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Chapter 2: The Fight and its Conclusion




「It can’t be……How can it be you, the person who is the mastermind behind all these missing people….! 」

As expected Himeno Kirika was completely bewildered, no she goes by the name Himekishi Kirika now. (I shortened princess knight Kirika to Himekishi Kirika)

The tip of the sword she pointed at me wavers slightly in hesitation.

However, even for me this meeting was out of my expectations.

I slowly lowered myself back into the stone chair.

「From the way you behaved, this must be the first time you met a classmate from our previous world」

「yeah……and I didn’t expect it to be so soon」

If this new world is just as big as the former world, then taking into consideration that there was only 20 people inside that bus,

Furthermore including the fact that all the reincarnations were randomised, It is unlikely that out of the bunch of people transported, everyone was placed in the same continent.

Excluding the ability to use magic as a means of transportation, the way in which people travel and communicate in this world is akin to the middle ages. Even if you spent your whole life searching, it wouldn’t be strange not to meet each other till the day you die.

Much less the chance, of us people who were “reincarnated” meeting only one month after we first arrived here.

「However, even before that there is something that surprises me.

…………Odamori-kun, the fact that your committed such evil deeds and dyed your hands in blood.」

Her voice was filled not with anger, but it reverberated with sadness.

That look on her face, made me get irritated somehow.

「Heh, the honour student Himeno-san continues to preach even after being reborn in this new world.

Not only that, from being part of the prestigious student committee she is now representing the kingdom as an elite knight.

That self-righteous act hasn’t changed at all」

「Odamori-kun, you….. Have changed. You weren’t someone who looked down on others」

「Haa? What do you think you know about me? 」

It sounded so ridiculous that I burst into laughter.

She didn’t even have time to take a glance at me.

Other than formalities, she didn’t even have time to have a proper conversation.

「I haven’t changed one bit you know. After coming here, I was finally able to realise what I really wanted, and in order to achieve those goals, I obtained the power i needed, that was all that changed.」

「You are referring to the Dark Slavery Magic…. the power to bend peoples will and turn them into slaves, the legendary forbidden magic, am I right?」

I didn’t expect this, but it seems that she knew what my job/class was,

In other words, she must have come up with a counter measure before arriving here.

Whilst coming up with my own plan, I tried to buy some time by continuing the small talk.

「If you know this already then our conversation becomes simple. When a healthy high school boy obtains such power, even a diligent girl like Himeno-san can imagine what happens next right?」

「That, That is….! 」

The sound of her gulping can be heard.

Although the light in the room is not bright enough for me to see her face, without a doubt she is blushing from embarrassment.

「That’s right, it is exactly as you thought. No, even things Himeno-san wouldn’t know and couldn’t even begin to imagine, I have done them all…….. To the villager maidens and the adventuring women.」

「St, Stop!  Why would you do such a thing?!」

She’s asking why I did all those horrible things. Is she trying to blame me?

What a joke.

「You won’t be able to comprehend, you who have been blessed since the moment you were born can’t possibly understand how i feel. Besides since you came here……… you became an elite princess knight? Like it was a matter of course even the job you received seems to be rare.」

I gazed at her figure scrutinizing her from top to bottom.

She was wearing lightweight armor which guarded all her vital areas, looking even closer her armour was decorated with lace and frills.

she wore a ribbon around her neck, if anything it looks almost like a school uniform, she also had a miniskirt and white  tights which seemed to thoroughly  cover the exposed skin between the top of the knee high socks and hemline of the skirt.

Even if this was our former earth in the middle ages, it is impossible for her to look like this, in terms of practicality this armour of hers might as well be a dress/costume!

「Himeno-san, I didn’t expect you to have an otaku like fetish, even going as far as wearing a cosplay dress to battle……… In the first place, can you please clarify whether you are a princess or a knight? 」

「Tha, that kind of thing doesn’t really matter does it?!」

Although I was continuously bombarding her with such frivolous talk, in my mind I was thinking of further options.

Even from how lightly she was seemingly able to move, it was certain that her armour was a rare artifact…….without a doubt it was a piece of armour that had been magically enchanted.

Most likely, she had someone with high magically capabilities install it for her.

That’s not the end of it.

Her job details as a princess knight still remains a mystery, but for sure her job automatically gives her high resistances to magic.

The fact that she broke through all the magical traps without getting a single wound is a testament to her abilities. Furthermore who in their right mind would attempt a solo subjugation mission on their own when they know the place is filled with traps, if they didn’t have confidence in their magical resistance. This is the only sound explanation.

……………This is indeed troublesome.

This is because for my subordination/slavery magic, whilst the control of the target and time of effectiveness is very powerful. On a target that has high magical resistance it requires the magic to casted in a short distance for a continuously long period of time, otherwise the effect is minimal.

