Chapter 148



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

One of the three big families in the Royal capital, Jayanne.
A chic and calming store consisted of white marble and bricks.
The heavy oak doors at the entrance are polished.
In the waiting room on the first floor, Explosive onee-san was standing with confused looks.
She was wrapped in a black cloak.

「Hey, do I really have to do it wearing this?」

Beneath the cloak, was a custom-made outfit.
It was also the case as a fashion, but she thought it had a rather unusual design.

「It’s okay」

The concierge confidently declared so.

「I too, at first thought it was a bit weird. But after listening to the story, I began to reconsider the possibilities of such a preference exists」

He encouraged Explosive onee-san who couldn’t dispel her anxiety with a loud voice.

「I’m sure that this is exactly what the Lord grim reaper wants. I’m really sure of it now」

Explosive onee-san nodded while heaving a sigh.

「Well then, I’m counting on you. Do it as we practiced」

Even if she wasn’t completely convinced, she’s a professional. The number one of the best stores, at that.
If she decides to do it, she’ll do it flawlessly.
She exited the waiting room and headed to the suite door on the third floor.
She then took a few deep breaths. Her expression switched to her professional ones.
The grim reaper already waited in the room. This was also planned.

(Let’s do this, me)

She dropped the cloak she wore on the floor.
What was revealed was a bondage fashion style. High legs, garters and corsets.
Black cloth and leather wrapped her body while reflecting the silver plating on it.
Beautiful legs that have moderate muscle and meat like an athletic college female student.
She transformed from a sister into a queen and kicked the door open with her legs.

「Was it you, who said something disgusting like asking to be killed?」

A slim and tall man was sitting on the sofa with a towel wrapped around his waist.
He has sanpaku eyes, his face looks pale, and his cheeks are hollow. In addition, there were dark rings under his eyes.
He reacted to explosive ojou-sama’s shout and looked at her.
There was no change in his facial expression. He kept having an eerie smile.

(Is this really okay? I would hate it if I failed after going this far)

While feeling impatient inside, explosive ojou-sama made the soft whip in her hand dance in the air.

「I’ll kill you just as you want it」

Pan! A thunderous voice resounded when the whip hit the floor, shaking the curtain and the window with it.
While at the same time, shook the grim reaper’s heart.

「What are you laughing for? So disgusting」

The distortion in grim reaper’s mouth. It means joy.
However, in the eyes of explosive ojou-sama, it appeared as though he was laughing scornfully.

(Say something, won’t you?)

She, who got embarrassed and on the verge of panicking, swung her whip around.


Suddenly, explosive ojou-sama raised her voice.
Because the whip, with no intention to hit, hit the shoulder of the grim reaper.

(I’m sorry!)

But now, they were in the middle of a play. She can’t stop playing her role as the Queen.
She pretended to be unaware and hit the floor in front of her with her whip.


She doesn’t leak her voice this time.
She targeted the floor tile in front of her with confidence that it wouldn’t hit him again.
But it didn’t reach the floor, and hit the grim reaper’s shoulder on the way.

(He’s coming to… get hit on his own?)

The next one and the one after that.
Even though she purposely made it miss, his body will move to catch it.

(But why!?)

Explosive ojou-sama herself couldn’t bear with it anymore and threw away her whip.
The whip bounced off the floor and fell at the back of the room. Grim reaper stared at it with an unbelievable look.

「What’s with that face? You got a complaint or something?」

While saying so, explosive onee-san’s foot kicked the grim reaper’s chest.
As she saw him easily fell on his back, she took a step forward while removing her heels.

「Come on, if you got something to say, say it will you?」

Then, the foot that wrapped in tights trampled the grim reaper’s face.
She was frightened by the ecstatic expression under her feet.


