Chapter 120 Part 2



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It is not constantly active. The activation key is rubbing her left hand at her abdomen.
It is already a huge haul for me to be able to come up with such a hypothesis for now.
I stood up from the bed and zipped my pants. I then walked towards the door.


Just then, my eyes met those of the middle-aged pilots. For some reason, they were sitting in a Seiza* position in the corner of the room.
There is no doubt that they were spectating my battle with the Beautiful Viscountess.
And their gazes as they looked up at me had, though little, a light of respect.

(That is because I put up a good fight against the Beautiful Viscountess)

I had a feeling that that was the reason.

(That’s right. I must let them know that I have dispelled the Elven curse)

I approached the middle-aged pilots and murmured to them.

(It can be said that she is not wearing any armor now. It will be effective now)

The center of the lower body that is the bean, it will probably pick up any kind of external stimulation.
After a moment, the two people looked at each other.
As if understanding what I was trying to say, they nodded at each other. They then stood up with vigor in the next second.

「What is it? You wanna have another go? You are no match for me no matter how many times we do it」

It seems like the beauty, drunk on victory, has not realized the change in her body.

(Well well, how will this turn out)

I chuckled as I got on fours and got out to the corridor from the hole at the bottom of the door.
Leaving a gap between them, the middle-aged pilots assaulted the beauty at the same time.


Screams of the beauty Viscountess can be heard coming from the room soon after I got out to the corridor.
Unlike earlier, it is a husky voice with sweetness in it.
A husky voice with cuteness in it. An extremely attractive voice.

「What is this! This is strange. There is no way I would react to the likes of you two!」

To be toyed with partners who she thought was lower than her, she must feel humiliated. There is a ring of frustration.
Following that, there were the voices of the middle-aged pilots that went, 『Eho, eho』.

(What is that? That voice)

As I peeped through the hole, they pincered her from the front and the back and were thrusting it at her.
Movements that are in sync, though simple, are a sign as if it will continue forever. This resembles farmwork.
There are reactions from the Beautiful Viscountess but she is probably overjoyed, the middle-aged pilots’ faces brimmed with happiness from the manual labor.

(She is also elated)

The men that have been well-built from working in the fields.
They may not be sharp but their power and endurance are immeasurable.
The Beautiful Viscountess that had been pincered shook her body many times but the middle-aged pilots did not stop. Controlling the Beautiful Viscountess’s resistance with their body weight and physical strength, they continue to thrust.

(All of you do your best)

The moaning of the middle-aged pilots and the sweet husky screams of the Beautiful Viscountess were unending. I was able to perceive the twitching of her abdominal muscles, as if they had received an electric shock, even from the other end of the door.
The prime minister approached me with hurried steps.

「What in the world did you do?」

He was quite shocked.
I closed one of my eyes and replied.

「Just a little bit of removing her shell」

The prime minister gave a 「Right」 that gave the feeling that he did not understand the meaning of my words.
For some reason, Lightning had folded his arms and was nodding.

(Well then, all that is left is to do something like having a discussion about Knights with Lightning until the middle-aged pilots have had their fill)

Sitting beside, I started the conversation.
Lightning also had things he wanted to ask and talk about and we had a blast.

(……But this is taking very long)

We have talked for quite a long time but the voices of the middle-aged pilots and the Beautiful Viscountess continue to reverberate from the room.
By the way, the middle-aged woman was using both of her hands to cover her ears while she was shivering.
It seems like she was unable to stand the continuous screams of the Beautiful Viscountess.

(Her husband is in big trouble tonight)

According to the prime minister, she is married to the gardener.
There is no mistaking that the flames have been lit in the middle-aged woman. Doing ordinary acts will probably not cool it off.

(What in the world is happening?)

Approaching the door, I opened the cover and peeked.
What I saw was the figure of the middle-aged pilot rapidly thrusting from Beautiful Viscountess’s back as he lifted her hands and held it down.
The Beautiful Viscountess’s posture was like that of a bird that had spread its wings.
The other middle-aged pilot thrust his banana into that very bird’s mouth and demanded for it to be cleaned.

(My oh my)

The middle-aged pilots have ceased to be the simple rural area gentlemen I know.
How do I put this…They are like dogs in heat.
Their tongue stretched out from their mouth that was wide open. They vigorously shook their bodies as their saliva scattered everywhere.
Their faces had lost any fragment of reason, they thrust rapidly, giving the reins to their carnal desires.

(They are still going at it)

The middle-aged pilot who had been cleaned was revitalized.
This time he entered from the very bottom of the Beautiful Viscountess’s body and the sandwich from the top and bottom started.

(……These middle-aged pilots are way more of a Peerless General than me you know)

The middle-aged pilot who was in charge of the back of the sandwich has finished and had been cleaned but he was also revitalized.
This time, it seems like he switched positions and both he and the middle-aged pilot who was thrusting from the bottom are intimidating each other.

(What persistence)

I hear that there are no brothels in the Nothern League of Nations.
The Beautiful Viscountess is like a drop of water in a drought.
There is no way this will stop until they have got it all out.

(So this is Defeated Wickedness)

A routine work that continues, without any consideration for the Beautiful Viscountess, until the carnal desires of the men die down.
What thoughts had ran through her mind as she demanded this?
Is it like Lightning had said – that she wanted to punish herself.
I do not know.
What I do know is that the Beautiful Viscountess’s bean has been refreshed.
If I were to give an example, it would be close to a situation where a young girl, who does not know anything about men, getting pulled into a bush out of nowhere by two middle-aged men.

(It is about time we stop them. But it was recognized as a right)

I agonized over it as I peeked through the rectangular hole.
Just then, I saw a change in the Beautiful Viscountess.


There was a huge shiver.
Then, at the next moment, she bent all the way back like a prawn.
At the same time, a familiar loud sound of water resounded.
I could tell that the middle-aged pilots, who were one second too late in grasping the situation, were shocked.

(……They have done it)

It is a re-enactment of the final scene at the Contest before God where there was an amber water fountain service for those seated in the audience.
They were also hit by an unrelentless pool of water at the other side of the door I am peeking through.
It seems like the Beautiful Viscountess has such a quirk.
The sounds of water continued.
It soon spread from the door out to the corridor.
I got away from the door and nodded to myself.

(Unlike men, she cannot stop it)

When I came to know of this, I was surprised by the difference between human bodies.
The prime minister that had noticed the commotion shook the middle-aged woman. He was probably signaling to her to clean it all up.
But the middle-aged woman with her eyes tightly closed and ears covered had no way of knowing this.
As expected, Lightning stood up from his seat and moved to control the situation.

(Let me return to the Royal Capital in the near future)

Leaving the commotion in front of me to the others, I put a hand on my chin and thought.

(There should be no more invasions from the Empire)

A huge loss in their forces and they have just retreated. It is hard to think that they will invade again.

(There will be no short on forces if Lightning rides that B-rank Knight)

I nodded as I left the place. I intend to leave that place to them.

(Let’s discuss this directly with the King)

Deciding this in my heart, I walked down the now lively corridor.

*[1. TL note: A formal traditional form of sitting in Japan where one kneels down and sits on the back of one’s leg. To find out more, visit]



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