading the rare books in the Academy’s library.

Phenia and Christina, like me, will also be graduating from the Magic Academy next spring, so recently they’ve had a lot more free time than they had in the summer.

I’ve had more and more opportunities to talk to the two of them about governing Bern Village after graduation, developing the potential of my hometown, and how to get along with the other nobles who rule the northern territories.

In particular, Christina and I are only upstart nobles, with histories that might make us targets of ridicule as fake nobles, so as someone born as the daughter of a great noble and having been raised with the highest level of education in the country, Phenia’s insights were very dependable.

I owe Phenia a great debt of gratitude.

The ideas that Christina and I have in our minds may be useless, and when we actually become nobles, those ideas might someday become obstacles for us, but for now, it was truly fun to just dream.

Lynette has never been to Bern Village, but she was happy to see me talking with Christina and the others about the future of my hometown.

Fumu, I am happy to see that the number of people who will be useful involving the governance of Bern Village is increasing.

Today as well, the five of us, including Christina, gathered in the break room of the private bathhouse to talk about the future of Bern Village again.

If it’s here, then we don’t have to worry about Christina gathering the attention of other students of all grades and genders.

We were now in the break room, where I had just interviewed Lenia and Lynette, and we were sitting in chairs gathered in a circle.

Selina, Dramina, and I raised our eyebrows when Christina, who usually is the first to take a bite of any sweets and snacks that we bring, only took a sip of the tea Lynette brewed and didn’t touch any of the food.

Lynette had not yet fully grasped Christina’s personality, but rather than feeling a sense that something was off, she could see Dramina without her veil on, and Christina’s bare face as well, which caused her to fall into a state of unconsciousness.

「Master Dran, it’s terrible. The whole world is all shiny and bright. It’s as if my sight is filled with dancing, powdery snow and the sun is shining, and reflecting sparkling light everywhere.

When Dramina and Christina are both in my line of sight at the same time, they are a threat that surpasses even the highest level of charm magic, and it makes me truly shiver」

It was easy to see that Lynette’s tanned skin was very flushed, both her eyes have been unfocused for a while, and she was wobbling like a staggering drunkard.

Fumu, even Lynette, who has many layers of defensive measures against mental interference, would end up like this when she sees Dramina and Christina at the same time.

「Maybe this was too soon for you, Lynette. Look, copy after Selina, close your eyes half way and look away so those two aren’t in your field of view. If not, maybe you could try closing your eyes?」

「I will follow after Selina. I just couldn’t help but marvel at how beautiful this world is.

If the world knew of Dramina and Christina’s existence, then wouldn’t all despair in the world disappear?

If this is a world that contains such beauty, people would think that it’s too soon to despair, and surely reform themselves」

「Fumu, you’re so poetic, Lynette. Will you be mad if I say that it’s unexpected?」

「No, Dramina and Christina are so out of the ordinary, that it would even make someone like me run my mouth. Even Selina, who has known these two for longer than I have, and has to look at them indirectly with her eyes half closed, is good proof of that」

Selina, who was coiled up on my left side, did not get flustered by Lynette pointing that out, and then with her eyes still half closed, she looked from Dramina’s face to Christina’s face, one at a time.

「Hmm, if it was Christina or Dramina alone, then I’ve become able to look at their faces directly and somehow still be okay, but both of them at the same time is still impossible.

If anything, Dran is the one who is not normal, since he can look at them both, plus Ryoukichi, and still be calm.」

「Certainly, in my case I won’t become absentminded, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of anything within my heart. I always hold respect and affection for the three of them in my heart」

「Those words are truly like you, Dran, but sometimes you really, really sound like a womanizer, you know」

「Is that so? I may not have much self awareness, but I only say these kinds of things because it’s Selina and everyone else. Because to me, you and all the others are special to me.

Now then, we got a little off topic, but Christina, you seem a little different from usual, is there something troubling you?」

Christina had brought Dreadnought with her, even though she usually doesn’t bring it on occasions like these.

With the mirror-like objects embedded in a perfect circle in the center of its golden guard, the sword that killed me was silent in its steel scabbard

Christina glanced down once at Dreadnought resting on top of her lap, and then she opened her mouth to speak, with a determined look on her face.

Christina’s serious expression, and the serious atmosphere it created, made us wait with baited breath as we wondered exactly what kind of important thing she was going to talk about.

And then, what Christina talked about next, went something like this.


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