Chapter 91: Homeless Child / Let’s travel surrounded by cute girls




Translator: Mikazuki               Editor: Nefarian

Taiyou’s Castle in the morning. Taiyou and Kohaku were standing in front of the empty hole. Even though they were indoors, the large empty hole was great for ventilation. The refreshing air after the typhoon departed passed through their nostrils, giving them a sense of invigoration as if they were in the meadows.

「…… I don’t think we can go on like this」

Taiyou tried hard to raise their spirits but it was in vain.

Around the room was wreckage of the wall that was crushed by a huge tree. Because it was exposed to the storm all night long, it was soaked and had various kinds of garbage scattered around. Every room that had a door that was closed was safe, but the living room terrace was atrocious.

「This is unsatisfactory」

「Yes it is. I’m fairly ready to clean it, haha, but first I have to move this out the way」

Taiyou said as he proceeded to lift the tree which was the main culprit for the disaster. It was as heavy as a temple pillar and weighed several hundred kilograms; however Taiyou easily lifted it up. He went outside while avoiding hitting anything.

「So, what are we going to do about the wall?」

After looking again, the damage to the building was serious. Several walls were knocked down and it looked like ruins. Even though Taiyou could move huge objects which weighed several hundred kilograms, he was at a loss when thinking of how to restore it.

「Danna-sama, I guess this is something that can no longer be solved by an amateur jya」[1. Mikazuki: Kohaku calls Taiyou Danna-sama which means Husband]

「Indeed, there’s no other choice but to call a Contract……Carpenter」

「I’ve already called one. A Contractor will come in a bit jya. I heard them say that they will be here between today or tomorrow and have it fixed in two days 」


There was a double meaning behind Taiyou’s words.  One reason was because of how fast Kohaku operated and the other because of how the merchant would fix it in two days.

「In that case, we can’t live here in the meantime. We need to find shelter somewhere」

「Yea, as one would expect, we can’t live in a place where there is construction. Well then, will you come to my apartment?」

「Even if it’s small, it’s ok as long as I can be tightly attached to Danna-sama, but there is an even better place than that」

「A better place?」

「Hot Spring jya」

「……Come again?」

「Now, once everyone is ready, we’ll leave immediately jya」

Kohaku turned around and standing in front of their gaze were the three sisters and Aoba who prepared for the journey beforehand, as well as Shirokiyami, who for some reason was standing perfectly next to them. Their eyes were shining.

When they got outside, there was one car parked there since who knows how long. It was a red minivan with six seats.

「Are we going by car?」

「That’s right jya」

「……Who is driving?」

Taiyou had a bad feeling and looked around. Taiyou, the three sisters, and Aoba were all minors. Regardless of if it could be done or not, none of them were old enough to drive legally. Although Shirokiyami’s age was unknown for the time being, she could not have a license as well because she had to be the same age or younger than Taiyou.

In other words, if anyone could be called drivers, it wasn’t them.  Naturally, Taiyou suddenly looked at everyone again and then returned his gaze to Kohaku. She had an elated and proud face while showing a picture card she was holding. It was a driver’s license, and furthermore, it was gold.

「Of course the driver is me jya」

「Wait a minute, isn’t that really bad?」

「What? Will even Danna-sama take a license from an old person? Do not look down on old people. See for yourself jya」

As she said that, Kohaku opened the door and got into the driver’s seat. At that moment, Taiyou was standing in front of the car, seeing the sight that he predicted through the windshield.

「……her head」

Aoba muttered something while Taiyou was holding his head. Kohaku, whose growth stopped at 130 centimeters because of her being an Eternally Little, only had a small portion of her head above the steering wheel when she got in the driver’s seat.

It was just like displaying a severed head at a prison’s gate.

「Huh? did you say something?」

「N, No,  didn’t say anything」

「Well Kohaku-san, it’s not impossible right?」

「Why do you still have doubt? Shall I tell Danna-sama one good thing? This license is gold and I am not paper jya」

「In other words?」

「Does that mean you drive normally?」

「That’s amazing Kohaku-san」

「No, I’m bad at driving normally, but……oh well」

Taiyou thought that that wasn’t enough questioning but decided to give up since it was futile. Kohaku wouldn’t say she can drive unless she could so she wasn’t lying. He couldn’t erase his anxiety but decided to believe her and get in the car. So, he decided to collect everyone’s luggage, opened the backdoor, and loaded it in. The three sisters and Aoba got in the car and were in the backseat.

