High School Hack and Slash Chapter 127 Part 3

「You’re my let-off pillow today, aren’t you? Make sure to put on sexy-cute panties and come, okay?」

「Y, yes… I, I get it… Ah…」

A girl with twin tails hair who had just returned from the bathroom was immediately rubbed on her ass and made to sit on a desk.

Even the girl, who once served as the leader of the group of rebellious girls, her unyielding-looking looks were on fire.

Having her panties, which she was not allowed to wear for most of the day, pulled down, she had her female organ, which had been cleaned with the wash toilet, slipperily nailed at once.

Her thighs quivered with a jerk and her vagina got wet again as the penis that would be her partner for the night wriggled vigorously.

If you were going to be enslaved, the earlier you got into it, the longer and much more pleasurable it would be.

This had become a common thought among the girls.

Their standard of evaluation of boys had also changed, and the boy they used to call creepy fatso at first was the most popular.

Though, there were no longer any opportunities for the girls to have such conversations with each other.

This was because they continued to be embraced by the boys, who stood up infinitely, in a killing time fashion.

An equal and fair communism society.

For the academy, it was regarded as a prototype of a new management system.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Now then, finally, pertaining to the exhibition custom in the interclub tournament of the regular department—」

In the Toyoashihara Academy student council room, located in the supreme department building, a regular meeting was being held.

The president and two vice presidents.

In addition to them, there were also other officials present, but they basically had no say in it.

For the agenda read out by the proceedings facilitator, the president and vice president would decide all of it.

Absolute top-down system was also a tradition of the Toyoashihara Student Council.

「That would be all. For the final say in the selection of the members of the supreme department, we are to entrust it to Tetsurou-sama, the president of the Student Council, but is there any objection to it?」

There was no way there would be any objection.

The conference-like appearance was no more than an obligatory.

「… Let’s go with the regular member.」

「Yes… Huh?」

Raising her face from her materials, Reika, the facilitator, mended her way in a flustered manner.

The student council official members, who under normal circumstances would have quibbled and reprimanded her, were also looking at the student council president with a surprised expression.

「I beg your pardon. Now then, the members of the exhibition matches will be President Tetsurou-sama, Vice President Reiji-sama, as well as Kouji-sama, and the remaining members will be selected from the officials who have reached high ranks.」

For regular department students, club activities were a major factor in their academy life.

However, there was no system called club for supreme department students.

They formed groups called『Faction』, but it was not a system officially recognized by the academy.

In the first place, the supreme department and the regular department were entirely separated, be it in terms of school buildings, student dormitories, and business activities.

They did not act as students of the same academy, and no interaction existed between the two sides, either.

The only supreme department students that the regular department students had a chance to see were the student council members who showed up at the academy’s general events.

Some shared facilities, a social meeting place (muscle) of some kind for instance, were special cases.

「Talk about unusual, no? Tetsurou?」

The one who grinned widely as he rested his elbows on his crossed legs was one of the vice presidents, Kouji.

After the regular meeting was dispersed, they switched over to a three boards’ customary tea party.

At the wish of the President, who did not like to have people wait upon him around, this term had turned into a minimal and practical gathering.

Reiji, the previous President, was also the same, but in the student council’s history, they were in the minority.

The student council presidents who gloated as they made the people around them wait upon them were the typical ones.

「… What is?」

「About the exhibition. We’re talking about you here, so I thought for sure you would call it foolish and wholly toss it into someone else again.」

「That is a fine action. I guess it means that his self-awareness as the President has bud.」

The other vice president, who had been savoring the aroma of black tea in a straightened posture, opened his mouth.

The words were mixed with sarcasm, but they contained no ill will.

At the very least, the person in question intended them to be as such, as he was simply recognizing that it was a fine action in a straightforward manner.

Leisurely taking a sip of his black tea, he quietly set the cup down.

「It is not perfect, but it reaches the passing mark. Keep up the diligence.」

「T, thank you very much….」

Kaori, who was discouraged by Tetsurou’s remark, had a complicated expression on her face.

「Pertaining to the candidates for the exhibition members, I have arranged the materials over here, so please give it a check.」

Reika, who was distributing the printed materials, was also on the member list.

The regular department students called the supreme department students who safely leveled up through escorted dungeon exploration『cultured』, full of contemptuous nuance.

They had not experienced battles in extreme situations in which they were dancing with death.

If they were at the same level and under the same conditions, they would likely be no match for the regular department students who had repeatedly engaged in battles where returning from death was in sight.

However, if it were on the above ground, even in a pseudo-dungeon domain, they would never stand on equal terms.

As there would be an overwhelming difference in the source and output of abilities (skills) they could use.

Even with such handicaps, the result of the match was by no means definite.

However, it was absolutely unacceptable for the supreme department to be defeated by the regular department.

And then, the student council members of Toyoashihara Academy were also the group that boasted the strongest prowess in the supreme department.

In order to make the hierarchical relationship and their respective standings clear, it had become customary for the top team in the regular department interclub tournament to play an exhibition match against the team from the supreme department.

「I’d like to enjoy a challenging battle once in a while, you see.」

His huge, well-trained body was far from dull.

Having obtained『Fortress Knight (Fortress Lord)』, a fourth step class of the『Knight』 branching, was proof that he, Kouji, had broken through the New World.

Students in the supreme department, in which a power leveling system had been put in order, could easily reach the normal level cap.

Rather, that could be said to be the starting point.

Depending on whether or not they could overcome the wall of 100 cumulative levels that loomed ahead and reach the fourth step, their evaluation would differ greatly.

There were not that many supreme department students who could break through the trial, where neither support nor cheating was allowed.

「Kouji-dono, you might want to consider your position a little more.」

「So stiff, so stiff of you. Reiji. If you’re a man, there’s no way you don’t wish to wield your power to the fullest, no?」

「Therefore. Self-discipline is necessary for those who stand above others.」

「So stiff of you. But I guess it can’t be helped. It’s inevitable that we have no opponents.」

There was no way for those who could reach the fourth step class not to desire to fight.

As modern people, perhaps it could be said that something was wrong with them.

Giving a sidelong glance to the vice presidents, who could not be said to be on the best of terms with each other by all means, as they were butting heads against each other, Kaori, holding a freshly steaming teapot in her hand, poured some into the President’s cup.

She peered into the face of her fiancée, who was aloof and, quite frankly, she couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

「… I also, found it a little surprising. As I thought you disliked this kind of event, President.」

The reticence of the student council president was nothing new to those around him.

Therefore, Kaori also tried to express her thoughts without expecting a response.

She knew that, otherwise, the silence would only continue endlessly.

If a reply was returned, that would be so rare of an occurrence that she would end up being surprised.

「… It’s insurance.」

There was no answer to Kaori’s questioning gaze as she tilted her head.


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