The arch of her foot was licked and she reflexively retracted it.
The foot that lost its balance stepped back. What it stepped on was, happened to be the lower part of the grim reaper.
At the same time, a voice of joy was raised from under her feet

(It’s hard)

Explosive ojou-sama moaned inside her heart.
The size of the death scythe under the towel had significantly increased in length and hardness.
It crawled from the towel and lifted itself up like sunflower seeds sprouted.
Its momentum was so great that it could lift the weight of explosive ojou-sama.

(Does he seriously love this kind of thing?)

She still had some doubts, but it seems the concierge was right.
However, she couldn’t understand the grim reaper’s feelings at all.

(Haa… I don’t care anymore. I’ll move on to the next step)

Explosive ojou-sama affirmed the situation and proceeded to move as practiced.
Questions like, Why? didn’t escape her lips.
All she did was put her weight to trample him.

「You pervert!」

Explosive ojou-sama yelled to increase the hardness.
Her line just now contained her true feelings.
The grim reaper’s face was distorted in pleasure and his body kept twisting around as his death scythe being trampled with a movement as if to extinguish a bonfire.
The pain was converted into a sharp pleasure to the extent that his brain was trembling because of it.

「Why don’t you try and say something huh!?」

Explosive ojou-sama pulled a small chair from the dressing table.
She sat on it and put the death scythe between her feet.
Then she began stroking it gently.

(It was like this, right?)

A long scythe, longer than the length from her heel to her tiptoe.
She carefully stimulated it albeit struggled with its bow-like shape.


Suddenly, the grim reaper screamed like in mating season.
His scythe exploded after a beat late. It gushes out of his navel and creates a puddle on his belly.

(It’s way too fast! Is this guy really that grim reaper)

Explosive ojou-sama was startled looking at the muddy foothold.
Who would believe that a world ranker would climax with only this much?
While in the middle of bewilderment, the thing that moved her was the procedures and manuals she practiced beforehand.

(If I’m not wrong, I should give a punishment if he did something as he pleases)

And then she yelled.

「Who said you can let it out!?」

She used her skillful toes to tightly hold it.

「I’m asking you, who gave you permission to let it out? Answer me!」

She put on more strength.

(Eh? Now way…)

Grim reaper’s scythe erupted again due to the painful stimulus.
Because he bent his back and his body bounced, explosive ojou-sama fell from the chair after her feet slipped on the puddle.

(Just what’s with him)

She looked at the grim reaper while frowning in pain.
The figure lying on his back and bent his back like a bow. He has a stern face, but it revealed an expression full of pleasure.
It reminded the explosive ojou-sama of a believer praying in the temple.

(Is this what they call religious ecstasy?)

She was flabbergasted after comprehending grim reaper’s mental state.
After that, explosive ojou-sama fulfilled the menu while suppressing her quivering heart.


Two hours later.
In the waiting room was explosive onee-san, she was completely exhausted and slumped on the table.

「Lord grim reaper seemed extremely satisfied. The entertainment was a great success」

The concierge appreciated her hard work and praised her.

「You did everything on the menu, right?」

「Yes, I did」

She answered with a sigh.
The menu was a work item that Tauro thought should be added this time, and was devised by himself.

「Verbal abuse, feet play, face sitting, whipping, and lastly, candles」

「You don’t have to read it」

She doesn’t seem to want to talk about it, but the concierge has to do this interview.
Next time, he wants to have a conversation with the customer while their memory of the play was still vivid in their mind.
He mentioned each item one by one and let the explosive onee-san answer.

「The order is wrong. Next after verbal abuse was whipping. There’s no helping it since he jumped at it on his own」


He was taking notes with great interest.
There seems to be room for consideration in the order of the play.

「How was his reaction on candle play?」

It was something he was most concerned about as a concierge.
Dripping wax from a candle sounds nothing but a torture.
He couldn’t imagine it as something to be pleased about.

「About that… It was a big hit actually」

「A big hit?」

「It’s hot~, I’m going to get burned~, he was overjoyed while saying something like that. And then he came like crazy after that」


「He really came a lot, that even I was pissed by it, I blocked the exit with wax so it stop coming out」

The concierge was speechless with his mouth wide open.

