Chapter 102



             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

In the playroom that has a king sized bed, sofa, table, and shower.
Two men and women were glaring at each other.

「Now then, what will you do, Werewolf? Are you going to call someone else from the store?」

The blonde haired man asked without breaking his laughter.

「Or do you want to call the guard instead?」

He must be thinking that he can get out of this somehow with his authority as the Empire’s envoy.
Werewolf onee-san returned that question with a ridiculing smile.

「I won’t do something troublesome like that. I will just have you crushed right here right now」

The blonde haired man’s eyes narrowed as his expression darkened.

「Acting tough now, aren’t you? From how I see it, aren’t you much weaker compared to the young lady here」

He laughed, baring the teeth in his mouth and continued.

「Well, it is true that continuing the match will be convenient for us though. So, let’s do it then」

He spread his arms as if telling them to come at any time.

「Don’t get me wrong, now. From now on, it’s not a game, but a punishment. I’ll have you compensate for your sins」

The blonde haired man shrugged his shoulders and said “How scary~” in provoking manner.
From behind him, the black haired man stepped forward while sending off an intense glare towards Werewolf onee-san.

「You sure talk big for a mere beastfolk. I’m going to make everyone that relied on a mere werewolf like you crawl and beg for forgiveness」

He looked at the blonde haired man behind him, sending a gaze as if to ask him to leave this to him.

「Do what you want, because I also want to set a score with the young lady over there」

The blonde haired man turned towards Light cruiser-sensei after he gave his answer and sneered at her.

「I have to do it until the end, now don’t I? After all, it would be too pitiful if I left mid-way like that, isn’t it?」

He faced up and laughed grandly. However, his laugh was cut off on the way.


His high reflex made him able to dodge the hands that suddenly came to him. That sharp attack erased his smile in an instant.
He shot a sharp glare while making a stern expression.
At the end of that glare was Light cruiser-sensei, standing with a cold smile on her face.

(Her atmosphere seems to have different from before)

The blonde haired man unconsciously put on a guard.
The woman who stood quietly there had the atmosphere of a swordsman that pointed his sword at his opponent.

(What is it… this feeling?)

It wasn’t from a long time ago. But it is certain that he had felt something like this before.
It is a feeling that he had forgotten ever since he became strong. It was his instinct alarm that resounded when he was faced with an overwhelming presence.
But the blonde haired man, has yet to be aware of that.

「Werewolf! Didn’t you say you’re going to crush us? There’s a limit on being a disappointment you know!?」

The black haired man on the other hand, was relentlessly attacking Werewolf onee-san.
He is quickly moving from left to right, blocking her escape path from the bed until he cornered her to the corner of the room.

「Hmph, there’s now way it would hit me if you swing it so widely like that」

He pulled down Werewolf onee-san who tried to push him down and mount him.
When she fell flat on her back, he held both of her ankles and widely spread it open.

「Have a taste of my weapon that as strong as a battering ram!」

He used the entire spring on his body to ram it in all at once. But at that moment, his face instantly frowned.
The ram was restrained and was stopped from moving forward.

「This strength… As expected from a werewolf huh. But this much won’t stop me, you know?」

The black haired man said triumphantly. What supported his words was his absolute confidence in dealing with someone that uses a brute force.
But Werewolf onee-san gave an unexpected answer to those words.

「It’s not like I have to beat you, you see」

Werewolf onee-san laughed fearlessly even though her forehead was sweating. Her abdomen was slightly showing her six pack.
He then knitted his brows because he couldn’t understand what she was talking about.

「Don’t you understand? Well, let me ask you this then. Can you move now?」

While glaring at her, he tried to move forward and backwards by using the strength of his leg.
However, just like a car with a big engine that got stuck in muddy terrain, it can move left and right while letting out a loud roar but it can’t move forward or backward no matter what.
He frowned, clicked his tongue and opened his mouth.

「I admit that you can block my movement. But that’s it, there’s nothing else you can do. Maybe you won’t lose, but you can’t win this either」

One of them must win because this is a match.
This woman was saying something like a punishment earlier. But how is she going to do that in this state. He really can’t understand what she is thinking.
But the face of Werewolf onee-san showed that she still has some leeway. To him, that was an eerie expression.


At that moment, a miserable voice that does not suited for a man echoed in the room.

「Elder brother!」

There’s no mistake that it was his voice. But he never heard his brother making such voices before.
While suppressing his agitation, he turned his face at the blonde haired man.
There, the blonde haired man was turned upside down like a baby that has his diapers replaced. His joint was completely sealed, exposing the defenseless chrysanthemum flower into the air.
And the middle finger of Light cruiser-sensei penetrated deeply into that flower.

「Stop! STOP IT!!」

The blonde haired man shouted.
Light cruiser-sensei just kept ignoring him. Every time her fingers move, the source of life blows up and stains the sheets.
It wasn’t an ordinary amount. The holes that formed by wrinkles on the sheets were forming seas of life force.

(This is bad)

Looking at this situation, if this goes on, his elder brother will be defeated before long. Despite his bad habit of looking down on his opponent, he ended up being defeated instead.
It’s unbelievable, but I can’t just leave him like that.


When he’s about to rescue his elder brother, he realizes that he can’t move.
The black haired man got more impatience. Werewolf onee-san told him with a bland tone.

「I won’t let you go help him」

She fully understood her ability and her role.

(My technique doesn’t work)

With just a brief moment of exchanging techniques, she already understood. The opponent’s ability is much higher than his own, and her technique that relies on brute force won’t work on him.
To defeat this man, she will need a technique that is as sharp as a knife. She would never win in one on one battle against him.

(But, it’s not a one on one battle)

If her opponent can only be defeated by a blade, then she just needs to hold out until a friend that can use a blade comes. And until then, she has to make the enemy in front of her not going anywhere.

