Chapter 124



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The eastern ridgeline was dyed in red.
And the sun hasn’t shown up yet. It continued kissing the horizon, not wanting to part with it.
At such an early time, the Knight Order of the Kingdom began to make an advance forward.
They were advancing through the plains in a beautifully shaped phalanx formation.
The cloud of dust raised on the path where eighteen meters tall giants have walked through, flowing north carried by the wind.
Of course, that formation was seen from the Empire encampment, and they dispatched their forces to intercept them.

(They’re much more straightforward than I thought)

Count Rosehip thought to himself as he got on his Knight.
The hands of the god of war are capricious.
Because of it, a battle often starts in an undesired place and time for both the enemy and ally.
For example, a case when golem carriages pass each other on a narrow mountain road between a mountain and a cliff.
By paying attention to each other and adjusting their speed, they will come and go in the narrowest place.

(But, it’s different this time)

The orderly advancement of the Kingdom’s Knight Order.
It would result in them clashing head-on at the center of the plain.

「Just as I wanted!」

The A-class Knight of Count Rosehip stood up.
Around the Rose Knights, Knights of the Frontier Knight Order also stood up and stepped forward.
Their weight shook the ground below them, sending a vibration that could resonate in your belly like a ripple.

『En Garde!!』

The loud voice of Count Rosehip.
It echoed through the external sound system.
The Knights of the Empire also lined up in a rectangular shape and started to advance forward.
In this very place right now, a battle that will be known as The Battle of Land Barn has begun.

(The winner will get their hands on that city)

Behind the rows of the Knight Order, the wall of Land Barn cast a long shadow under the morning sun.
Count Rosehip thought while looking at it.
If they could settle this battle with the Knights, there wouldn’t be a siege battle after that.
This is because the city wall, which is about 10 meters high, cannot compete with Knights who have 18 meters height.
That wall was only used to fend off monsters.
For this reason, most of the defeated cities would open the gate obediently.

(Simple is the best)

Taking down forts using foot soldiers is a stupid act that wastes time and the lives of humans.
For Count Rosehip who has been going through battles with his Knight all this time, he couldn’t help but think so.

(Only pilots who need to die on a battlefield)

Fight, you will be honored if you’re strong and lose everything if you’re weak.
He saw a pilot’s way of life as such and loved its simplicity.

(Let’s settle this once and for all, The Knight Order of the Kingdom)

A timid mind and a heart that trembled on the expectation of the battle.
Keeping those aspects that have been accompanying him for years close to his heart, the A-class Knight of Count Rosehip stepped into the battle

(It’s about time huh)

They are gradually approaching the effective range of long-range magic attacks.
Not too early and not too deep inside, he timed his instructions based on the experience he gained so far.


Fire Arrow, Thunder Arrow, Magic Missile, Fireball, and Thunderbolt.
Spells with various attributes, power, and range are released at the enemy.
The Kingdom-side also released long-range magic attacks in response.
Knights holding a huge kite shield at the forefront of the formation received the magic attack and sparks spread grandly on the shield.
The brightness made one unable to open their eyes, and the shock wave from the impact was so loud it could damage one’s eardrums.

(Here they come, here they come)

He waited for a certain moment while keeping an eye on the surrounding.
It was the moment where he could enjoy the pleasure of commanding the battlefield with his responsibility as the commander.
Count Rosehip’s breathing is shallow and fast. And his heart was beating fast.
If he measured his heart rate right now, he’s going to easily pass over 200.

(Just a little more…)

The Knights were slowly closing the distance by walking on foot while shooting long-range magic attacks.
The power of a magic attack increases as you get closer.
A Knight in the front row was blown away and fell on his back. Also, a single fireball slipped through the gap in their formation and exploded in their rear, greatly spreading flames on their surrounding.
An environment in which normal humans definitely wouldn’t be able to survive and move freely. Truly a battlefield owned by Knights.

(They started to be swallowed in fear, huh)

Count Rosehip felt that their pace is gradually increasing.
Probably by instinct. Even pilots who were riding their Knight definitely wouldn’t notice it unless pointed out.
If it was left as it is, they wouldn’t be able to stand the fear of magic attacks and would start to move into a disorderly charge.

(We’ll lose if that happens)

However, if he gives instructions just before their spirit breaks, it will turn into a commanded charge.
And that power is terrifying.
Count Rosehip was trying to measure that moment.


Every hair on his body stood up as he wrapped by an indescribable feeling.


Count Rosehip’s A-class Knight commanded while waving its arms.

