Chapter 296: A Mere Woman




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“Lalala, laa!”

Suzune and Kazane were walking downtown at night. They had gone shopping, with shopping bags in hand. They seemed to be in high spirits. Walking right next to each other and humming, they were headed for the apartment where they were temporarily staying.

“Heheh, heheheheheh!”

“Oh dear, Suzu-chan. If you grin that much then they’ll take you into custody for being so suspicious.”

“You’re the one grinning, Kaza-chan. Waaay more than me.”

[Yeah, you’re both outside, so be careful.]

An inaudible voice reached both of their ears. It was Kotone, who was not here, but in the condominium’s kitchen. The three of them had gained a telepathic connection as a result of being triplets. Especially as of late, they had begun to hear it as a voice. Also, not just that…

“You say that, Kotone-chan, but you’re grinning too, aren’t you!”

Suzune pointed out. Not only could they hear each other’s voice, but they could also share their vision. It was a very difficult concept to understand for those without such a power, but it might be easier to think of it like someone who is born with six fingers. People without such a thing wouldn’t be able to understand, but someone who actually has six fingers would feel it to be normal, moving it as another part of their body. The girls were the same way, being able to share their vision, hearing, smell, and so on. That was why Suzune and Kazane were able to grasp what sort of expression was on Kotone’s face who is just short of one kilometer away.

[Well it doesn’t matter for me! I’m in the house after all.]

“Well we’re fine too!”

“Yeah! After all…you know…”

When Kazane said that, Suzune…and the far-off Kotone all grinned even more.

“Great job as always, Taiyou-san.”

Suzune said, representing all of their feelings at once. For these girls who desired to become part of a harem, Taiyou was absolutely their soulmate. In fact, they felt even more strongly about this than the other brides. More so than Kohaku, Aoba, Youran. And more than Akiha, who had just joined. They felt more strongly about this than anyone.

“Cause he already got the fifth after all.”

“Although we know about six of them, technically.”

[Sooo just one more. I wonder what kind of person they’ll be like?]

“Maybe we’ve met them before. Or maybe we’ve never.”

The three sisters thoughtfully discussed this sixth person. As they did so, they started thinking affectionately about Taiyou.

“I am so happy to have met Taiyou-san.”

“Oooo, I hope Taiyou-san comes back quickly. I want to meet him as soon as possible. I want him to spoil me rotten!”

[Not right now, Kaza-chan! Right now, Taiyou-san and Aoyama-san are having their private time.]

“Exactly. He can pamper us whenever, so we can wait a bit longer. First let’s allow Aoyama-san and Taiyou-san to have plenty of quality time, then when they get back, we throw a welcome party and get to know Aoyama-san. Then, after that-”

“I know, I knooow.”

Chastised by her two elder sisters, Kazane pursed her lips. The two of them continued walking to the condominium. When they had returned to the entrance, a black-painted car arrived at the same time, and a woman got out.


Seeing the two girls, her eyes grew wide. It was Sakura Juunishima, her hair in a chignon and wearing a suit. This was the woman who had once tried to kidnap the three sisters.

“Good evening. What brings you out here at such a time?”

Suzune asked in an extremely calm tone. They had quite the connection with Sakura, but for the triplets, it was by this point in time a good connection. They considered her to be the cupid of their lives who had entwined them with Taiyou.

“It’s you girls. Everything going well?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“We’re living comfortably with Taiyou-san.”

“Oh, that’s very good to hear. May I come in with you?”

Sakura asked as she pointed to the building. Her asking for permission was unimaginably different from how she had initially acted.

“Yes, please do.”

“I’ll make some tea for us.”

Suzune and Kazane said, entering the condo with Sakura and waiting for the elevator. Kotone, who was in the room ahead, knew of the visitor’s arrival, so she proceeded to get things ready.

“Is New Moon-sama here?”


“Actually, everyone’s here other than Taiyou-san…Ah, it seems that Youran-chan is on the roof.”

“Is that so. I would like to talk to her in a more comfortable setting, so might I wait in the room for her?”

“Well, sure.”

“It’s just, Youran…”

“No need to fret. You girls are senpais to her anyhow.”

The two of them thoroughly understood the meaning of the word senpai, but they denied it.

“It has nothing to do with being her senpai.”

“There is no upper or lower status amongst us. In the sense that we are all Taiyou-san’s wives, we’re all equal.”
“You really feel that way?”


“Oh, I’m not trying to press or anything. I just meant exactly what I asked. I was curious as to if you were thinking along those lines.”

Sakura said, and Suzune and Kazane smiled simultaneously.

“Yes, we are.”

“Actually, I think that everyone thinks that way.”

“New Moon-sama as well?”


“I wonder if she views things the same way.”

When Sakura said that, Suzune and Kazane exchanged glances. They had felt some ulterior implication in those words. But regardless of what her intentions were, the answer to that question would be no different. At least, to the three sisters.

“Yes, she does.”

“Really, now.”

“Umm, that’s because Youran-chan is an amazing person, isn’t it?”

“Yes, to put it concisely. Her power…is comparable to the king of a small country.”

“Is that right?”

“You don’t seem to be all that shocked. Maybe you don’t quite get the picture?”

“No, we get it all right. It’s just…”


Exchanging glances again, they grinned.

“To us, the most important thing is that she’s one of us- Taiyou’s brides. We don’t make a big deal of anything else really.”

“…He truly is an amazing person. I only know of three other men who have had women say such things about them.”

“Well yeah, he’s Taiyou-san after all.”

“Yes, because he’s Taiyou-san.”

“I’m envious of you folks.”

Sakura crossed her arms, smiling graciously. The elevator came to them, and the three of them got in together.




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