(This, is my role)

There’s no greed or arrogance in that.
That figure of her using the utmost of her endurance and physical abilities to act as a shield.
And that effort of her was finally paid off.

「Sorry to make you wait」

A voice could be heard from behind her.
It’s like a trumpet that tells the arrival of a woman who has the sharpness blade in Jayanne.
It was also the sign that the blonde haired man was defeated.
That voice was quiet and cold, a voice that she rarely heard coming from her best friend.

(This is bad…)

She became terrified as cold air ran on her back.
These guys might have broken the seal which should not be broken in her. This probably won’t end well.

「You wench! What did you do to elder brother!?」

The black haired man shouted while his movement was sealed off by the Werewolf onee-san.
He just couldn’t believe it. Even if it were to be shown in front of him, he still wouldn’t believe that his brother who has better ability than him would lose to such a delicate woman.

「Let me explain it then. With your body, that is」

Light cruiser-sensei goes to the back of the black haired man with a cold smile.
Reacting to that, Werewolf onee-san opened up the black haired main private parts while keeping him restrained and gave that place to her best friend.
Light cruiser-sensei slowly putting in her white and delicate middle finger into it.


The black haired man roared like a beast.

「Is it here? No, it’s here, isn’t it?」

Without a care at all, she kept tracing and pressed her finger deeper like giving a medical treatment.

「Usually, I’m prohibited to use this but…」

“This is a punishment, not a match” she continued.
This technique, which she used against the blonde haired man and the black haired man, is “Control panel”.
This technique has nothing to do with a feeling of satisfaction or happiness. It is a technique that can turn on a part of the body directly without passing through the brain or even the spinal cord.
Naturally, its use in matches is strictly forbidden because they deviate greatly from a technique that should be used despite the gender.

「Well then, here I go」

Light cruiser-sensei put more power in her fingertip.
If compared to a machine, then it’s like she’s pressing a magnetic switch.
The stimulus ignores all the protective functions provided by the human body and forcibly activates the electric motor installed at the back of the crotch.


Life forces are pumped from the bottom of his body and released outside.
Usually, it should be a one at a time action but, this time was different. As long as the magnet switch is held down, the motor will not stop moving.

(My life force is taken away!)

He feels like his life span is getting shorter. And that feeling scared him. It was unknown whether that’s true or not. But the black haired man believes that that was the case.


He screamed.
The moment he felt that his life was in crisis, there was no more pride and respect in him.
But his cry is completely ignored and his life force continues to be pumped.
His ordering tone turned into a request, begging, weeping and asking for forgiveness


This is the first time Light cruiser-sensei laughed loudly.

「I also said to you didn’t I? “Please stop it”, I said」

Her mouth turned into a sub-zero smile.

「Then you said, “Fall and crushed”, was it? Let me help you with that」

Not only did she keep it going, she even pressed deeper than before.
Light cruiser-sensei has a high skill and her attitude when giving a service is great, she could be said as a heavenly woman.
The more she refined her skill and spirit, her forbidden technique also grew more powerful.

(It should be fine to use it on someone like you guys, right?)

She giggled.
Her personality won’t allow her to use the technique. But that’s only because of her respect for others.
There was no reason to hesitate against her enemies, and those who didn’t deserve her respect.

(The seal is undone huh)

Werewolf onee-san feels like the hair on her tail is standing.
This is what her instinct told her earlier.
Those men crossed the line and ended up undoing the seal in her heart.
Ironically, it was limited to themselves only.

「Oh my」 (*Ara~)

Eventually, she thrust at the place where his life force is stored and pumped out the last scrape onto the sheets with the sound of when you slurped noodles.
Seeing that, Light cruiser-sensei gently spoke.

「But it’s not the end yet」

When the liquid that also acts as the cooling function has depleted, the motor overheated and an alarm was rang. However, the thermal relay that should work just fine is bypassed, so the operation doesn’t stop.
Light cruiser-sensei was grinning while looking at the black haired man who began convulsing.
In the end, the motor burned and lost its function forever.
It’s an event that took 15 minutes later than his elder brother.


As the end of playtime approached, the three were moistening their throats with either cold or warm drinks.
By the way, there are three of them because they include brown wavy girl.

「This became a good lesson for both of us huh」

Realizing that she couldn’t play her role properly, the brown wavy girl turned her face down.
Light cruiser-sensei gently called out to her and cheered her up. Cold atmosphere like the incarnation of snow and ice was no longer there.

(It looks like she also learned something from this)

The brown wavy girl made a blunder by being too overconfident in her preference in thickness, she fainted after getting pierced in the back.
However, she seems to have learned something from her defeat.

(I also got a good experience after a long time)

Aside from the event at the end, it was a match of skills she haven’t had in a while.
As a play, doing it with two people at the same time wasn’t that rare. But this time, the reason they punished them was because they ignored her rights to refuse.

(But still…)

Two men sink in a sea of life force they created themselves.

(If she hadn’t came to rescue us, we were the one who would ended up like that)

These men were seriously intended to completely crush their opponent because of their hatred towards Grim reaper. It could clearly be seen from their attitude and action they took this far.

(As I thought, she’s really reliable)

Light cruiser-sensei turned her gaze to her best friend. She was drinking a coffee which had cooled to room temperature with an expression as if it wasn’t that good.
She occasionally sniffed using her nose and said that she doesn’t know the scent. Perhaps because the scent of the sea of life force filled the room.

「……Thank you」

Werewolf onee-san. Her ability is actually several levels lower than Light Cruiser-sensei herself and Explosive onee-san.
However, she can grasp the situation accurately and is capable of doing what to be done about it. The trust she put on her is unrivaled.
Her ears were twitching in embarrassment when she thanked her once again.




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