Chapter 32:  The Mad Princess’s Innocence and an Ominous Sign




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Slurp…….! Her small pink tongue, came towards my left nipple and Nyurururu…..Licked the surroundings. Flamia leaned on me after tearing my clothes, and her tongue was crawling around my chest.

「Fufu, it’s payback time, Onii-san…….Chu, pero……reroroo! (*Kiss, lick…..slurppp*)」

「Uu…….Ku! Y-you are pretty good at this, aren’t you? Flamia」

Indeed, considering the fact that she was trying to learn from imitating my past conduct, this is what it ends up being. Although it was far from being a man’s weak point, being caressed and having her warm tongue roll over my body was actually more effective than I thought it would be….my voice actually trembled out instinctively.

「It’s a natural thing 〜, even the handicap I gave you a little while ago will be taken care of in no time at all…… Hamuu, Hapuu……..Reroryoooo……! (*Puts in mouth, suck, lickkk)」

She was doing a mixture of sucking and play biting and whilst it was her first time doing this kind of thing, she was actually quite spot on, even her hair which brushed up against me felt kinda nice. It wasn’t long until my crotch area started to swell to its absolute limit.

「Ahh, certainly you are a formidable enemy. Then, are you going to attack me in this spot soon?」

「……Eh? What spot….? Uwaa, What’s this!?」

When I guided her hands to grab on to my crotch area, Flamia jumped in surprise at the feeling she experienced. Next she watched my fully erected penis that I took out in a complete daze.

「What are you talking about, the most important weapon for a man to use…….Is his dick, don’t tell me, you didn’t even know such a thing? 」

「Dic……? Eh, Ah……Ahhh yeah of course its the dick! O-of course, I knew at least that much! It’s common sense!」

Such an innocent reaction, Flamia could not take her eyes off my bulging red cock.

*Gulp*……She swallowed down a trickle of saliva, her jewel like eyes were vigorously watching my gleaming penis head.

「That’s right, wouldn’t you say that it is also common sense to follow up with using your hands and mouth to attack this spot? 」

「Eh!? ……Y, yeah, I guess……so. Th-then I won’t hold back, kay?」

Ahh, she opened her mouth to its very limits as her fangs started to protrude outwards, Paku……Nyuru! A warm sensation enveloped me as she managed to swallow half my penis. Going straight to swallowing my penis with your mouth, hold bold of you “Mad Princess”-sama.

「Nnu, Nnn………! Nnchu, Chupupah! Reroron, Ruroro!」

「Kuu……Th-this is quite……!」

Did she think that my cock was like an overly large nipple? Just like she did before, whilst sucking on my penis with her lips, she used her tongue to rub and grind against the tip of my dick.

By chance she managed to dig into my urethral crack with her cute tongue movements, and even though I was trying to hold myself back, I failed to stop my voice from leaking………Indeed this girl, she is not only a natural genius in terms of fighting, she may also have an inborn talent for sex.

「Nn…..Ah, I should also use my hands right……? In that case, umm, what about if I pull this really thick part……….Nnsho, like……thiss?」

Even with her tiny hands, she could still tightly grasp on to the base of my penis as she started to stroke it.

She was unreserved in her movements, as she flashily stroked my cock hard enough to start making *goshu goshu* sounds…… Her movements were a little harsh, but her dancing tongue which was making love to my member brought a wonderful contrast that was really pleasant.

「Rero, Nchuchu…….Puhah! Fufufu〜n, you are making girlish sounds you know? Onii-san?」

「W-well…..! I didn’t expect for you to be this good」

「Fufu〜n♪ Didn’t I say so? No matter what kind of battle it is, I am always strong」

It seemed as if her previous shyness was all but gone, as she started to boldly dance her tongue in a circular motion around my glans, she also licked my blood vessels and even my frenulum tenderly rubbing her tongue against me to polish my most sensitive regions.

From time to time, she would watch my expressions in order to take note of where my “weak spots” were located, she could not be underestimated…

「I am beginning to find out Onii-san’s weak spots little by little…..Look, when I grind my tongue right here, you start to twitch and tremble, don’t you? look see, twitchh, twit〜ch♪」

She looked just like a mischievous little devil as she teased me, she was playing around with my sensitive glans, urethral crack, and even my balls, with her tongue or her fingers, doing whatever she pleased.

