Chapter 127 part 2



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

「It is still not enough. Accolade!」

The first support magic circle which completed its activation was activated once again and it absorbed more mana.
The magic circle that had absorbed all the mana stored in the B-rank Knight started absorbing mana from the pilot.
The fainting of the pilots is a trivial matter to the former Knight Order Commander.

「Alright, this is enough. Take this 『Hero’s Judgement』!」

He declared with his face full of smiles.
At the next moment, a white light was released by the large magic circle, burning the eyes of the surrounding pilots.
A fierce storm knocked down the kneeling Knights and the heat that was released at the same time took on the shape of a concentric circle as it spread, instantly turning the grass on the ground into ash.
The sparkle of highly intense light became a comet that grazed the surface as it extended straight ahead.
A high output long-range attack magic.
Its target is, of course, Lord Rosehip.
The Kingdom’s B-rank Knights that were close to its line of fire were burnt as they got sent flying. The reason that they were not destroyed is that they were fortunate to not be in its course for impact and their B-rank Knights.

「Wonderful power」

He gazed at the destination of the light with an entranced expression.
The Kingdom’s B-rank Knights that had a distant view of that light recalled the unpleasant Heavy Lancer battle.
That mysterious light that assaulted the main force of the Kingdom’s Knight Order.
That was yellow, this is white. The very elements of the two are different and they thought that the power matches.

「……He dodged it. How conceited」

He frowned slightly.
However, the former Knight Order commander does not lose his composure.
That is because his personal Knight has a variety of attack magic built into it. It is probably able to combat any kind of situation.
And the mana needed to activate these magics are scattered all over the surroundings.

(This is ground-breaking)

The former Knight Order commander praised himself for that idea.
Unlike the other A-rank pilots, he understands the usefulness of long-range attack magic.
Able to be fired from a detached location and it packs immense destructive power. There is no doubt that it has an overwhelming advantage over close-range combat.
Above all, there are no worries about dirtying your own Knight or getting it damaged.
But that is if you exclude the large amount of mana consumed for its activation.

(If I do not have it, I will just collect it from my subordinates)

I own the magic circle, I activate it and defeat the enemy. The mana required for that will be collected from my subordinates.
When he thought of this, he felt that he could see a path of light in front of his eyes.

(A fighting style fit for a hero. The low-rank pilots are also probably honored that they are of use to me)

The fact that only the low-rank Knights had the support magic circle installed shows his values.
Of course, he did not explain it.
Although he did keep up appearances due to his job as a Knight Order commander, pilots to him are only those starting from the mid-ranks.

(Let’s see, let me go and meet Lord Rosehip)

The former Knight Order commander had his pride – the personal Knight – advance.
The rocks and sand that were kicked up with every step he took were slightly annoying but he had no choice but to endure it.

(I must immediately perform maintenance on the leg armor when I return)

He kept his feelings in check as he thought as such. He needed this fight in order to reclaim his seat as the Knight Order commander.
The started to see figures of B-rank Knights from the Empire as he got closer to the frontline.
However, none of them headed for the clearly gaudy A-rank Knight.
The former Knight Order commander reached his destination without drawing his sword from its scabbard that is decorated with jewelry.
Two A-rank Knights were there, a distance apart from each other with their swords readied

(Black with roses, so that Knight with horrible taste is Lord Rosehip)

And as he finally moved his eyes to the side, the Golden Knight naturally entered his field of vision.
He probably knew who was piloting it.
After his brows stood on its end as if he was looking at filth, the color of his face started to change due to his rage.

「For the likes of a low-rank pilot to pilot an A-rank Knight!」

He strongly hit his knee with his fist.

「And with that indecent color! You cur! You have dirtied the A-rank Knight」

His vision turned red due to his overwhelming anger.
The former Knight Order commander could not forgive this man, his successor, including his fetish.

(I will pass judgment)

Within his mind, with an operation that is only possible for him, he started activating the gimmick.
A quirky macro that pushes him to his limits. The former Knight Order commander has been reduced to such an existence. The others cannot use it even if they have the cooperation of the ones who produced it, namely the Smithing Guild.

『Kneel before me! Accolade!』

The former Knight Order commander shouted into his external speaker.
In response to that, the surrounding B-rank Knights from the Kingdom bent their knees one after another.
Among them are those that did not have a shield, this included those that wielded shortswords in both hands.

「What is this? What is happening?」

Corneel let out a voice filled with confusion in his pilot seat.
He who was originally aiming for the center of the battlefield had arrived here at the same time as the former Knight Order commander.

(Somehow, a support magic circle that I do not know is operating on its own)

He felt creeped out by the sensation of the Knight he was piloting leaving his control.

(Hmm? The mana that is supposed to be stored up has depleted?)

He was shocked as he confirmed the situation of his own Knight.
It was unable to support its own weight due to the lack of mana. That is no doubt the reason that it knelt down.

(What in the world is this)

When he looked at the former Knight Order commander’s personal machine, he saw that a gigantic magic circle has been deployed.
A mysterious event that occurred to the Knight he is piloting.
There is no mistaking that they are related.

(He is not just a simple reinforcement)

At first, he thought that was reinforcement from the Royal Capital.
He imagined that even though the former Knight Order commander was under house arrest, he was deployed by a Royal Capital’s high official as desperate times called for desperate measures.
But he does not think so now. The personal Knight right in front of him does not seem to think of them as allies.


His field of vision is blacked out.
It seems like even the mana that maintains vision has been lost.
A Knight that does not move is all good but the outside is hell with a raging storm of destruction. It is too risky to get out of the pilot seat.
And there is also the rookie that tagged along behind him.
At that time, as he thought about what to do.


He felt that the mana within his own body is being sucked out.
His head became heavy and his body is rapidly becoming weary.

(Don’t tell me my mana is being absorbed?)

He recalled the last scenery he saw.
Even if it is an A-rank Knight, the magic circle that is drawn in the sky is one so large that it does not add up.
Without drawing a conclusion, Corneel slumped in his pilot seat.
The Knight Order commander shook his handlebar mustache as he saw the B-rank Knights kneeling one after another.

「This is……」

The former Knight Order commander’s personal Knight that is deploying a gigantic magic circle right in front of his eyes. The surrounding B-rank Knights from the Kingdom that are collapsing.
The Knight Order commander understood the situation intuitively.
Golden Knight picked up its shield and switched to wielding the buster sword with one hand. It then took a huge leap at the personal Knight.
Lord Rosehip is at a detached location but he silently observed the change in the situation.

『Absorbing your subordinates’ mana so that you can unleash an ultra-rank attack magic. Is this your true nature!』

Golden Knight’s external speakers blared.
The only expression on the Knight Order commander’s face was silent anger.
The mana operation that he trained up as the Gourmet of Gold has allowed him to sense the mana flowing from the B-rank Knights to the personal Knight.
Mana far exceeding the amount that an A-rank Knight is capable of storing is being absorbed directly by the magic circle.
And its glimmer gets brighter at every turn.
What that means is very clear to him.





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