Chapter 145 Part 2



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(Both of them are rotation type. But the difference in skill is evident)

What did Cool-san say about Corneal again?
It was disturbing. If I recall it was something along the lines of 『He was way over his head so I wrung him dry』.

(And this time it has become wring till you break)

I frown deeply.

(She is no doubt serious)

She does not choose the time and the place. A disaster will occur at the cafe if things continue as is.
I have to stop that before it happens.

「……The rental bookstore’s old man」

She jerks like a cat when she hears my words.
Her eyes still facing her front. However, there is no mistaking that she is listening to my words.

「He is calling over some of his friends」

Corneal slowly shifted his gaze, looking over to me.

「There are some people gathering from time to time, it seems like they have heated discussions. There is some possibility that it might be there」

I say as I take a glance.
Cool-san’s gaze shifted many times between me and Corneal. And after closing her eyes for a moment, her dangerous aura dissipated.

「Please excuse me」

She says as she silently brings the teacup to her mouth.
She is quite intelligent. She has probably realized that she would only be losing out if she harms Corneal who is my friend.
She then left her seat to fix her make-up.

「You have saved me Tauro-san」

Corneal made a relieved expression. His face is pale and his forehead is dripping with cold sweat.

「Please do not insinuate her too much alright? She’s scary after all」

As I say this, the child of a noble, who has not grasped the situation even until now, asks in a low voice.

「Is that woman Upperclassman Corneal’s girlfriend?」

He looks unhappy and is pouting slightly.
I had known that Corneal also swings this way. But the child of a noble having such an aptitude is out of my expectations.
I replied in a tone similar to sighing.

「That’s wrong. On the contrary, she is someone he finds hard to handle」

The face of the child of the noble brightens when he hears this.

(Ahh, he is serious)

The child of a noble chats with Corneal in high spirits.
I shrugged as I gaze at such a sight.

(Being popular also has its troubles)

As expected brothels are good.
There is no need to mind such things.

(Settling everything in this world with money. That is the most fun)

The already cold black tea seems to taste even more bitter than usual as I see an unexpected side to my former friend at school.

After waiting for Cool-san to return, both of us left the Knight Order headquarters.
After that, I sent Cool-san back to her home on the golem carriage.

「Well then, boss. Please do not forget the matter we discussed earlier」

She emphasizes as she gets off the golem carriage. She is referring to the matter regarding the friends of the rental bookstore’s old man.
I promised and headed as is to the Merchant Guild on the golem carriage.
While looking at the passing streets through the carriage window, I had a certain thought.

(The path of the Unicorn sure is a harsh and relentless one)

That path does not allow her to turn back. There is only a path forward for the Unicorn.
This is like advancing on a snowfield that no one has set foot on before.
It will probably be easy to walk if the snow only goes up to your ankle. It might even be fun.
But what if the snow piles up until it reaches above your knee?
There is no doubt a large amount of stamina will be consumed just by advancing a mere tens of meters.
This is the same as the continuous consumption of firsts.

(That is why it is an ironclad rule when walking on a snowy path to follow the footsteps of a predecessor)

The amount of fatigue is totally different.
Then changing the person in the lead frequently. By doing this, everyone can move forward as one.

(However, the Unicorn is not allowed to do this)

There is no way she is able to have anyone else in the lead.
She must always be in the lead.
The joy of being the first to set foot on unexplored territory on the snowfield. In exchange for gaining that, she also has to bear the suffering alone.

(How heartwrenching)

There lies no past, what lies there is only the future.
A way of living that continuously abandons everything except for the day itself.

(It is not easy to go through with such a way of life even with the specs that Cool-san has)

I respect her even if she is my subordinate.
That way of living is impossible for me.
As I was thinking of such things, the golem carriage arrived at the front of the Merchant Guild.
Although I do not have something resembling a business to take care of, I decided to come here thinking that they might have some information.
Fortunately, it seems like the Guild Chief is free and has decided to spare some time for me.

