High School Hack and Slash Chapter 128 Part 1

Assertive Receive

 Well then, now is the third day of the qualifying round of the interclub tournament.

Under the special rules this time, today is the last day of the qualifying round.

And yet, I still have the badge of the Adept Orders on my chest.

I can’t accept it.

But yes, I have grown up.

I know that it is futile even if I go to pursue a challenger with bloodshot eyes here.

It’s obvious if you think about it for a moment.

I bet no one would take an opponent who is fully prepared and is assuming a stance to intercept as an easy opponent to deal with.

In other words, it calls for camouflage.

I have to show some leisure and pretend to be off guard.

Come now.

Come now, seeing this figure overflowing with leisure and gushing with carelessness, you’re free to come and attack me.

No need to hold back, even if you want to come and throw a punch at me out of the blue, feel free to.

Rather, Welcome.

「… I think it’s not possible, though.」

「First of all, it’s the face, right~. It’s not something you can just gloss over simply by smiling, is it? You’re no joker from the playing cards, after all.」

「But why?」

I hope she’ll stop dissing my looks so nonchalantly.

Shizuka and Mai, who have already finished their match, are acting like spectators, sipping tea in a carefree manner.

「Duel sure is interesting, since it has this air of tension even if your opponent is a small fry~.」

「Lolicon hunting.」

「Cleaning up the academy a little.」

Saki, Miharu, and Natsumi seemed to have cunningly enjoyed the matches as well.

They join the tea party with a refreshed look on their faces.

The sound of sword clashes and magic explosions are still echoing in the academy grounds, but the atmosphere has ended up calming down considerably.

More and more students are relaxing in the student cafeteria in such a manner, and most of them have become badge-less.

「It’s not something worth wasting your time and energy on, no? Endure it until the main tournament.」


Seiichi, who has lost his badge before I know it, is showing a relaxed look on his face.

「Dear me~, they sure got me there. As expected, there’s no way I can summon a dragon inside an instant duel barrier, is there~. Huh? But of course I won, though? It’s easy, easy.」

「Otoha-chan. Good work. I mean, are you sure you’re okay?」

「That’s why, I told you that you should have worn your armor, I suppose.」

Otoha-senpai, who has received some damage until she becomes quite battered, joins us with a refreshed smile on her face.

Mikan-senpai and Rinko-senpai, who seemed to have gone with her as witnesses, or rather watchers, are also with her.

「It wasn’t such a big deal of an opponent, but you see~… But, look, it’s not very mature to be serious right from the start, right? And it’s the orthodox way to return the favor after you’ve received it properly, isn’t it?」

Even though no one has asked her to do so, Otoha-senpai continues to brag about her experiences.

Kuh, it sounds like a lot of fun.

「… I believe that was just an excuse.」

「… Well, she grandly let her guard down, and was hit with a big move at the very beginning, I suppose.」

Shizuka and Rinko-senpai are secretly dissing her, but it means Otoha-senpai had performed a perfect camouflage.

Let’s follow her example.

「Touma-san, where are you headed to?」

「… The privy.」

I’m in a state where I have no choice but to wait for the challenge, but simply waiting for it is boring.

I ought to actively move and catch the challenger’s attention.

This is my new move, 『Assertive Receive (Sasoi-uke)』 technique.

「I shall accompany you.」


「I shall accompany you.」

Shizuka-san doesn’t waver in her insistence even at the mention of the holy ground known as the men’s restroom.

She’s a little too overprotective, and her breathing is a little too intense.

◇ ◇ ◇

 As far as the rules for this time’s qualifying round were concerned, the clubs with more people simply had an advantage.

And while it was not allowed to transfer or leave one’s club during the tournament period, it was allowed to admit free students who did not belong to any club from the beginning.

For this time’s rules, there was the motive to reduce the number of unaffiliated students as well as to weed out the number of clubs that were subject to management.

The plan, however, was only a theory on the table.

Speaking of the impressionable generation, it sounded nice and all, but there was no way the disorganized and haphazard students would behave as they wished.

「Now then, how should I put it, should we have a strategy meeting or something?」

「Okay. I’ll leave it to you.」

「Alright, that’s it. Dismissed.」

The members, seemingly could not care less about it from the bottom of their hearts, concluded the meeting as soon as it began.

That was the normal working for『No Figures (Nameless)』, a club formed by the students of the first year third group.

The members were alien to things like motivations or ambitions.

Even with regard to the executive positions that had to be decided upon in the application to establish the club, the members who lost by rock-paper-scissors-scissors were made to accept them.

In other words, the three boys gathered here, the president and two vice presidents.

The rest of the club members would never want to participate even if they were invited.

If it became inconvenient, they would simply complain later, saying that they had not heard about it.

「I mean, we’ve already passed the qualifying round, after all. Don’t we have nothing to talk about?」

They were such kind of people, but they had easily made it through to the main tournament without any difficulty.

At first, their stance was nothing more than: It’d be great if we could remain in the C rank, wouldn’t it~?

As for why they ended up winning through the qualifying round, it was an outcome that even they themselves tilted their heads in wonder.

「Then, let’s go with the policy of doing things on the fly.」

「No objections.」

「That’s fine, I guess. My shoulder grow stiff from doing these meeting make-believes.」

The president, shaking his head, rubbed the big tits.

The soft flesh sticking out of the light purple bra was rocking up and down as if defying gravity.

「Dear me~, I’m sorry for being distracted while we’re in the middle of doing it. I’m going to immerse myself in your body and fuck you in earnest now, okay, Midori-chan.」

「Ahh… Haahn, haa, ahn.」

The labyrinth reference room in the special classroom building was the hangout for them, the Nameless.

The room’s manager, Midori, was made to sit between the legs of her student seated on the furnishing sofa, her back to him.

Her vivid, mature body had been stripped to its underwear, and she had continuously been penetrated with the meat rod of the boy who had been serving as her human chair.

In the position of her twisting her hips, wrapping her left hand around the boy’s neck, and pressing her breasts against his profile, she writhed in agony.

The light pink sexy panties, the bottom fabric of which spread from side to side, were sopping wet with male and female secretions.

「These days, Midori-chan has come to reach real cumming so easily, hasn’t she?」

「Midori-chan is my wife, after all. I’ve been fucking her every day, so she has gotten completely accustomed to me, duh.」

「Yeah, yeah. Midori-chan is your wife alright, Prez.  Well, we normally do her too, though.」

Even though they were not the type to take the initiative and actively attack, they had gradually adapted to the uninhibited sexual culture at the academy.

Even so, they didn’t get so carried away that they would cut themselves loose and blow themselves up, as they continued to move discreetly behind the scenes.

In a sense, they could be said to be a very troublesome group.

「By the way, dude. Who is that girl over there?」

One of the vice-presidents, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed for napping, was holding a female student who was not one of their classmates.

The girl, who was naked and on all fours, was rocking her buttocks, which had been set in the middle of his crossed legs.

「A girl from the neighboring horse class. It seems that she was ordered by her club to go get some points, you see. She was all giddy with a face like she was about to cry, so I took her into custody.」

「It’s an F-ranked scum club, no matter how you slice it, isn’t it? Raping a girl through a trickery deal, isn’t that just the worst?」

「Nah, I normally knock her down, but what of it?」

「Isn’t that even worse?」

「Fwah… Ah, ahn.」

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