Chapter 133: Demon Invasion

The sound of the battle in the city was clearly audible in the room. The venue was becoming noisy, but this situation was to some extent expected.

In order to get everyone’s attention, Ruzark stood up from his seat and raised his voice. Not a discomposed voice, but a calm and collected one.

「Everyone, please calm down. The council has predicted that such situations might arise and has prepared enough forces to respond to it.」

「A-Are you really sure it will be okay!? I just heard that it was S-rank monsters…」

「It will be okay. Those who can subdue S-rank monsters alone have already been sent to respond to the situation.」

「Is this room safe!?」

「Unfortunately, I can’t say for sure. However, I can say that this room is currently the safest place in the city. No matter what happens, please do not leave this room.」

「What’s going on!? Prince Ruzark, Shogun Kagura, do you two possess information that we do not know!?」

「Hmmm, we didn’t talk about it because the information was confirmed yet, but… it’s possible that the Ibrudia Empire has been taken over by demons for several years now.」

「Wha… Demons!?」

「Yeah, but it wasn’t reliable information. So I concealed it so as not to give rise to confusion.」

「No way…」

We expected this to happen, but it seems that confusion was inevitable to a certain extent. A few people were venting their doubts and anxieties at Ruzark.

It was a good thing in an unexpected way because no one was trying to leave this room. If they become scattered apart, it will be impossible to protect everyone.

The fact that several people, including Ruzark and the Shogun, did not show their anxiety, probably caused the others to also act like they are unfazed so as not to show their pitiful side. But for now that was a fortunate thing.

However, that was nothing more than a distraction from the most uncertain factor.

And what’s more, that uncertain factor, as far as I can predict, is an almost certain future.

「But then… doesn’t that mean there’s a possibility that the demons will come here…」

Almost at the same time someone muttered that, my Detection skill detected a powerful mana.

The next moment, two black silhouettes appeared on the round table.

「Ara……I wonder who was spreading such rumors?」

「Astrue, don’t play around too much. Let’s get rid of these trash quickly.」

「Just a little bit should be okay, isn’t it… People don’t like boring men, you know?」

Dark skin, bright red eyes, and bat-like wings growing from their back. And the horns that grew from their foreheads were the perfect feature to determine that they were demons.

Their appearance and atmosphere gave a great shock to those in this place.

≪Zen, can I entrust you with guarding this place? Kinu and I will take the demons outside and deal with them.≫

≪Understood. Good luck.≫

As I shared the strategy with Zen, Kinu, and Ruzark via telepathy, Kinu moved immediately.

「Aunty… Who are you?」

「HAH!? Who the hell are you calling an aunty, little girl!」

「Your tone…has changed. Aren’t you too self-conscious about it?」

Kinu’s provocation seems to have hit critically… Well, guess I’ll back her up too.

「Kinu, that’s disrespectful to all the aunties in the world. These guys are pests that can only sneak in the shadows.」

「Nn, that’s right. They can’t do anything on their own, so they are weaklings parasitizing on the Empire.」

「You trash! You lowly humans dare to call us pests!?」

Ah, these guys are too easy.

Their faces were red because they didn’t have enough resistance to being teased.

If we keep provoking them like this, we’ll be able to lure them into a one-on-one. The problem is how strong they are… But my Appraisal is hindered by something, so I won’t know until I fight them.

≪Kinu, can you take that demon woman? I’ll take the man”

≪Nn. Then I’ll try to lead them outside. Is it okay if I kill her?≫

≪Hmm… There are many things I want to ask them, but disabling or subjugating them is the top priority.≫

≪Understood. Be careful, Aun.≫

We communicated through telepathy and moved on to the next action. Since fighting here would involve the people in the room, Kinu began leading the female demon away.

「Female pest-san. You’ve been trembling for a while now. Are you going to start laying eggs or something? That’s disgusting, so don’t do it here, okay?」

「You’re really annoying! I won’t grant you an easy death, so prepare yourself!」

「I’ll exterminate you right away, so let’s take this outside.」

「Fine… I’ll bite. Don’t get in my way, Brakylls.」

After saying that, the female demon blew out the windows in the room with magic and flew outside. Kinu followed behind her.

As expected of Kinu. It was a little forcible, but she was able to lure her out.

But the male demon still didn’t move. If I provoke him a little more, I think I’ll be able to get him to bite.

「Tsk… she forgot our purpose…」

「Hey, I’m the one who’s going to be your opponent. You’re not gonna “run away” after crashing the party, now would you?」

「…Who the hell is gonna run?」

「You, obviously. I mean, are demons so stupid that you can’t even understand simple language?」

「You mere demi-human… Fine. I’ll show you the overwhelming difference between demons and humans.」

「Well, we should go out too. Don’t tell me you can’t fight unless you take a hostage…」

「…Fine, I’ll let you choose your place to die.」

It’s disappointing, isn’t it…

I was thinking of physically sending them flying out as a last resort, but there was no need to do that.

Now then, it’s finally time for a fun fight.

I’m going to pay them back for all the harassment they’ve been doing up to this point!


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