「So the Grim Reaper will be coming」

It sure is a rare happening, the Guild Chief said as he nodded.
Almost everyone has agreed to the cease-fire agreement. The signing ceremony is about to be held at the relay station town.
That name is on the list of attendees from the Empire.
By the way, the Grim Reaper is a renowned pilot from the Empire. I have heard from Corneal that he went on a rampage during the Landbarn engagement.

(To think that he is the same person as the one I saw at the Holy City)

My goodness, he is also a world-ranker on the bed. There was a huge uproar when the Explosive Onee-sama won. When Corneal spoke of the Death Scythe, the image that appeared at the back of my mind is that huge, bent, and long nether region.

(Well, the Beautiful Viscountess is also an attendee so the pilots probably have aptitude in that regard)

Piloting a Knight and the techniques by a man and a woman between themselves. I nodded to myself as I thought of that.

「It’s cause that person himself doesn’t really attend such events and the people around him do not call him to attend either」

The Guild Chief does not understand his decision to attend at all.
He is indeed famously known as the Grim Reaper. He is probably not suitable for any negotiations besides gunboat diplomacy*.
[*TL note: Pursuing foreign policy goals using display of force or threats of war. To find out more, visit]

「Is there a reason I wonder?」

「Who knows」

Puzzled, the two of us tilted our heads.

A few days later.
There is a stall, on the streets of the entertainment district, that only opens during the evening hours.
I am currently drinking there together with Cool-san.
I was listening to the complaints of my subordinate.

「I was mad! I wass madd!」

Cool-san flipped the chicken skewer over as she gulped down the sparkling wine.
There lies not the beauty that is reserved and has a cool aura.
There lies a noisy drunkard.

(The acquaintances of the rental bookstore’s old man have already had their first taken)

I pressured Cool-san to hurry and forced her to show up at a gathering of strangers.
Of course, Cool-san had a huge image change.
She, who was disguised as a cross-dressing beauty, did not have the air of the celestial maiden who was the crush of the rental bookstore’s old man.
That prim yet expressionless face and the strict and cool eyes.
She looked so good that her attractiveness was maxed out.
Naturally, she was the center of attention of those men who liked those types of women.
However, we could not get the desired result.

(Even though she would have given up if those people had more experience)

Those who were gathered there were of middle and old age and number over ten people.
The age where their firsts were already taken and most of them had only done it once. And twice at most. That was the analysis given by Cool-san.
This is Cool-san who is a connoisseur so there is no mistake.

「You know jewels with and without scratches have totally different values. Why would you hurt yourself when you have had the opportunity to be flawless!」

He had his first taken at a cheap store and has remained pure thereafter. That story has left a lasting impact on her.
That was the time when I talked about the topic about brothels as an add-on.
A certain elderly person said that with a belittling expression on his face.

「Such a thing is not good」

When we heard the details, the store’s rank was even lower than low-class brothels. And he made an extremely bad memory there.
That made Cool-san feel that it was too much of a waste, making her unable to hold herself back.

「It is because he goes to a weird store where he made a bad memory. I would rather he come to me than lose it at such a place! Money? I would pay everything, payyy everyythinggg!」

She is on full throttle.
It seems like there has been no catches of firsts at Jayanne recently.

「Boss! Are you listening?」

「Yes yes, I am listening」

「Say yes only once」

I understand already so I would also like you to not repeat the conversation and aay it only once.
Cool-san continued drinking until she fell over.
I carried Cool-san, boarded the golem carriage, headed for her home, and left her at the entrance.
It seems like the lock is auto-locked by magic so it was not a problem.
I felt up her chest for a bit as the fee before I shut the door.

「My my」

I have trouble with such situations as I did not have any experience with having a subordinate.

(Let’s look to the Guild Chief and the Vice-Guild Chief for reference)

I cannot bring out that calmness and dignity but it should be fine if I imitate them.

(Let’s go for another round)

I actually did not drink much at all just now. I had no leeway to do that.
Eat and drink and let’s go to a brothel if I feel up to it.
The remaining feeling of the crossdressing beauty’s chest in my right hand. I got on the golem carriage as I recalled that and requested that it head for the entertainment district.



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