Chapter 125: Senpai’s Great Adventure ①

~Nameless Zombie Perspective~

I am a zombie. I don’t have a name yet.

It was only recently that I awakened to my senses, but I have been wandering around this dungeon in a daze for about a 100 years.

Born in a labyrinth and raised in a labyrinth. The evil-looking monsters are basically my friends!

Someone like me, who is the weakest monster, would be killed in an instant if I weren’t in a closed environment like a dungeon. But even inside the dungeon, it’s a tough world. No one wants to get along with the monster at the absolute bottom of the rank. What a lonely existence….

What was that? I said earlier that “The evil-looking monsters are basically my friends”? Please don’t dig too much into that.

Even monsters have instincts and emotions. It’s pretty simplistic, though. Before I met those people, my thinking capability was only at a low level that I’m embarrassed to even talk about it.

Even though I’m an undead, I thought stuff like “I don’t want to die,” or “I’m lonely”… What a joke. Because of that, I even got into the weird habit of talking to myself. Seriously, even I feel like laughing at myself.

Even so, I tried my best a little. I thought that monsters on the 3rd floor might talk to me, so I tried talking to a gargoyle by saying “AuaAuAua–” and jumping on the back of a Living Armor. I even tried messing around with a Mimic that was mimicking a treasure box and almost got eaten.

I was really surprised at that time… As I struggled to get my arm out, I accidentally pulled out the accessory that was inside…

When I kept failing in everything like that, I gradually wanted to give up. I had thoughts such as, ”A weak monster such as myself can’t do anything,” or “I will continue to eat tree bark and get killed eventually,” etc.

But then one day, those people arrived and taught me something. That zombies are not an existence that should be looked down upon.

And you will never believe this. Those overwhelmingly strong people called me “Zombie-senpai”.

Moreover, I think the lad who was called “Aun”, was originally a zombie like me… The thought just came to me suddenly. It’s probably a feeling that only people of the same race can understand.

For such a young lad to go from being the weakest monster to being that strong…it must have been a spectacular story that can’t be told without tears. An old zombie like me could never understand.

When I thought about that, I started feeling embarrassed… I want to be the “senpai” that those people call me! I’m going to become a cool guy so that I can meet those people again with pride someday… My aura will tell my story! I was dead serious about it.

From then on, I was completely absorbed in that thought. I did as much as possible with what I could do. Which was biting. When I first bit the Trent, I was so scared that I almost pissed myself. I might actually have even…

Even when I tried to ride around on a golem, I literally broke my bones. Even when I tried to bite it, it was crazy hard. But I did my best to cling to its back.

With all those various things, I managed to evolve several times by the time I left the dungeon. And now I’ve become a race called the “Death Rider’.

It was worth the desperate effort.

Even after I got out of the dungeon, the golem was like a stubborn horse. At first he didn’t listen to me at all… He ran around while rampaging and blowing away various monsters in its path. Well, thanks to that, my level rose steadily, so it was beneficial to me.

Even so, if you do your best to reach out to any monster, you’ll eventually be able to connect with them. Just like this golem. It’s been a few weeks, and now we’re partners who trust each other’s backs. Well, I am just riding on its back.

And so, one day I should be able to communicate with this Wyvern monster that is currently grabbing me and Golem-kun with its legs at present …

Me and Golem-kun are now flying across the vast sky while being grabbed by a wyvern…yes, we’ve become one with the wind.

The outside world is vast. Even from such a high place, I can’t see the end. No, it’s not like I’m trying to escape from reality. I really believe that I can get along with this Wyvern!

Though I wonder if he will get us down to the ground any time soon…

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Man, that was a really terrible experience…

I didn’t imagine that the wyvern would be flying for four days straight… What’s more, when it finally landed, it was on a volcanic island with the nest of a giant fire dragon! I obviously ran away in desperation!

Is it shameful to run away? You can get along with anyone?

Idiot! In what world is there a person who burns his friends with his Breath!

I was lucky enough to escape, and thanks to Golem-kun’s grace. The “Crimson Flame Necklace” that I accidentally got from Mimic-kun had a flame-resistant effect, and I myself had fire-elemental resistance. And thanks to Golem-kun protecting me, I barely escaped death. A normal undead would have been cremated!

However, because of the fire dragon, my body was reduced to only bones, and Golem-kun, who was burned together with me, dissolved and merged with my own body. And because of that, my race also changed.

What the heck is this “Hellfire Knight” race… It sounds way too cool! This is really big!

Well, maybe it was fortunate that I was able to become one with Golem-kun, who I became good friends with… Golem-kun will continue to live as my armor.

…Don’t dig too much into the small stuff.

Anyway, I don’t know how to escape from this island…

Swimming across is absolutely impossible

Just putting my feet in the sea water inflicts nasty damage on me.

I mean, how is such heavy armor gonna float in the first place?

But well, it’s only by overcoming these difficulties that I can become the “senpai” respected by the Aun lad. Let’s think positively!

I’m already dead because I’m an undead, you say? Get lost!!

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