「And then the next moment, he looked at me with eyes full of expectation as if saying, don’t light up! Don’t light it up!, you know?」

Explosive onee-san was still lying her face down on the table.

「It can’t be helped so I did as he requested and stick the extra candle wick on the tip」

「And then… What happened?」

「He started screaming something like, It’s hot! It hurts! Help me!, so I put out the fire and removed the wax cover. And then, from the inside, it came out all at once」

She shook her head left and right on the table.

「He can’t be in his right mind to be so happy after all of that」

A shock ran through his mind after the concierge heard that.

(How deep… an existence called human is)

He has been working as a concierge for decades, to the point he has a status that could put together every concierge of top ranking stores.
However, despite that there is still something that was unknown to him spread before him.

(The height is still beyond my reach, huh)

The knowledge he had learned was only like a grain of sand on a beach.
The concierge trembled before the vastness of the sea.
Then, explosive onee-san said with a flat tone.

「I don’t want to do that anymore, alright? If you’re still going to add it as one of our store variation, then please ask the other girls to do it instead」

While the concierge respected her opinion, he asked one thing.

「The physical burden is small though?」

To keep bullying while sometimes giving a reward. This play basically doesn’t last until the end.

「That’s not the problem. My mental state couldn’t stand it, you know?」

Apparently explosive onee-san didn’t like it.


The concierge was thinking.

(If there’s someone who enjoys being hurt, it’s not strange if there’s someone who enjoys inflicting it)

When God created a person in this world, wouldn’t he also prepare a companion for them? The concierge thinks so.

(The one who wishes, and the one who grant it)

He believed that if both were to meshed well, human culture would move forward.

(Right now, I might be standing at the center of a turning point of cultural history)

He felt chills after sensing the flow of history with his body.

(But still… To come up with something like this. What a genius)

He thought about Tauro.
Was history, cultural history in particular, greatly influenced by an outstanding genius?

(With his existence. We have advanced the history by decades with just the matter this time)

And to think he lived and interacted at the same era as such a person.

(Later on, at one part of cultural history, my name might be mentioned as one of the people who had cultural exchange with him)

Thinking about such a possibility, a feeling close to joy rose from the depth of his heart.
Then, for that, there is a matter he wants to resolve.

「By the way, about Tauro-sama banned entering the store. I was thinking to lift it but, what do you think?」

Pikuri, reaction coming from explosive onee-san and she raised her face from the table for the first time.

「Why this talk, all of a sudden?」

The concierge spoke about how this project was Tauro’s idea.

「I was looking for a solution, and then Dr.Slime helped me with that, you see?」

The concierge nodded.

「Certainly, I can’t imagine anyone but Dr.Slime that would come up with this kind of thing」

Strangely convinced, explosive onee-sama sighed.

「I owe a favor to this personage. So, I want to return even just a little of it somehow」

Explosive onee-sama kept silent for a few moments. Then, she spoke slowly.

「Isn’t it fine? Though I think it’s safer to let everyone decides」

The concierge didn’t reply.
Not only was he banned from entering the store, his nominations were also rejected by their consensus.
It doesn’t matter if the ban was lifted from the store’s side, nothing will change if his nomination was refused anyway.
Expecting this, explosive onee-san murmured.

「I don’t mind accepting it, if it was only before holidays and he promised to not overdoing it」

Hearing that answer, the concierge’s face became brighter.
But immediately, explosive onee-san warned him.

「Though I said I accept it, those who were fine with probably only two or three people including me. Is that okay?」

「That’s enough」

The concierge left the room to confirm the girls’ inclination.
If possible, he would like to bring the talk about lifting the ban when he visits Tauro to report the results.

(First, let’s start asking her)

The number one of Jayanne’s shadow.
And the one who became the victim from the incident that led to his ban.
The concierge headed to the platform as her figure floated in his mind.



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