And it is likely that she won’t give me such a chance willingly.

「This is my last warning. Are you going to obediently surrender, or not? 」

「Which fool would throw away a battle that can be won? 」

Is that so, in that case…. she muttered. The princess knight immediately closed the gap between us and approached me.

She was fast beyond my expectations.

However, my reflexes are completely different than what it used to be.

If I was a normal person, there would be no doubt that I would be defeated.

「tsu!?」 (sound effects)

Her sword hit a large shield and the sound of metal reverberated inside the cave.

Secretly hiding behind my stone chair a woman soldier was guarding me.

Kindly enough, she held back and used the blunt side of her sword so that she would not kill me.

「Subordination Magic…..!」

Kirika was surprised by the girl whom had blank eyes who jumped out to defend me.

In that opportunity, I completed my high speed chant magic.

Much like a hologram a green fire spread out and surrounded Kirika’s black hair.

「Kuuu!? ahh, my head is spinning……!」

She panicked, and jumped backwards to gain some distance.

My enslaved soldier stood still and silently guarded me as per ordered beforehand.

「As expected, her magical resistance is very high. The rate of progression is only 5 %.

Well, I will continuously pressure her and increase the rate of progression」

I don’t need to defeat the other party. As long as I get the chance to cast my enslavement magic, the victory will be mine.

Therefore, my strategy revolves around defending myself and buying time.

The shield the soldier slave is using is enchanted and strengthened by magic.

「You’ve thought this through haven’t you, Odamori-kun. No, I should call you Dark Magician….. However」

Whilst having a distance of at least 5 meters between us, she raised her sword above her shoulders in a vertical motion.

What is she planning on doing from such a distance….?

「By my noble sword that crushes all evil!

Blinding light that destroys Brilliant Burst!!」

Crimson light focused on her sword….. And like a violent torrent it shot out like an arrow.

The flash of light illuminated the room, an impact stronger than a fireball shook the room.

The giant shield along with the soldier defending me was blown across the room and smashed heavily into the wall, where she stopped moving.

「what a surprise…… this is an amazing magical technique. That must be one of your skills as a Princess Knight」

「That’s right. This technique will display a more destructive power if it is used on someone with an evil affinity. It seems that it is particularly effective against your Slavery Magic」

Kirika lowered her sword back to her waist and aimed it straight at me, whom no longer had his human shield to defend him.

Her intention was probably to close the gap before I could shoot a magic missile spell, and incapacitate me in one hit.

「You no longer have your shield. It’s a shame for you, but it ends here」

「Yea, it seems to be the case」

She stepped forward.

At the same moment I cracked one of my fingers.

The magician slave woman I had hidden in the inner part of the room came out and began high-speed incantations.

Even after noticing, Kirika’s movement did not change.

Her thought process must be that “Magic is barely effective against me anyways, if I defeat him it will all be settled”, which is reasonable to think.

However…..that is all in accordance with my plans.


The sword she swung at me, went straight through my body.

「That was, a Mirror Image?!」

「You are correct」

My real body was actually just around one step and a half behind the image.

Even if her magic resistance is high 「Magic that is not directly aimed at her」 will not be discernable or easily seen through.

So that this was not seen through, since the beginning I made my slave defend the “fake” me.

And, the place from which I projected my mirror image, and the place she is currently standing is…..

「What is this?! A Pitfall……?!」

The Princess Knight’s body slips into the 1.5 metre pit and slides downwards.

Since I first entered this cave i have prepared for the worst circumstances, by using a pitfall trap that is primitive, it doesn’t require magic.

It differs greatly from a magical trap, because it cannot be perceived via magical sensing neither can it be resisted. (It is literally a whole in the ground)

Of course, if it was only a pitfall with her level of strength she would easily escape it.

Thus, my magic user slave is tasked with chanting the sealing spell.

A slamming noise was heard, and a iron prison was created on top of the hole, which securely locked her in place with only a 3 cm gap between the bars.

Teleportation Object….This magic allows the object to teleport a short distance instantaneously sealing the pit.

「It can’t be…..will this be my end…….?!」

「Indeed you have caused me many troubles, Princess Knight-sama.

But, being sealed in such a small space, I am willing to bet you cannot perform your sword techniques, isn’t that right? 」

No matter how fast she tries to break the iron bars and escape, it will take her at least a few minutes.

In that period, I can leisurely approach her and start my magical chant as long as I can complete this spell it will be over.

Princess Knight Kirika, my former classmate Himeno Kirika, I can finally turn you into my loyal slave!

Slavemancer Tooru

Job: Slavemancer LV 6

Skill: 【Enslavement Magic LV 5】 ???

Princess Knight Kirika

Job: Princess Knight LV 5

Skill: 【Brilliant Burst LV3】【Magical Resistance LV 2】???




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