『Charge! Chargee!!』

Count Rosehip keeps yelling.
The Knights of the Empire started to run with all their might.
At about the same time, the Knights of the Kingdom began to charge.
Seeing that, he let out a voice of admiration.

(It seems their commander is about the same level as me, huh)

He’s confident in his commanding skill. It has a good track record and is highly evaluated by those around him.
There is no doubt that the enemy commander wasn’t someone inferior to him.

(Now this is interesting)

Fighting an enemy that hasn’t revealed their figure. Being excited by that, Count Rosehip himself also began to charge.


The stage moves from the battlefield in Land Barn to Royal Capital.
The cityscape of Royal Capital that shone brightly under the sunlight.
Leaving the red light district, Tauro strolled around the square.
He just got out of the bookstore after returning the book he borrowed.

(Is the thing called skirt the invention of devils?)

I have such an idea while looking at the fashion of the women who were walking around the town.
Why? Because I think skirts are one of the things that fuel men’s euphoria and continue to test their reason.


Just now, the skirt of a woman walking in the square was blown by the wind.
Unfortunately, the volume of the air was too small to reveal the content inside.

(This is a sin)

The skirt might flip when the wind blows.
And depending on its movement, you might be able to get the chance to worship something inside it.
It was something that continued to present such “potential happiness”.

(I wouldn’t be able to keep my heart calm for the rest of the day if I were to encounter lucky panties like that)

I thought.
Even though the chance was abysmal, a part of my consciousness is always chasing after a skirt. And I can’t forgive myself if I missed it.
As a man, this is inevitable.
But seeing it objectively, I think it might be some kind of gambling addiction.

(And it’s also a form of a sweet trap where even if you aren’t lucky, you might be able to see it if you’re willing to take a risk)

How terrifying.
You can just give up if it was something like short pants where you wouldn’t be able to see it no matter how hard you try. But it’s up to you in case of a skirt.
Of course, you can peep by bending over the moment it flips up.
But doing such a thing is a crime. And unless you’re a child, you might lose everything you have.

『Come on, just flip it up. Let’s take a peep by bending over. Using a smartphone is okay too, you know? Record a video of it 』

However, while I do understand that, the voice of the devils won’t stop luring me into this trap and kept testing my reasoning.

(Luscious temptation that led to one’s ruin. What would you call the skirt that caused this if not a devil’s invention)

You can tell by comparing it with others.
Shorts are more exposed than miniskirts.
But which one will you put your eyes on? Definitely a miniskirt for me.
Even if the exposure rate is high, that’s the limit for shorts. No matter what happens, you wouldn’t be able to see what’s inside.
But miniskirts are different.
Just with a little change in the position of the legs, the possibility can greatly rise.

(Truly devilish)

I shook my head and sighed.
It was because I remembered about miniskirt bicycles from my previous world.
It still can’t be seen even though you can feel the chance was there to the point it became dangerous.
Hard to believe but, its possibility was actually lower than the half-assed long skirt.
Because the area on the fabric that catches the wind was so small, it was hard for it to flip up. Or that’s what the research says.

(However, even if the number is low, my sensitive heart can’t be convinced)

Those thighs, which are dazzling to the eye, cheerfully moving up and down kicking the pedals. And the short skirt that wraps it.
My instinct that said, “Just a little more and it could be seen”, shook my heart.
However, I am also a member of society. I can’t just openly stare at it.
My heart screamed in agony crushed by these conflicts.

(Goddamn devils!)

I unconsciously put some power into my fist.
At that time, a woman walked across me. I followed her lower part with my eyes as if it was a matter of course.

(Mini tiered skirt…. And at knee-high at that)

The terms of my specialty subject lined up in my mind.

(What a destructive power)

That emphasized absolute area and the possibility granted by that skirt.
I groaned unintentionally. Just as I did, suddenly the wind blows.

(I can see it!)

She shyly pressed her hips and glanced around.
I averted my gaze immediately, following the manners.

(….As I thought, skirts are devilish!)

I gritted my teeth and groaned.
I’ve just realized the true fear of the devil lurking inside a skirt.
Normally, someone would feel satisfied when their wishes came true.
However, the devil inside a skirt wouldn’t allow such a thing.
At the cost of seeing something taboo, it will stir even greater desire.
You’ll never be satisfied unless you go to the very end.

(So be it then, devil of the skirt. I will take you on myself from now on)

The panchira¹ just now was definitely a challenge letter from the devil.
After receiving it, I resolved myself and headed to the battlefield.

Places like trains, buses, or stairs in my previous world. Those are the home ground for the devil of skirts. The chance of fighting and winning against them was very low.
Everything will be in vain and you’re going to be sent straight to the police station.

