Chapter 131 part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

I rode the Old lady back to the Royal capital and hugged herbivore mechanic in the hangar and praised him enthusiastically.
Because the performance of his newly developed haze removal magic was so good.
As a result, the shooting range of my long-range attack magic improved dramatically.

「I’m glad to hear that」

The herbivore mechanic smiled happily at my good response.

「I also got some valuable feedback from you, so let’s start the version upgrade immediately」

He sure said something terrifying while smiling. He’s obviously intending to work even harder after this.

「No, um, you’ve been staying up all night right? I think it’s better to go home and take a rest for now」

Rather than staying up all night, he must have stayed up for four days already.

「It’s alright. I’ve been sleeping since a while ago」

He rolled up his sleeves and bend his thin arm.
He probably wanted to show his biceps, but I can see nothing but a thin arm there.

(No good. If this goes on, he seriously going to work non-stop again)

I have to stop this self-employed workaholic man somehow.
So I decided to move ahead of the plan of inviting him to play in a few days.

「Now, now, let’s go to play today! Of course, it’s on me」

I forcibly invited him, pushed his back, and go out to the hallway.
At first, he resisted, but perhaps because of my feeling that I’m worried about him got through, the herbivore mechanic agreed to go out with a bitter smile.
We caught a golem driven carriage and headed for the red-light district. And when we arrived in front of Cione, the boy at the front opened the door for us.
Then, without saying anything to the herbivore mechanic, I chose five people appropriately from the sideline.
The reason I didn’t ask for his opinion was because I assumed he couldn’t choose after seeing his eyes darting around.
The concierge understood and asked whether we want him to prepare a large room. Then I immediately replied with a yes.
I let the girls took the hands of the nervous herbivore mechanic and entered the room on the third floor.

「T-Tauro-san. Wouldn’t all of this cost a lot of money?」

The herbivore mechanic quivered in front of five high-class beautiful girls who he never played with before.

「It’s okay, it’s okay. Just leave it to me」

I answered with a smile.
The demand for recovery potions soared due to the onset of the war. The purchase price has also increased significantly. Furthermore, to meet the demand, I have added a little more to the delivered quantity.
Thanks to that, my pocket is full.
On the other hand, it is said that the number of customers in the brothels are declining, so I would like to help this establishment that has been taking care of me in the past as much as I could.

「But still… they’re so spectacular, aren’t they?」

The herbivore mechanic looks dazzled by looking at the appearance of beautiful girls sitting side by side on the couch.
All of them were wearing casual dress. And they’re also national level beauties.

「Well then, let’s do this. First of all, please let us see each one of you flipping your skirt. Ah, for the hot pants girl, it’s okay to just lower your zipper」

To my sudden remarks, the girls aside, even the herbivore mechanic also blushing.

「U-Umm…… Isn’t it bad to suddenly ask for something like that so suddenly?」

What’s so bad about it? This is a brothel, no matter how the journey goes, there’s only one destination in the end.
I silenced the herbivore mechanic with my hand and continued to talk while watching the girls.

「Now then, for the first one. You there」

Even though they’re young, as expected from a pro. While being shy, they flipped their skirt and showed us the contents.

「Hmm, the third girl. It’s nice to be cheerful and all, but I feel like she’s not embarrassed enough. What do you think?」

To my question, the herbivore mechanic is just mumbling something unclear. It’s really unthinkable that he was the same guy as the great monkey wreaking havoc at the end of century brothel.

「Then, next. Could you comfort yourself from the top of your clothes? This time with everyone. Ready, start!」

I thought that it couldn’t be helped so I proceeded alone.
In this situation, Corneal would have played along with me in high spirits. He would also give various comments.
While feeling a little lonely, I’m going to continue the event I came up with as it is.

(I wonder if he enjoys it?)

I looked at my side while feeling anxious.
He was looking down with a bright red face.

(It’s a bit unsuitable for him it seems)

Did I get the direction wrong?
The lack of consideration was my responsibility. It’s not the herbivore mechanic to blame.
While looking at the boobs train, I’m wondering if there’s a way back from this.
By the way, the boobs train is, where the girl in the back rubs the boobs of the girl in front of her and competes for the power of their defense and offense.
The train becomes a ring by connecting the head and the tail at the end.
I’m sure the circle would be more beautifully completed if there are more people, but it’s already good enough with only five people. Next time I would like to have more people do it.


But at some point, the herbivore mechanic began to show dramatic changes.
It was when we’re having the girls do a small singing contest.

「Is there something wrong?」

I and the herbivore mechanic each let the girls hold our microphone and check out their throat.
Until that point, the herbivorous mechanic was letting out a voice as though he’s a virgin. But then he suddenly went silent.
I thought it was strange, so I called out to him.


The herbivore mechanic didn’t answer and pulled the microphone out of the girl’s mouth in front of him.
He then forcibly pushed her down, stripped off her underwear, and began shoving his microphone without saying anything.
The girl who started to get her lower throat checked all of the sudden. It was too much, she let out boasting voice from her upper throat.
She should’ve been prepared to some extent with how the events went so far, but to do something like this so suddenly, as expected would be too much even for her.

「Whoa, wait, what are you doing!?」

Surprised, I yelled at him.

(This is…)

At that moment, our eyes met and my breathing stopped as if my heart had been grabbed.
It was because of the great wildness that dwelled in those eyes of his.

(What a sudden rise in tension)

It’s like the curves of the letter S.
I knew that he would eventually turn into a monkey, but I didn’t expect him to change so suddenly.
The other four girls, including the one who was holding my microphone, were frightened and put some distance.


Then the herbivore mechanic pulled out from the girl in front of him and jumped to the girl who escaped the fastest.
And from behind her, he begins to bounce his hips in order to pry in.
A girl’s sharp screams once again echoed throughout the room.
The girls ran away again after seeing that.

(Don’t tell me….)

As if to confirm my fears, the herbivore mechanic jumped to another girl.

(There’s no mistaking it. He reacted to those who tried to escape)

I shouted at the girls.

「Don’t run away! You’ll get attacked!」

Right now, the herbivore mechanic is only moving by instinct.
He has no reasoning or thoughts. Persuasion and restraining him would be impossible to do.
I have to do it by force if I’m going to try and stop him, but the herbivore mechanic probably became like this because the limiter inside of him has been set off.
His slender body will exert muscular strength that cannot be imagined, so he would probably use that to resist.

(…..There are five girls here. Let’s have them take him in turns until he calmed down)

There, I shook my head and corrected my thoughts. There are four instead of five. I forgot my share of girl.
A girl in hot pants who introduced herself as a sports expert. She has beautiful slender legs and thin muscle lines.
I instructed her to stay away from the herbivore mechanic.
However, today, I will get to know. The power of herbivore mechanics, that is.
He hasn’t stopped moving his hips even after making two laps

(As expected from a man who repeatedly works overtime until midnight every day. I can’t make light of his physical and mental strength here)

I can’t help but become terrified.
And on that day, the herbivore mechanic was banned from entering the store.
Fortunately, thanks to the girls’ testimonies I was able to escape another ban.
Their complaint to me for bringing the herbivore mechanic was another story though.

(I misunderstood the potential of the herbivore mechanic)

It seems that I myself still need to learn a lot.
The herbivorous mechanic sleeps comfortably just as he did when we visited the end of century brothel.
I pushed him into the golem carriage and told the driver his home address.



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