「Are you ready?」

Kohaku asked.

「「「Yes, certainly」」」

「Yes, I am」

The sounds from the 3.1 channel could be heard from left and right.

「Let’s go……go」

This time a voice was heard from the top of the roof.


「――wait a minute!!!」

Taiyou cried out, opened the door, jumped out, and looked up at the roof of the car. There, Shirokiyami was wearing her usual Goth-Loli clothes. She did not enter the car but was sitting on top of it with her knees aligned to the roof, and had a sheathed Japanese sword on her lap.

「Why are you there!?」

「I got…on the car」

「Get inside. Why the roof? 」

「I want to feel……the wind?」

「Cool dude! …but you probably shouldn’t do that. It’ll be dangerous if you fall from there」

「It’s ok. I……won’t fall. Besides, a swordsman on the roof of the car……increases market price」

「No no. What would you do if you were seen by the police?」


She showed him a napkin and a white blade. [2. Mikazuki: Pretty sure the napkin will be used to wipe off the policeman’s blood… Gotta keep the sword clean haha]

「Do not kill!? At any rate, get inside」

「I already don’t have a seat… crowded」

「That is correct in regards to the back seat but there’s the passenger seat」

「There……the death rate is the high-est」

「Oh, you were secretly worried」

Aoba murmured from the interior of the car.

「I understand. In that case, I will take the passenger seat and you can ride in the back」

「「「Well then us too!」」」

「How can you join!?」

「Natsuno-kun, I will take the front」

「No, I can’t allow it after hearing that the death rate is the highest there. I’ll ride up front」

「y, yea ok…」

When Aoba realized what she heard, her cheeks were dyed red. Just like that, Taiyou was worn out from the noise and hassles before even departing. In the end, once he got in the front passenger seat, the girls settled down in the back and they finally could start.

Kohaku’s driving was quite comfortable. From the passenger’s seat, the sight of a child sitting in the driver’s seat was more uneasy than when watching from the outside, but once the car started moving, her driving was calmer than any other driver Taiyou had rode with. Even if you placed a cup on the dashboard, her calm driving made it seem like water would not spill out of it. Leaving the urban area and getting on the highway made the drive even calmer. Even though it was a family car minivan, it seemed as if he was riding in a luxury car such as a limousine. Although he was riding in it, it did not feel like it was moving.

「You’re used to driving I see」

「Do not look down on a veteran beautiful girl. There was a time when I was often driving around like this jya」

「You were driving around?」

「That’s right. I would wander around here and there while driving and traveling around Japan jya」

「In the car? You slept in the car?」

「What did you do at night?」

「Also how about a bath among other things?」

「It was something like a motor home which had a bed and there was also a simple shower. There were enough equipment and amenities that it was not an inconvenience when I was on a journey. It was a moving 1k travel studio jya」[3. Mikazuki: 1k is a room layout composed of a room and kitchen]

「Really? That’s pretty cool. Riding a car and going around Japan」

「「「Does that car still exist!?」」」

The three sisters’ voices matched each other and their eyes seemed to be expecting something.

「It’s still in my possession because I usually don’t use it since I’ve stayed in the suburbs」

「Really? Then, let’s ride it next time」

「Let’s travel with everyone」

「Aoba as well」

Right after that, Kazane turned towards Aoba with pleading eyes. Aoba nodded nervously.  Although they felt a bit reserved and there was a wall around the new girlfriend, Kazane and the three sisters were aggressively and positively trying to close the distance. It was their dream from the start to make a harem so they wanted to become friends with everyone. Thus, they immediately had a feeling of wanting to get along with Aoba.

Furthermore, they also invited Shirokiyami to this trip. The next morning once the storm had passed, as Shirokiyami was saying that she should leave, they forced her to accompany them against her will. When she felt doubt about why they invited her, they explained that considering she would most likely be there in the future, they might as well get along now.

The three of them all believed that Taiyou would without a doubt; win Shirokiyami’s heart sooner or later. Because the three of them had such an idea, there was chatter and laughter amongst the girls along the way. By the time they arrived at the hot spring resort, Shirokiyami and Aoba had somehow or another completely opened their hearts.




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