(A brothel it is)

I grinned.
Brothels are MY home ground. There, they receive any hometown decision I want as long as I pay them money.
And as long as I’m the customer there, the guards wouldn’t be able to touch me.

(Just you wait, you damned devil of skirts)

Being certain of my victory, I turned my feet towards the red-light district.

(Let’s choose Cione as our battlefield this time)

Cione is one of the three prestigious brothels in the royal capital.
It’s a lovely shop with a young sideline.
But lately, I haven’t been going to Cione at all.
The shopkeeper, who was worried about the future of the young workers, banned me from going there.

(That’s definitely related to the case where I sent Light Cruiser-sensei to heaven)

Ever since that one case, the other brothels of three big families like Cassabell and Jayanne have banned me from entering their establishment too.
However, the ban to enter Cione has been lifted.
There was a report from my subordinate just the other day.
I remembered about that one time.

「You have been permitted to enter Cione now, boss」

A beautiful woman in her twenties visited my home.
Above her cool facial expression that looks attractive, she also has a good style with the parts of her body bulging where it should bulge and tightens where it should be tight.
It was the first time eater unicorn, Cool-san who has the position as the monster of my doom squad.
She becomes my eyes and ears, collecting information day and night within the red-light district of the Royal capital.

「How come?」

It was information good enough to make me jump in surprise, but I completely can’t think of the reason why they did so.
I tried to stay calm, fearing that I might celebrate too early.

「The owners of Cione are from northern countries. It seems that after hearing your accomplishments there, they decided to lift the ban」

When asked about the country name, it wasn’t Nisheakacia. However I do feel like I’ve heard of it before. If I’m not wrong, the box doll was dispatched from a country with such a name.
At the place where they gave me an award, I said that I don’t need anything in particular, but this kind of reward was very welcomed.
This alone was worth my effort of coming to support the northern countries.

「Now that’s very wonderful news. Good work」

Even when I said that generously as I nodded, the expression of Cool-san didn’t change at all.

「Boss, I can expect some rewards for bringing this news, don’t you agree?」

Her sharp gaze shot through at me.
The reward she was talking about was, of course, first-timers or virgins.
But I can’t just give it to her yet. That’s because I still don’t have any virgin I can introduce to her.

「I haven’t received the information that Gourmet of Gold was the new Knight Commander. Isn’t this a blunder on your part?」

And so, even if it was a cowardice move, I put the fault on her blunder.

「….Reporting something like that would only make my mouth dirty」

Cool-san didn’t budge an inch.
It was like she’s staring at something dirty and disgusting which is definitely not me.
The picture of Gourmet of Gold probably floated in her mind just now.

(Don’t tell me… she has some history with Gourmet of Gold in the past?)

Such suspicion arose within me.
But I would never ask about it. It’s too scary. My wild intuition rang the alarm inside me.

「Got it. I’ll consider it」

And thus, I shouldered homework in exchange for this valuable information.

「By the way, boss. Was there any other person who came here before me?」

Cool-san changed the topic.
But I don’t understand what she means.
Because I’m the only one in this room.
Imosuke and Dangorou were on the bath towel laid on the floor earlier. However, after detecting the presence of a visitor, they had already evacuated to the forest garden.

「No, there’s no one」

「Is that so…..」

Cool-san stood up and headed for the entrance.
However, she turned around and did doom squad’s signature pose.


It’s the greetings of our doom squad.
It could mean almost anything such as good morning, hello, goodbye, excuse me, etc.
This pose looks like you lower your hips and put your finger in an inverted V shape on your crotch and open it. While your left hand is on the back of your head.
She no longer felt embarrassed or shy doing this pose. She became a full-fledged monster of the doom squad.


I also returned the greeting.
The point is to look into the distance with a loose eye.
Cool-san stopped to pose, bowed gently, and quietly left the room.

(Here we are…)

Just as I finished remembering that conversation, I had arrived at Cione, which stood in the middle of the red-light district.
It’s a cherry blossom-colored building with a lot of decoration.
However, there’s no coarseness feeling to it, but instead, there’s a sense of luxury to it

(Let’s do this)

It’s truly been a long time since I visited Cione.
A boy standing at the entrance nodded at me and opened the door.

(The information brought by Cool-san were right, huh)

Now that the ban on me to enter the store has been lifted, the door before me was opened.
I immediately stepped into the store.
While suppressing my heart that danced around in joy.


  1. A case where one catches a glimpse of the underwear inside a skirt whether it’s intentional or unintentional.



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