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Chapter 1: The Slavemancer and the Princess Knight




「Odamori-kun, here is the information booklets for the school excursion」

「Ah…..o, ok」

「Alright,  Please hand out half of these」

「Ahh, Fine」

That was it.

The guy above is me, Odamori Tooru, and that was the extent of the conversation between me and the class president Himeno Kirika.

I was seated  in the front row in the left corner of the room, as a result it became natural that when it was time to distribute booklets that duty was passed on to me, that was the type of conversations we exchanged.

A plain high school boy with no redeeming features whatsoever and the most beautiful girl in school whom has excellent grades and one of the highest popularity in school.

With this kind of scenario, that was the utmost interaction I could have with her.

However, something unexpected was about to occur……. 「Provided, this was the former world」with that remark, everything that I knew was about to change.

From my perspective, I dreaded going on the school excursions and school events.

Anyhow, the reason I hated going on trips is because, I naturally did not have a lover and there was not a single person I could call a friend.

It wasn’t like I got bullied or anything, But nobody gave a damn about me and my existence was like air (basically he had no presence)

Since the moment I entered high school, this fact hasn’t changed and neither has my relationships with my classmates.

For me who was always alone, the most I could do was give a sidelong glance to the students who were enjoying the scenery or taking a stroll.

Therefore inside the bus, there was one person who without the slightest motivation or tension, was staring absentmindedly through the window…… It was at that moment the “accident” occurred.

There was an explosive sound, a strong impact and the screams of my teachers and classmates.

Then my vision blacked out.

In that moment, I thought to myself, 『ahhh in the end even though I didn’t accomplish a single thing, at the time of my death my standings with everyone are finally equal…..』 I was thinking these kinds of emotionless thoughts.

When I returned to consciousness, I was inside what seemed like an office building, whilst sitting in a cheap looking chair.

In front of my eyes there was a desk and a man dressed in a grey suit wearing glasses, he seemed nervous.

He seemed to be around his thirties and looked as if from either an oriental or western background.

What the hell is this, is there an interview even the afterlife?

「…….ummmm, regarding this event it is in our sincerest apologies that our management branch has made an enormous mistake.

There will of course be “compensation” shortly, please be at ease」

Like in those foreign dramas, he spread both his arms out very exaggeratedly, whilst wearing a forced smile.

…..excuse me, but I really can’t see how this is going to work.

「that is a reasonable complaint. in that case allow me to explain briefly. First of all, I am the “manager/overseer” of this place. In the concept you human beings have I would be akin to a god, if you would like, you can think of me as a computer terminal」

Hmm….. in any case his identity remains mysterious and the clothes he wears seems to have no connection with this place either.

At the least he could have made this place have a temple/church like background or something.

「Also, please understand that this event was an “accident”. Partial collision of the dimension……. well, this kind of thing is expected to happen once every few centuries. Yes, of course I will do my utmost to prevent another occurrence from happening…..」

To be brief, he made up plenty of excuses mixed in with big technical words. (Note: Partial collision of the dimension??? lol…)

Gods are only able to act within the boundaries of their domain.

Anyways, in order to summarize what that “manager” old man has said, it goes as follows:

  1. Everyone in the former world died instantly, and this cannot be overturned or fixed.
  2. As a compensation to that, our souls will be transferred to another world and be allowed to “reincarnate”.
  3. The new world we will be reincarnated to is a world of fantasy. the world is set in the medieval ages where there will be magic and monsters.
  4. Instead of being reborn as a baby, we will be reborn in the same bodies we possessed before we died.
  5. The occupation and status you will be reborn with are all randomized.
  6. Lastly we are allowed to do anything we desire in the new world.

「Without further ado, since the explanations have been completed we will be moving on to the lottery machine where we will determine the randomized occupation and status of each individual. Please grab a ticket」

A shabby box which looked as if it was picked up from a neighbour’s garage was presented, the box had a single hole in which you can put your hands in to obtain a ticket.

Whilst thinking how ridiculous this all was, I reluctantly put my hands in the box in order to grab a ticket.

Let’s have a look….. 『Demonic Subordinate/Slave Magic user Slavemancer』??

「eh, is this for reals? Such a dangerous thing was mixed in the lottery? Seriously? Well this is awkward….」

The “manager” tilted his head in puzzlement.

