High School Hack and Slash Chapter 134 Part 2

Waiting room: the Blade Tigers Squad

「Ouch ouch… I hit my head, damn it. Just how big of an earthquake was it?」

「Hnn, geez. It wakes me up, duh.」

The waiting room in the underground of the arena, the shock that made the entire facility shake was also transmitted to that place.

Shinnosuke, coming out of the simple toilet installed in each waiting room, pulled up his pants while patting the back of his head.

The waiting room was a little bit spacious, but they were teams that had already lost in the second round.

However, the door couldn’t be opened, and they were left with too much free time in the state of confinement.

「The thing that was coming out ended up shrinking back midway, you know? Damn it.」

「If you show me something dirty, I’ll chop it off, okay. If you’re going to do it, do it somewhere I can’t see.」

「We have nothing to do, so it can’t be helped, right? Come on, you guys, come here.」

Shinnosuke, holding the waists of two female classmates, his original club members, walked back to the toilet.

From the beginning, they were consolation personnel outside the battle force, and had been unreservedly used for sexual venting by Shinnosuke each time he had the slightest urge to.

「… We’ve already lost, and there’s not much we can do except for sleep, though~.」

The Blade Tigers Squad, formed by first year Tiger group classmates and of which Shinnosuke was serving as the club president, had safely acquired the rank of C.

Tatsuya and the others, who should have been not members of the club, were furious at the fact that they had forged club entry forms submitted for them by Shinnosuke in advance.

Things escalated to the critical point where they might disband the party for real, but they compromised as Shinnosuke did a dogeza in front of them and promised to allow them to leave the club after the tournament was over.

However, as a matter of fact, that quick wittedness had allowed them to pass the qualifying round.

「Fwah, I guess so. Other than that, all we can do is watch the matches through the monitor, after all~.」

Honami, who was similarly sleeping on the bench, stretched out.

「I mean, is it interesting to watch? Tatsuya-san.」

「Err, yes. I guess.」

Tatsuya, who was sitting on a chair in front of the monitor, looked back over the backrest.

Yuka was leaning against him in the posture of having her back resting on his shoulder.

「My oh my, looks like Yuka-san is exhausted, isn’t she?」

「I guess so. Perhaps.」

「Go ahead, and take your time~. Since I’m going to take some more nap.」

Riru, who snorted with a huff, also readily went back to sleep.

They could tell that Tatsuya and Yuka had been indulging themselves in each other.

The only one who was unaware of it was Shinnosuke, who was indulging in a threesome in the toilet.

And then, Tatsuya was also unaware that the female members were aware of it.

So he started rocking Yuka’s ass, which was placed on his lap with her skirt rolled up, little by little.

Yuka, who was continuing to pretend to be asleep, was having her nether region used as he pleased.

Tatsuya’s seed was pouring into the place where they had already been connected for quite some time.

If it weren’t for the sound coming from the monitor, a sticky *spurt spurt* sound should have been audible.

Judging that Riru and Honami had fallen asleep again, Tatsuya once again inserted his hand into Yuka’s breast.

His hand, which was diving into the blouse that was unbuttoned only at the breast area, then crawled into the bra cups and began kneading the nipple.

「… Yuka-chan, can you, hold back your voice…?」


Whispered directly into her ear, Yuka ducked her head and rolled her skirt back up a little on her own.

Then, the hand on the opposite side of the one kneading her nipple, swiftly slid down to the base of her nether region.

Having the clitoris that was swelling above the chasm pinched, Yuka covered her mouth with her hand, as her voice was close to leaking out.

Even now, taking turns with Honami, Yuka was made to stay overnight in Shinnosuke’s room every other day.

On the days when she was off-duty, she was taken to Tatsuya’s room… There was no such an arrangement, but she headed there on her own accord.

Her flesh, which had been alternately enslaved by the two boys, had already adapted to the pattern.

Having been plentifully loved and poured with semen by Tatsuya last night, the ownership of her flesh was still with Tatsuya.

After the day changed into today, she had been poured a number of times by Shinnosuke, as if it was only natural, but Tatsuya’s semen was superior in terms of vigor and stronger in terms of influence.

