Chapter 84: Four Spirit Beasts

~Zen’s Perspective~

Right now, I’m at the height of my happiness.

I’ve never been so grateful in my life.

When I arrived at the “truth of this world”, a new skill manifested.

[Skill] Summon Four Spirit Beasts: Summons spirit beasts of the same level as yourself (MP consumption per body: 150)

When I first saw this skill, I had no idea what kind of skill it was.

But I had a strong hunch that this skill will have a significance in my life from now on.

Considering the possibility that it might endanger the surroundings, I decided to test it out in the Alraine dungeon.

After confirming that there were no people around, I activated the [Summon Four Spirit Beasts and a fluffy spirit beast named “White Tiger” was summoned.

What’s more, whatever this spirit beast was thinking was transmitted directly to my brain as an image.

Although I was still confused, I proceeded to clear the dungeon and tried to fight the boss, Naga, with White Tiger as the main attacker.

In conclusion, his combat power was beyond my imagination.

This fluffy–…I mean, this single spirit beast has the same combat power as me.

Although it consumes a lot of MP, not only do I have a companion who can fight alongside me, but more than that, the sense of security and fulfillment from having “someone you can trust” is a sense of happiness that overwrote all the anguish and hardships I have experienced up until this point.

However, my current proficiency seems to be lacking, as I can only summon White Tiger alone.

Considering the skill name, effect, and explanation, it seems that depending on training, I will be able to summon up to four spirit beasts.

By the time I finished clearing the Alraine dungeon, I decided that maximizing the power of the spirit beast skill would be my future goal and task.

Now then, changing the subject, I was summoned to an inn called “Golden Grape Arbor Room 206” last night by the second prince Ruzark. Apparently, he wants to borrow my power.

The conversation at the inn was shocking. It seems that there is a high possibility of a war with the Ibrudia Empire.

(If a war breaks out, the home of fluffy beings will be destroyed!)

「…I won’t let them do as they like.」

「Zen-kun, you seem somewhat more resolved after the ranking battle. I can feel your fighting spirit rising. So… will you help me?」

「Of course! But what should I do specifically?」

「There is a place called “Ruins of Silence” to the east of Alraine. Please head there and be on standby while ensuring the security of that place.」

「Ruins of Silence…The ruins of a city that prospered a long time ago in the past, right? I’ve heard that it is a danger zone with golems around and a place where humans can’t enter…」

「Yes, that’s exactly why Zen-kun is the only one I can rely on in terms of strength. And there’s no need to enter the ruins.

To tell you the truth, geographically, you will find a mountain range if you go north from there. And beyond the mountains is the industrial city of Botlock of the Ibrudia Empire. It seems that there are 10 air battleships stationed there.

If the Empire were to launch an invasion, the airships would undoubtedly launch from there.

That’s why I want you to report to me as soon as possible the number and direction of the airships that have taken off.

Please use this small communication magic tool to contact me.

It’s going to be a dangerous mission… Can I rely on you?」

「Fuu… Right now, I don’t feel like I would lose to anyone. So please leave it to me.」

Afterwards, I received a small communication magic tool from His Highness Ruzark, and immediately headed for the Ruins of Silence after dawn.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

A week later, I arrived at the Ruins of Silence.

On the way here, there were monsters such as goblins and ogres, but they weren’t “our” match.

By summoning the White Tiger, searching and intercepting enemies was no problem at all.

In addition to his fighting power, it seems that there is no need for him to sleep, so I am able to sleep with peace of mind because he watches over me at night, and it is especially wonderful that he wraps his body around me as if to protect me when I’m sleeping.

If I can sleep with this fluffy feeling every night, then I would seriously like to live in the forest forever!

The inns would certainly be hesitant to allow spirit beasts in, so I’m seriously considering buying a house when I return to Alraine.

No Fluffy, No Life.

Then, I suddenly remembered Aun from [Star Supremacy]. That guy must have become stronger in order to protect this kind of happiness.

If that’s the case…

「Aun is a fellow kindred soul! There is no bad guy who likes fluffy beasts!」

It made me want to talk to Aun again.

It goes without saying that I want to talk about my homeland, but I also naturally want to have a passionate conversation about the wonderfulness of the fluffiness!

The next time I see Aun, I’ll be sure to talk to him. I made such a promise to myself.

Golems of a wide variety of attributes were patrolling the Ruins of Silence.

I fought one of them, but it had extremely high durability. The attack pattern itself was simple, but it would be troublesome if you were surrounded.

There might be something special in these ruins protected by these golems which are likely around A rank. Although I was thinking so, the quest I received from His Highness is the highest priority for now.

In addition, if a war breaks out and the natural habitats of this country are destroyed, not only will the beasts living in the forest lose their homes, but there is also the possibility that they will be in direct danger.

(I can’t allow such a thing to ever happen!)

I resolved myself once again. Without relaxing for even a moment during the day, I continued scouting the direction of the mountain range from a forest a little away from the ruins while petting the White Tiger.

Two days after that, I spotted 5 giant air battleships flying toward the Dragonewt village and 3 towards Alraine. I climbed on White Tiger’s back and rode through the forest like a headwind towards Alraine.

「Let’s hurry up, Mi-chan!!」

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