Oi oi, get yourself together you god/computer terminal.

To begin with, what in the world is a Slavemancer? An occupation? Or a title?

「Well, since it already came out it cannot be helped…….Then, please try your best in your second life as a Slavemancer. Well then, I have to attend to the next person, Good~bye~」

Oi, wait a moment I still have things I want to ask…… I haven’t even had time to stop and think about anything.

My view blacked out once again.

……In a small village there was strange occurrences happening, this all started in the beginning of Spring.

In the beginning it was just the young maidens who went into the forest to collect medicinal plants, but now one by one all the cute female girls had gone missing.

It was thought to be the work of Orcs and Goblins, however there was not a single trace or even witness reports of those that went missing.

the search parties sent into the mountains all came back without any results,  even the adventurer parties who took it on as a investigation request always lost contact and went missing.

Arriving at this point, the Kingdom finally decided to send direct reinforcements from the capital.

The previous adventuring party was seen in high regard, the kingdom thus perceived the threat in higher regards, thereby deciding to send an elite knight handpicked from the squadron.

And, the knight who volunteered their name was……

「…… The third trap room has also been conquered. Master/my lord」

A gloomy light shines from the deepest part of the cave.

Using far sighted magic on her glasses, she was able to look into the battle field and observe, the female sorceress was wearing a robe, and she had hollow eyes and was reporting to me.

In layman terms, she had the look of a woman who was raped until she had lifeless eyes….. ooops, this is not the time to be thinking about these things.

Whilst I was sitting cross legged in my throne made out of simple stone, I asked her, who was my “magical bound slave” a question.

「the Magic missile and the paralysis gas trap were all broken through that easily? What do you think, is the intruder also like you an adventurer? 」

「no, it is most likely a knight sent from the Capital….. Furthermore, it seems this knight specialises in solo subjugation combat and labyrinth capture, an elite knight」

「heh, so there’s such a thing in this country. Well, since I have been way too flashy, there was bound to be a large uproar within the country」

The serial disappearances of the young maidens.

The culprit behind all this, is of course me the person whom reincarnated into this new world.

Building various traps inside this cave, I managed to enslave the adventurers that roamed inside for the purpose of completing the dungeon.

All of this was made possible, by the abilities I obtained from the class Slavemancer.

The intricate details , will be explained eventually…. right now I have to think of a way to deal with this rude intruder.

「At this rate, they will arrive here at any moment. What shall we do my lord, should we perform a counter attack? 」

「Will you be able to win? Supposing that this is an extremely elite knight」

「It will most likely be difficult. The enemy’s power, exceeds our individual strength. However, we can at least leave a wound on the enemy」

The strategy of sacrificing pieces for a future gain, should I do it or not? (This is referring to a popular game in Japan Shogi/chess where pieces are sacrificed in order to obtain an advantageous position etc.)

Naturally, if they were given the order, the magic bound slaves would happily throw away their lives for me.

I pondered a little while…. tilting my head to think.

「No, cease that thought. The enemy has already come this far, we will meet the enemy head on right here.」

Yes, the women all saluted whilst obediently acknowledging my orders, I immediately went to prepare for the enemy’s arrival.

Just around the time I finished preparing…. the gate to the room flung open.

「Your days of tyranny are over, you vile black magician! Obediently stop resisting and surrender, otherwise—–」

The one who appeared, was a woman knight who had a blue mantle, long black hair which fluttered, whilst wearing glittering armor and helmet.

The glittering broad sword she held was pointed directly at me.

「I Princess Knight Kirika pledge by my sword that you will perish——」(HimeKishi = Princess Knight)


That voice, that face and that name. (Illustration: Kirika First Meeting~)

It can’t be, I stood up instinctively.

At the same time, the other side also notices.

「Hi… Himeno….. san?」

「Odamori, Kun!?」


This is me, Odamori Tooru, I am the Slavemancer Tooru.

And that is Himeno Kirika, who is now known as the Princess knight Kirika. ( Hime in Japanese means princess, Thus her name Himeno is used here as a  pun for princess)

This was the first conversation we had in the new world.

Slavemancer Tooru

Job:  Slavemancer LV 6

Skill: ? ? ?

Princess Knight Kirika

Job: Princess Knight LV 5

Skill:? ? ?




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