Besides, she was subjected to an overwriting injection by Tatsuya at all such times.

Except for the nights when she got fucked around in Shinnosuke’s room, the default setting was that for her to get violated by Tatsuya’s semen.

When he poured his semen into her again, it made her hips melt, and when he rocked her vaginal hole, it felt so good that she couldn’t get away from him.

She knew that Riru and Honami were exasperated by her, but she had no intention of hiding her intercourse with Tatsuya.

If anything, if Tatsuya were to show Shinnosuke their mating figure and declare that she was his, she would gladly go along with it.

Though, she had known that Tatsuya had no intention of doing so.

She had already realized that it was after she got raped by Shinnosuke that he would become obsessed with her and seek her out more passionately.

The forcefulness at those times, so overbearing that she couldn’t resist it, ended up making Yuka smell a titillating male scent.

「Damn it… Let’s see, Honami is fine. Lend me your ass for a bit. These chicks have ended up going down.」

「… Fwah, hnn~. Geez, you’re so hopeless, aren’t you?」

Shinnosuke, coming out of the toilet, took Honami, who was lying down, with him.

「Lemme see, awright. Looks like it’s okay to fuck right away.」

「Ahn… Geez, you’ve been doing it every now and then since this morning, haven’t you?」

Shinnosuke, who had gone behind Honami before entering the toilet, vigorously pressed his hips against her.

「Huh? It was Yuka whom I did in the toilet in the morning, wasn’t it?」

「It doesn’t matter which one it was… right?」

「Hehehe. I guess so.」

As Yuka desperately held her mouth shut, her buttocks trembled on the thing that was firmly warped up inside.

「As expected, low-leveled women are no good since they end up going ahe so easily. And yet, they want my dick so bad that they’ll readily stick out their ass, you know.」

「Hnn, hyaa… It’s so big!」

「I guess the females that I can enjoy thoroughly are only you and Yuka.」

「Ah, aahn…!」

「I know you like big cocks, Honami. I guess as punishment, I’m going to stuff Yuka with a huge cock too tonight. That chick likes to have a big cock crammed deep inside her and get stirred with it, after all.」

Tingling, aching nipples and flesh buds, and a vaginal hole that was being pumped in and out without restraint.

Honami was writhing from the unspeakable pleasure.

Her consciousness flew off as she had ejaculate surged deep inside her with a spurt.

And then, her eyes were awakened by the tingling sensation that refused to subside and the continuously waving pumping action.

Shinnosuke boasted a huge penis whose protuberance would even bulge and loom on his lower abdomen.

When she was screwed in this state, she wound up being reminded of the time when she was kept by the previous club, and helplessly, she ended up going wild and coming all over.

The two had disappeared into the toilet, but *smack smack*, the clear sounds of copulation could be heard.

Tatsuya, stimulated by it, also made the buttocks bounce up and down with a force that made them let out a smacking sound.

While Yuka was arching back, her buttocks were floating, twitching and jerking.

「!… I can’t, take it anymore. Switch places with me, Yuka.」

「N, noo.」

「That’s not good. The first priority for Tatsuya is me. You know that, don’t you?」

「R, Riru-chan?」

「Don’t interfere, Tatsuya. You can put it in Yuka too, but you have to use me as your main.」

Tatsuya, whose breathing was disarranged, moved over to the ass that was presented to him next to Yuka’s.

Riru, who continued to be profoundly subordinated by Tatsuya, readily adapted even to the rough penetration.

She was aware that she couldn’t satisfy his sexual fetish, and it was for that exact purpose that she had tacitly accepted Yuka.

Of course, leaving his sexual fetish aside, Tatsuya, too, was overflowing with sexual desires as a healthy youth.

He had completely become a captive of Riru’s excellent sucking organs.

「Haa… Hnn, hnn, it’s okay. Tatsuya, fuck me a lot. You’re free to use me for sexual venting, too.」

「Riru-cha, hnn.」

「Of course, you can use Yuka too, so… Don’t hold back with me either, okay.」

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