Chu chu…..she was showering my grotesque member with her kisses and seeing this kind of scene was truly visually stimulating.

「Uooh…..! I, if this keeps up, I don’t think I can hold it back much longer, I’m going to cum……..!」

「Fue? Ahah, this time is it Onii-san’s turn to cum? You told me that in sex who ever came would be the loser, right? Then that means, that I will be taking back 1 point from you, right! 」

Naturally, although I said that she was better than I expected, Flamia’s techniques were still quite clumsy.

If I really wanted to, I could probably hold it back……But I decided against doing such a thing. My body was beginning to have a boiling urge of exploding and I merely surrendered myself to that wonderful feeling.

「Kuu, How could this be, someone like me… is losing…..?! Moreover, when a male cums there is actually proof that he came, and semen is launched from the tip of the head so it isn’t possible for me to hide it!」

When I tried to slip in this piece of information as naturally as possible, Flamia who was wrapping her small tight lips across my penis glans and toying around with my cock started to get excited as her eyes began to shine.

「Semen…….Is that how it was…Ah! O-of course I already knew that okay! In that case, Onii-san don’t hold yourself back and be sure to show me the proof of your defeat by spurting out lots of semen alright? Hora hora horaa♪ 」

Nchuuuuuu〜〜〜〜!! My spearhead was pulsating like crazy as she continued to suck me off whilst looking at me with her upturned eyes and sadistic gaze. Of course, she did not forget to put all ten of her fingers around my engorged trunk as she did her best to stroke it off.

「Hora Let it out, let it out♪ Onii-san, show me your semen ♪」

「Kuo, Y-you virgin loli bitch….!」

Alright, if that’s what you want, I will do as you wish.

Looking at this immoral view of a virgin loli demoness servicing my cock so passionately, my feelings peaked as I let out my pure white desires all into her.

「Nn……..Nnbuu!? Nnhaa, NnMuuuuuuu〜〜〜〜!?!?」

Dobyuu, Dobyururuuu!! Dopu, Dokudoku!!

The Mad Princess was caught off guard, her mouth which was trying to hold my penis head rapidly swelled like a squirrel’s mouth.

She probably thought that I would release a lot less than this, her small cute mouth was overwhelmed with the invasion of my slimly sticky fluids as I appeased myself, even now I was continuing to pump more vigorously into her.

「Woopsie, I’m sure you know this already but, if you spill even a drop of it you can’t count this as your “victory”……..Kuoo, I-I’m still cumming!」

「Tsuu!? Nnuuu!? Puuuu…………Nnpuuuu!!」

Reacting to my words, Flamia panicked as she tried to keep everything in, she was getting teary eyed and she was desperately trying to swallow every last drop as my semen continuously spurted out and fired into her mouth.

For me to satisfyingly let out everything inside of her mouth especially since she was being so conceited, made me feel a great sense of accomplishment………Moving in tandem with the pulses my penis was going through, a terrifying amount of pleasure was shooting through the back of my spine.

「Alright, show me the semen you’ve managed to save up in your mouth………..Of course, make sure you don’t spill it」

「Puaa…….Nn, Nhaa………! Hahh, Hawaah……!」

Flamia opened her small mouth, and my thick cloudly milk was enough to completely hide her tongue underneath it, Muwahh……..the obscene fluids were hot enough to let out steamy vapor, showing a truly indecent sight.

「You are praiseworthy, Flamia. All that’s left to do is to swallow this, and it will be your victory」


At my merciless proclamation, it was like she was going to cry, or perhaps she was at the breaking point ready to get angry……..but in the next moment, she seemed to have strengthened her resolve, as she used her thin white throat to *gulp* down.

This Flamia, who was the little sister of that great demon Iblis, was currently in front of me and obediently swallowing my semen down her throat…….! Although it was probably because she wanted to win against me no matter what, but seeing her like this brought out my male instincts and a sense of satisfaction.

