Chapter 109: Revenge

Activating the double buffs, the attack-type magic barrier, and kicking the ground reduced the distance to the Arch Chimera to zero.

The Arc Chimera also seems to have activated its magic barrier. Even when I slashed with Shiranuemaru, it felt like slashing rubber.

But that’s within expectations. I’ve come up with a lot of countermeasures since last time! Just keep pushing through in the early stages!

While accurately dodging the opponent’s attack, I countered with Shiranuemaru.


The Arch Chimera seemed to be perplexed. In the previous battle, Shinku was basically gaining enmity, so I was able to observe it enough. In the early stages of the match, the Arch Chimera makes full use of its claw attacks and ramming attacks. When Drake circled around to the side or the rear, the serpent tail bites or attacks like a whip. But in the case of one-on-one, the tail will most likely be used as a follow up attack if the ramming attack is dodged. Knowing this means I won’t be caught off guard.

In addition, the serpent tail’s bite attack seems to inflict poison status ailment effect, but even if I get bitten, I can nullify the status ailments of sleep, poison, paralysis, and confusion as I am equipped with the magic resistance ring.

I currently have agility that greatly exceeds the Arch Chimera’s, so I haven’t taken much damage at this stage. I still couldn’t reduce it to zero, but my defense was fast enough and the magic barrier was up constantly.

The Arch Chimera seemed to have run out of patience, as it was dishing out more large-scale attacks. This is my chance.

By dodging its ramming attack by a hair’s breadth, I slipped into its bosom.

「Having a big body is also a disadvantage!」

I unleashed a slash that curved like a half-moon, and felt the magic barrier burst.

Good! At this moment, I’ll reduce your HP by a good chunk in one fell swoop!


As I kicked the Arch Chimera’s abdomen, its giant body was lifted up into the air slightly. In order not to be crushed when it falls, I fired follow-up attacks while adjusting my position with [Sky Dash]. I already learned last time that damage will accumulate quickly if there is no magic barrier.

Upon appraisal of the Arch Chimera as it was knocked to the ground, the series of consecutive attacks reduced its HP by about 20%.

The Arch Chimera probably doesn’t know why its magic barrier disappeared so quickly.

The barrier was destroyed in about the same amount of time as the previous five-vs-one all-out attack that destroyed its magic barrier. No matter how much my stats have risen through level ups and evolution, I can’t remove the enemy’s defensive barrier so quickly with just that. Despite this, the reason why I was able to create the current situation was because of my offensive magic barrier.

This is because when the attack-type magic barrier collides with the opponent’s barrier, it also has the effect of reducing the durability of the enemy’s magic barrier. The MP consumption will increase accordingly and will be difficult to handle, it seems.

Well, I can’t compare whether it’s difficult to handle or not, as I can only use this type of barrier. I just got used to it after constantly using it during our round raids.

Considering the consumption of MP, however, I would be at a disadvantage in a long-term battle. Or rather, my winning chance is only in a short-term decisive battle.

As the cloud of dust cleared, the Arch Chimera became visible, with a yellow aura surrounding its body.

Last time, after this yellow aura the Arch Chimera’s attack power and movement speed improved so much that even Shinku was blown far back. The real battle starts from here on.


Up until now, the Arch Chimera had been on the defensive, but after the aura appeared it became quite aggressive. Its agility had also increased by quite a high degree.

It’s not that I let my guard down or anything, but I was barely able to dodge its attack. Rather, Isn’t it faster than the last time!?

So the Arch Chimera has finally gotten serious?

But I’m not one to shy away from danger. Rather, my spirits have risen even more!

I won’t lose to the same opponent twice!

While parrying the Arch Chimera’s claw attack with Shiranuemaru, I saw an opening and attacked, but the Arch Chimera had re-erected its magic barrier, making it difficult to deal damage again. If Kinu were there, it would be possible to disable the barrier immediately, but I can’t rely on that technique right now.

Or rather, I don’t have time to even think about the impossible.

Just force through with even higher firepower!

It was a back and forth from there on. We avoided each other’s attacks as much as possible, as we tried to cut down each other’s magic barrier.

If I lose focus even a little, the serpent tails follows me from my blind spot, and even my magic barrier can’t completely nullify the claw attacks and the ramming attack. My HP was also cut down by about 30%. However, even when the Arch Chimera launches an attack, each time it hits my attack-type magic barrier, its HP is reduced by a small amount, and its barrier breaks faster than mine. I was winning the damage race because I was sure to add consecutive follow up attacks at the instance when the barrier was destroyed.

And when the barrier was destroyed for the third time…

「I got you now! Take this– Guha!!」

The Arch Chimera fired an electric discharge at point-blank range as if it had been aiming for the timing when I closed in for the follow-up attacks. My barrier burst open, and an even more intense electric shock overran my body.

I held fast to my fading consciousness and used [Sky Dash] to evacuate far back.

When I checked my status, my HP was reduced down to 30% in one go.

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