Chapter 146: Light Talk

A week had passed since the demon attack. We were currently returning to the Arto Kingdom via airship.

Since then, we have finished providing information to the dignitaries without any particular problems. However, it seems that Ruzark had been busy the whole time until today.

After scrutinizing the information at the meeting, we found out that the attack had been planned for several years. Perhaps it was 14 years ago when I saw Bride being in contact with the demons, or perhaps the demons had been hiding in the Sphin continent since even earlier. It seems that there was considerable chaos during the conference when they found out about this. Most of them were worried if there are demons plotting something in their own countries as well.

Also, considering that the demon lord faction was an organization calling themselves “Satanas”, there is a high possibility that similar things will occur in the future. If that’s the case, we can’t deny the possibility that there might be other members of Satanas who are still on the Sphin Continent. However, since there is no way to deal with this issue at the moment, countermeasures will be considered once the dignitaries return to their own countries.

Regarding the organization called “Onimeshu”, which is hostile towards Satanas on the Magic Continent, it seems they had to put it on hold due to a lack of information. At present, only the Holy Nation Elfald rejects the idea of coexistence of the human and demon race, and recognizes the Onimeshu as a hostile organization.

In the first place, Elfald is a religious nation whose sole god is “Goddess Lumis”, and all citizens follow the Lumis religion.

The scriptures also contain descriptions of demons, and all believers recognize demons as “evil beings”. In short, the entire demon race are enemies for the Holy Nation of Elfald.

In human society, it is common to create a clear imaginary enemy to induce the thoughts of grouping. However, when it becomes a part of religious scriptures and precepts, then the stance of “demons = evil” cannot be broken.

Furthermore, based on what I heard from Nelfie the other day, the Lumis religion already existed 2000 years before the Great War between Humans and Demons.

I’m not going to comment anything about their religion or ideology, but if they can’t be flexible about things, then it’s certainly incompatible with my way of thinking.

In any case, with the existence of the demons, which until now had only appeared in fairy tales, becoming public, the Sphin Continent will undergo major changes, for better or worse.

As I was thinking about this while enjoying the night breeze on the deck of the airship, I sensed Ruzark approaching from behind.

「Yo. Beautiful night, isn’t it?」

「Save those kinds of lines for the ladies. They will definitely be pleased to hear it from you.」

「Well, in my case, the women called out to me first.」

「Hehe, as expected of a lady-killer.」

「Not as much as you.」

While leaning against the deck, we joked with each other while gazing at the moon. It’s been a long time since I had such lighthearted talks with Ruzark due to all the things that happened lately.

「Hey, Aun. Thanks for helping out with this case, seriously.」

「Don’t get serious all of a sudden. It’s fine, it’s fine. Besides, you said it was a nominated quest, so I can expect a reward, right?」

「You did your best, after all. But I know that even if it wasn’t a nominated quest, you would have helped out either way.」

「Well… that’s because you’re my pal.」

「If I were a woman, I would’ve fallen for you right then.」

「I’m glad you’re a man.」

「Haha, sure. …Speaking of which, what do you think will happen from now on?」

「I don’t know. Isn’t it your job to figure those things out? However, I think there is credibility in the information that the Demon King will be revived in five years. But, I honestly don’t care about the Demon King’s resurrection. As long as he doesn’t harm me directly.」

「You never waver, do you, Aun? I envy that part of you.」

「Once you become the next king, you won’t be able to say that anymore.」

「It’s just what it is…」

「Well, if there’s anything you need a hand with, just say it. I’ll lend you a hand.」

「No matter what anyone says, you truly are kind.」

「It’s not really like that. I’m fine as long as the people around me are happy. To put it in extreme terms, even if tens of thousands of people die in wars and disasters that I don’t know about, I’m a heartless guy who wouldn’t really care about it.」

「Hmm. But when it comes to the people in your surroundings, you will do everything in your power to help, right? I think that’s kindness as well.」

「Hmm, I don’t really get it. But let’s just put it that way, I suppose.」

It’s kind of strange to hear that from someone who’s trying to help a lot more people than I do. But after getting involved with this guy for the past few months, I’ve come to understand that this is just his personality. He is a “good-natured guy” who respects others with a pure heart.

「Well then, I will be resting in the my room until we return to Alraine.」Ruzark.

「Alright. I’m going to enjoy the wind out here a little more.」

Come to think of it, I didn’t have anyone I could call a friend before I became a monster. But now I realize that it was definitely my fault. Though there were various reasons, I was trying to intentionally isolate myself by putting on an air that would keep others away.

……If I had been able to rely on someone else at that time, the outcome might have been different.

However, I don’t regret dying or becoming a monster even in the slightest. If that had not happened, I can firmly say that I would not be happy today.

Surrounded by trustworthy companions, there are more people that I want to protect even if it means sacrificing myself. And I also have friends like Ruzark and Zen. I don’t know what will happen in the Sphin Continent from here on, but I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that I would not regret it, that my precious things don’t get destroyed, that they don’t get stolen.

Alright then! Once we return to Foret Noir, let’s start by strengthening our base’s defense mechanism. I’m going to do a serious extension and renovation of the dungeon, which I’ve been entrusting to Irs until now. There are plenty of dungeon points due to the war and migrations.

Thus, the “Labyrinth Magic Remodeling Project” is starting in earnest! If I’m going to do it anyway, why not straight up make the world’s most difficult dungeon!

As I turned my back to the moon, which felt bigger than usual, I shifted my gaze forward towards the shining lights of Alraine on the twilight horizon.

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