「…….Puhah! Cough, Uee………It-it’s sticking to my mouth. And it tastes really strange….! B-but I’ve made you cum, so this is my victory! Onii-san!」

She was wiping her mouth which was covered in both semen and saliva, as she cleared her throat with an *ahem* and basked in her victory. Naturally, I was already prepared to answer her.

「Yes it would seem so, now that you’ve taken a point off me, the score is 1 vs 1. It’s a deadlock」

「Uu…..Th, that’s right. Then, are we going to make the next battle the deciding factor? Well it doesn’t really matter because after all, I am going to be the one who will win again!」

She already think that she’s won hasn’t she? Even her wings are flapping excitedly in triumph. For now I allowed her to be happy so that she would be carried away and she will willingly accept the next step, the fact that she didn’t realize that I was purposefully making myself cum as fast as possible, makes her such an easy target, this foolish girl.

「Although you seem to be confident in yourself, I also have no intentions of losing you know? Then the last thing is……Finally we can get to the real deal of having sex and seeing who the real winner is」

「Eh? The real thing…..?」

Her perplexed face was saying ‘haven’t we been doing it until now?”.

「Ahh, from here on out, will be the real battle. However compared to before, you will start to feel a little bit of pain and perhaps even agony…….Do you think that you can keep up with me?」

「Th…..That kind of thing obviously won’t deter me! I mean, you told me that even Palmyra was able to do it, right!?」

“In that case, there is no way that I cannot do it”, she was really fired up and it was just the reaction I expected. I was laughing in my own mind as I continued my words.

「Alright then let’s continue Flamia. However allow me to warn you that what lies ahead of this is something incomparably more difficult than what we did before, we will finally be fighting the ultimate battle of sex」

Incomparably………m-more difficult than before……? I-it’s that amazing…….?!

*Gulp*…….The sound of her swallowing her saliva, and her cheeks that were slightly blushing a pinkish color. Her bright young eyes, were full of curiosity with a tinge of expectation mixed in it and I didn’t overlook this fact. (Light Novel Illustration: Flamia’s First Time)

「Oh?….. If I am not mistaken, you are the armored golem……?」

Deepest part of the dark elf village, in the Temple of the Priestess. The blind priestess Dianne was gracefully approaching with elegant footsteps, and Nana’s brown face was slowly raised up.

「Ahh, I’m Nana」

「Aren’t you also going to accompany Sierra and the other girls, to search for your other companions?」

「Umu………Before that, there is something I would like to request from Miko-sama」(TL: Miko = priestess/shrine maiden, I just thought it sounds better to leave it as Miko rather than Priestess-sama, we will see >.<)

Apparently, Nana seems to have returned to this place by herself.

「You want to ask something of me? What could that be?」

「The “Divine Corpse”……Will it be possible to show that thing to Nana?」


To the completely unexpected request by the living armor, Dianne was shocked. Nana has surely heard by now of how dangerous this object was, after all it was a relic of ancient times that Iblis has sought after all this time.

「Nana knows that right now, Master is in a predicament. In order to save him…….We may require the “Divine Corpse” which seems to have a huge amount of power within it」

「H-however……! We don’t even know the proper way to make use of it or come close to awakening its powers! If all you plan is to touch it, it might be a fruitless endeavor that will lead you to be corrupted just like I was…..!」

Dianne body was covered in these crystals that did nothing but further invade her body like a parasite. She has isolated the other elves from ever approaching the relic for no other reason than to protect the others from receiving unnecessary harm.

「Nana does not have a living body. I’m sure that it will be fine」

「B, but…..」

As she spoke more with the living armor, Dianne thought that she was such a strange existence.

(This type of way of thinking and her behaviors, is it truly just like any other normal golem…..?)

In normal circumstances, a magical living object was not supposed to have an ego as complex as humans, they were not supposed to develop a self-conscious.

They were not able to take actions which were not ordered by their masters, and they were not able to learn from past mistakes or select behaviors they thought was more appropriate, in other words, they could not go out of range of the rules that were already programmed with them when they were first created using magic.

(Not only were her words full of emotion, even the way she talked….)

