Chapter 127 part 3



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The personal Knight activated its high output attack magic before his buster sword could reach it.
Golden Knight used wind magic in mid-air to dodge sideways.
A white pillar of light passed through the place he was at immediately after that.
He immediately hid his body behind the shield but the shield was blown away by the impact and the storm.
He somehow managed to regain his posture and he heard the shield falling behind him as he landed.

On the other hand, Lord Rosehip used hand signals to instruct his subordinates to keep a distance.
A giant space temporarily opened up between the surroundings of Golden Knight and the personal Knight.
Among the people that surrounded them from a distance is Grim reaper, he showed signs that he wanted to say something.

「I do not know what is happening. I do not want to endanger myself」

Lord Rosehip said as he turned back.

「And that 「Sheltered Daughter」 has appeared. Let’s have it show us if its ability is as the rumors say」

That is the name that the former Knight Order commander’s personal Knight goes by in the Empire.
I also do not want to get in the way of a fight with a worthy opponent known as Golden Knight.

(It is a fight between A-rank Knights. It is boorish to interfere from the sidelines)

I am naive if I were to say so myself. He smiled bitterly.
But Lord Rosehip did not hate himself for thinking like that.

The perspective returns once again to Golden Knight’s pilot seat.

(That just now is not charged completely)

The Knight Order commander breathed roughly as he determined that.
The power was far lesser than the first attack.
However, it is not an output that he can neglect.

Golden Knight switched to wielding the sword with both hands as it tried to kick itself off the ground.
But it stopped suddenly, he murmured as he let out a sigh.

「……Using such lame gimmicks」

There are more than ten magic circles that are being deployed in front of the personal Knight. They are stacked up like a wall.
Magic attacks of low and medium power rained down constantly on Golden Knight
They are not able to finish off an A-rank Knight with one hit but the A-rank Knight that had lost its shield will be done for if they stop its movements with their numbers.
Destruction will only be a matter of time if things carry on like this. There is no limit to the opponent’s mana.
He is constantly absorbing mana from the surrounding B-rank Knights.

(The pilots will die if things go on like this)

Within the impacts and flashes, the Knight Order commander ground his teeth in his pilot seat. He could not do anything.
Anger, regret, and worthlessness filled his body.
However, the battering of magic attacks suddenly stopped.

(What happened?)

Feeling the need to ascertain the situation visually, the Knight Order commander looked through the cloud of dust caused by the magic attacks.
The scene that was displayed in his eyes is the figure of a B-rank Knight from the Kingdom that stabbed its sword into the personal Knight’s waist even as it fell.
Penetrating the bulge that is packed full of support magic circles, fireworks are scattering from there. It should be the arc light caused by a mana short-circuit.

「It is all thanks to Tauro-san that I am able to be of use here」

The pilot seat of a B-rank Knight.
Corneel gave his thanks even as he is assaulted by fatigue.
Seeing Tauro’s technique up close at a brothel, he yearned for it, he trained wanting to be like that.
The result of that is that he is alive right now.
Even as the surrounding pilots are releasing their mana to be absorbed, he was the only one that is preventing it from leaking by using the mana operation that he trained up.
At the same time, although it is vague, he is also able to see the flow of mana. The end that the sword reaches is the part of the personal Knight that shines most brightly.

(Thanks to that, it is like my prostate gland is being hooked)

He let out a fatigued smile.
However, as expected, this is the limit even for Corneel.
This time, he slid down from his chair and lost consciousness.

In the personal Knight’s pilot seat, the White Lion of the Kingdom a.k.a. former Knight Order commander’s face is crimson with anger and he is shaking vigorously with anger.

「……Th-this damn low-rank pilot!」

He kicked the head of Corneel’s B-rank Knight away as he screamed.

「Now it’s damaged isn’t it!」

The armor that has never taken a blade up until now.
Even though he had been enduring the heartrending thoughts that there is no helping the battering of rocks during this battle.
Stabbing a sword into this Knight that is a national treasure is a sacrilegious act towards beauty. It is something that must not be unforgiven.

「Damn you! Damn you! Even though you cannot take the responsibility! Know your place!」

This time, he started kicking the pilot seat.
As it was violently stomped upon, the B-rank Knight’s chest started squeaking ominously. But he continued stomping.
Damaging the personal Knight. That act probably hit a soft spot in the former Knight Order commander’s heart.
Losing himself in front of his enemies, he paid no heed to his surroundings.
Golden Knight then closed in before the former Knight Order commander regains his composure.


By the time he realized, Golden Knight leaned over right at his side. The bulge on its head that had a flake entered his vision.
Golden Knight silently thrust its buster sword diagonally upwards from the personal Knight’s flank.
The blade that advanced through the gaps of the Knight’s structural materials reached the mithril husk that surrounds the pilot seat directly and destroyed the inside.
Blood dripped from the buster sword that was drawn out and the personal Knight’s movements stopped.

「You don’t have the qualifications to be a pilot」

The Knight Order commander murmured with an ice-cold expression in Golden Knight’s pilot seat.


The Knight Order commander gave out his order as he turned back.
The Knights from the Kingdom sprang into action immediately after receiving the order.
The former Knight Order commander’s personal Knight is left as is but several Knights are dragging along any repairable B-rank Knights.

「He won」

Lord Rosehip said to himself as he gazed at the movements of the Kingdom’s Knight Order.
It is possible to pursue them but he had no intention of doing so.
It seems like there are too many strange movements.

「We have nothing to go back on this time. We have managed to achieve our goal. It is also good to not be greedy」

A figure of a certain woman appeared in Lord Rosehip’s mind.
She is an excellent pilot but she has a tendency to take risks even when there is no need to take them.
After attaining a spectacular crushing victory, she was able to dance all the way to the top of the highway of success but she dropped off almost immediately.
A situation that required her to do the bare minimum. She went too far and lost.
She had some military achievements that drew some attention after that. However, she lacked behind in numerous situations where the battle cannot be lost.
As a result, she was demoted and dispatched to the North-Eastern border.

(I must not become like that)

I will admonish myself.

(The hyenas will close in any way. There is no need to turn myself into an easy meal)

He looked at the castle walls of Landbarn as the edge of his mouth bent downwards.
About ten meters tall. It defends against magical beasts but is ineffective against Knights that are eighteen meters tall.
This world where the outcome of wars are decided by battles between Knights. Now that the Kingdom’s Knight Order has started to retreat, there is probably no need to besiege Landbarn.

「The Knights from the Frontier are to surround Landbarn, Rose Knights are on lookout」

He got his hands on Landbarn.
There may be collaborators of the Kingdom who are planning to escape but the Knights from the Frontier will prevent that.

(I must have him come quickly)

Lord Rosehip thought about the half-open sleepy eyes of his associate, Handlebeard.
He himself is adept in battle but is poor in politics.
Handling the administration for the town he captured is just a pain. He wanted to leave it to the person who wants to do it as soon as possible.

「It is a success for starters」

He took a deep breath.
Just then, an A-rank Knight, Lord Grim reaper, appeared.
Facing Lord Rosehip, it handed over the head of a Knight.

(……An A-rank Knight from the Kingdom)

This tinge of light blue is probably from the one that is following Royal Blue.
The report he received from the Rose Knights after that – they have succeeded in capturing the pilot of that A-rank Knight alive.
On the other hand, Royal Blue escaped with damages.
Lord Rosehip nodded with satisfaction.
The Rose Knights have nailed their role, to obstruct the enemies, to perfection.

(I must give them some kind of reward them)

Pondering, he turned his head as the cracking of bones can be heard.



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