The priestess Dianne had a special power, since she lost her sight, what she gained in exchange was the ability to have a supernatural sense that allowed her to garner more intuitive information than would ordinarily be impossible.

When she looked at living armor with her transcendent eyes, she could clearly see Nana’s ego…..Or if you wanted to put it another way, she could see the “Soul” dwelling within the individual known as Nana.

「I beg of you, Miko-sama…….! In order to protect Sierra and the others from the demons, Nana is willing to…..!」

She was resolutely determined to make a stand.

That resolution to defend everyone important to her—-was exactly the same kind of determination that Dianne once had in the past, when she visited the “Divine Corpse”.


After a long period of hesitation, the dark elf Priestess Dianne…….faced towards the armor golem with her eyes that could not see.

「….I understand, Nana. The “Divine Corpse” is…..Just ahead of here」

「Onii-san, do I insert this thing into my spot here……? W-will it really go in!?」

I was lying down and my cock was pointing straight up, Flamia was timidly approaching me with her half exposed lower half.

I could see her hairless vagina, and although it seemed to be wet from the actions we did a little while ago, I still thought that it would be really tight.

「It’s fine, well it might hurt for a little bit though. Ahh, but if you are scared of that, then we can just stop it righ—-」

「N, nobody said anything about being scared!」

She was getting really worked up as she glared at me, and after rearranging her breathing…….She finally aimed her vagina at my cock as she slowly began to lower her waist down. She was lowering her virgin pussy by her own volition as if giving herself to my animalistic cock.

「Even Palmyra was able to do it, so there is no way that I cannot……do the same thing!……. Nn, Auu, Nnuu〜〜〜〜!?」

Zuzuu………! Michimichii………….. Nyuchichiii!!

「Uwaa, it hurts… hurtssss!?!?」

「Kuu, as expected it’s extremely tight…….!」

Finally her small and childish vagina swallowed the tip of my cock. She was much tighter than I imagined. She was trying to expand and take in my hot raging cock to the best of her abilities with her soft vaginal walls, it was easy to imagine just how much pain her initial experience was.

「You don’t have to force yourself, you know? Flamia, even if you stop it right there temporarily….H-hey!?」

She shook her head……..Her long fingernails were like talons as they grabbed and dug deeply into my waist and feet, in addition to this she continued to drop her waist towards me.

Zumyumyuu…………Michichi, Buchibuchi…………ZunyuMyunnn!!

「Uuu it hurts, its painfull….! Although, it hurts……..Fuuh, Haafuuh…….Uuwa, Ah……I’ve put it, inn……!!」

「Kuuu! You went and overdid it, are you alright!?」

Every inch of my cock was being gripped painfully as I felt the sensation of her fine tender meat envelop me. Her white naked body was sweating, and she was repeatedly breathing rough breaths of *Haa, Haa*………..Even so whilst Flamia had tears across her eyes, she was able to float a smile across her face.

「Heh, hehe……..Look, I did it…….! I’ve been able to do it properly……S-so I must be amazing, right? Onii-san…….?」

After extended her meat hole to its very limits and managing to take my penis all the way inside of her, her trembling vagina had a line of blood dribbling down. Without thinking, I thought about how much of a brave girl she was, to be able to do something like this.

「Ahh, you managed to swallow it all the way inside, you are really great Flamia」

「Ah…..O-onii-san…….Fuaa, I-I really like it when you pat my head like that…..」

Whilst remaining connected, her long purple hair would occasionally brush up against me. When I saw this vulnerable side to her, that seemed so innocent and childlike, I forgot for an instant that she was part of the fearful demonic race.

「Alright, Then I will start moving slowly…..Is that good with you?」

「Y, yeah……..I think, that I am fine」

Whilst supporting her light body with my hands, I finally started to draw out and prepare to slowly lunge into her—–At that time.

「Fourth ranked Noble Devil, Palmyra has come unannounced!!

Flamia, it has been hundreds of years since we last faced each other!! Now will be the time that I clear myself of the disgrace—-and make you p-ay?」

She was flying at a high speed as she appeared from below the trees, and she was talking in a high-handed manner as if she was a great person……..However after seeing the situation in front of her she completely froze up.

「…..Ah! it’s Palmyra!」

「Wh-whwha, Wawawa…..Wh-what are you guys doinggg!?!?」

Palmyra was panicking as she didn’t know what was happening, and Flamia instinctively took a fighting pose. I promptly shouted.

「Wait, Flamia! Right now, you are in the midst of a battle with me, aren’t you? You can fight it off with Palmyra, after we have finished ours!」

「Uuueehh!? I-I know that may be the case, but, I finally found her……Nnhi, Hyauunn!?」

I moved my waist slightly, even though she was just a virgin, when I stirred her insides just a little bit….Guchuu….a huge amount of love juices started to flow forth. When seeing how we were connected together, Palmyra alternated looks between the two of us, as steam seemingly shot out of her ears.

「T-Tooru, you, what are you doing with her……….you sex maniac that doesn’t have any integrity! Wh-what about all the determination that I’ve built up in coming here to save you!?」

「I don’t care about that, tell me about that later! Just don’t worry about it, you should just stay silent and watch us, Palmyra. Watch our battle of the sexes!」(TL: sorry guys I couldn’t help but make the reference)

Palmyra arrived here much faster than I expected…….In other words, she was able to overcome her fear of Flamia way faster than I predicted.

In honesty, I wanted to praise her bravery, but right now this comes first——Rest assured, sooner or later, I will need that strength of yours.

「Eh…….Ehhhh!? Pa-Palmyra is going to be watching us……Wh-whilst we do it!?」

「Wh, wawawa……..!? Y-you are telling me to watch you and F-Flamia do it together jyato!?」

The two loli demoness’s were raising their voice of surprise in harmony. Although this has flowed a little of course, there is nothing but for me to continue onwards……….If you were to ask why, that is because my actions of sex with Flamia, is one of the key factors of winning against her.

「……………! Look…….At that!」

「Oh dear, Kirika! Is-is she alright!?」

In a portion of the forest of the elves, Sierra’s keen eyes was able to catch the appearance of the Princess Knight who was lying down in an open space, the party of girls panicked as they ran up to her.

「She’s just lost consciousness. Although her armor has been torn here and there, it seems as if she hasn’t received and major injuries」 (Amelia Speaking)

「Ahh, I’m so glad desuwa….!」 (Sistina Speaking)

「Then I will use my recover magic to restore her physical strength….Eh?」 (Nina Speaking)

Princess Sistina was feeling relieved. However, Nina who was trying to treat Kirika’s injuries had a puzzled expression on her face.

「She…Seems to have already been treated by some form of recovery spells, look」 (Nina Speaking)

「What did you say?」 (Amelia Speaking)

On the ground that Nina pointed at, Kirika who was lying down had many pin like metal objects that were stuck against her metal armor as if surrounding it. If you looked closely, you would see that the metal was shining a little dimly.

「this thing…. It’s a magic formation. The effect is recovery magic, in conjunction with keeping away low level monsters from approaching her」 (Nina Speaking)

「Other than us, who do you guys think would try to secure the safety of Kirika like this?」 (Sistina speaking)

Perhaps it was thanks to the treatment she received, but it seems that Kirika would be able to wake up at any moment.

「Isn’t it probably just a passing elf or dark elf who was kind to help? 」 (Amelia Speaking)

「No……….this is different from an elf’s magic……..Even the footprints did not show any signs of a human being in this area」Sierra declares.

For the existence of this being to be good enough to be able to escape the sharp perception of the elf Sierra, just how strong was this person?

「In that case, who could it be…….?」

「…..With this, the problem with the Princess Knight should be solved」

In the distant cover of a tree, there was a person who was watching Kirika and her companions. The real face was covered with a silver mask, it was the mysterious person named Cruz.

「Well, it’s better to have as much war potential as possible. In order for Tooru-kun to be able to “defeat” Flamia, that is」

These were words coming out of his mouth, were words that should not have been said by him, considering the fact that he was supposed to be affiliated with the Iblis faction. The expression concealed beneath the mask was a true mystery.

「Now then. It’s about time now, I should also make that woman knight Celesta……Do something useful」




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