Chapter 152



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Two golem carriages were advancing forward under the sunlight of early summer.
The golem carriages have two horses each.
The one at the front was a pumpkin-type passenger car, and the second one was a normal wagon with a hood on it.

「Alright, here we are」

An astringent old man sitting on the pedestal spoke from the passenger car.
The door of the carriage opened and three figures appeared.
The carriage behind also stopped a moment after.

「So this is the place, huh?」

A person came out of the passenger car and looked around.
He has a solid body despite his average height. He was also quite hairy.

「The three of us will go to investigate. And the other two shall stay here and guard the carriages」

When the hairy man instructed so, he, along with the other two that just got off the passenger car headed to the carriages that carried their equipment.
After they finished preparing, they set foot on the scorched field.

(Burnt smell. It just like a village that just got destroyed by a volcano)

The name of this hairy man is Dolba.
Leader of 『Robust』, one of the Kingdom’s adventurer teams.
And this place is located further east from the Kingdom’s eastern border.
It was the territory of a religious nation led by an Archbishop, commonly called the 『The Eastern Country』.

(Those giant things are… the remains of Knights, huh)

Feeling familiarity with the shape, a group of three people approached it together.

「…..Damn, this thing is pitch black」

A man with hollow cheeks furrowed his brows.
The thing that used to be a Knight was crushed and scorched.

「It’s not around, right?」

It’s possible that the thing that made the Knight look like this will show up any time. Thinking so, he became more wary of the surroundings.
These five people of『Robust』were requested by the Eastern country and came to investigate.
In the west of the Eastern country. It seems something happened here, in a place near the border of the Kingdom.

「One, two, three… Three B-class Knights. And the rest are C-class, huh? Oi!」

Dolba called the Magician with an unshaven face.

「Record the position relation so we can draw the manga* later」
[*TL Note: The manga here is written with katakana so I’m not sure whether it refers to manga, as in, Japanese manga/comic]

The unshaven man nodded. Then he took out a small notebook and started measuring the distance with his steps.
While Dolba and the hollow cheek old man investigates the surroundings.

「What do you think happened here?」

Hollow cheek old man looked around with an anxious expression on his face.
What was here wasn’t just the remains of Knights. There were also remnants of a village and a bunch of charred lumps.
Probably once people and livestock.

「Definitely not a wildfire. It could be magic… if not, some kind of demon beast. And a really powerful ones」

He made a guess with a bitter face.

「That’s… if it’s really a demon beast, then this guy should be at salamander-class, at least」

A salamander without lesser attached, a true Salamander. Firstly, it’s something that has never been seen, and not something you want to see with yourself.
However, Dolba racked his brain with an unconvinced look.

「But this, you see… this type of burn. I don’t think it was caused by a fire, but more like something caused by a lightning」

The experience gained as an adventure gave the hairy man such an impression.

「In any case, it’s a matter where they made a request for adventures even though their national Knights are defeated. Something’s not right」

A scorched carving on the Knight’s chest. It was the crest of the Knights of the Easter country.
Hollow cheeks old man nodded while glancing at that crest.
He felt there was something strange with the contents of the request.

「Nothing good will come out of sniffing too deep into this matter. Let’s just quickly finish the report and receive our money」

Adventurer team from the Kingdom, 『Robust』. It was no wonder that they took a job outside the country.
Top adventurers aren’t too tied up in a country.

(It’s been a fruitful job since Lesser Salamander. We can have it easy for a while if we manage to complete this one safely)

Lesser salamander appeared in a mine in the northern part of the Royal capital.
They went to exterminate it and became a national hero.
It was rumored that the leader, Dolba, would definitely rank up to C-rank adventurer, and the person in question himself was completely interested in it.

(That… was bad)

He frowned and reflected.
They who just rose in their career spent too much money more than they needed.
He felt like his head was hit with a blunt weapon when he checked their guild account balance.

(We’ll probably get a big job soon anyway. And when we do, we’ll get a lot of money and might even get promoted if we can do well in it)

Even when he didn’t get promoted in the end, he kept optimistic.
However, a big job didn’t come by so often.
His swelling pride made him hesitate to take on small jobs thus reducing their income.
They felt a sense of crisis and went out of the country.

(There’s no one know about us around here after all)

If there are no eyes around, they can take any jobs without worry.
Dolva nodded to himself and resumed the investigation.


The stage moves far away in the northern part of Ost continent.
A giant lake spread in north of the spirit forest.
The island in the middle of the lake, a turtle was bewildered.

(I cannot move)

The turtle was the island itself. It was a giant spirit beast with a total length of over 200 meters.
It was called Zaratan by the elves and was considered as the guardian of the spirit lake.

(That fruit has grown. And there’s a lot)

A fragrant fragrance that transcends space.
His mouth watered remembering the taste.

(But… I cannot go there with this)

Ever since it returned to the lake, a lot of the humanoid creatures living in the forest landed on it.
Even though it’s a good thing that Zaratan didn’t take any action, they brought giant dolls over recently.

(They’re the same as me, huh?)

They must have wanted that fruit.
They must be planning to go with him the next time he teleports.

(They’re going to rob it to the roots)

That was what Zaratan worried about.
Humanoid creatures living in the forest cannot be expected. They will harvest everything until nothing is left.
It can get rid of them forcefully, but it doesn’t want to resort to that if possible.

(It’s troubling)

That was Zaratan’s true feeling.


The stage jumps further from there to the south-southeast.
Landbarn was there.
It was a city that recently incorporated into the Empire and became the capital of the margraviate.

「There is no movement from the Kingdom’s side」

A slender man with sleepy eyes, handlebar mustache, reported so.
This place was the conference room of the castle built facing the square.
The early summer sun has just disappeared into the ridge line on the west.
A cool night breeze is blowing through the window in the conference room that was left open.

「I think that was probably their last resort」

The big man with white short hair said while stroking his beard which has the same white color as his hair.
The bald middle-aged man showed a relief expression after hearing Count Rosehip’s words.
They were afraid that the Ghost Knight who attacked the expeditionary army would attack the Empire.
If that happens, they have to stop him here at Land barn.

「If that’s the case, unless we cornered them, the Ghost Knight probably won’t show himself」

The margrave breathed out as he wiped the sweat on his forehead.
Count Rosehip involuntarily squinted his eyes at the head that reflects the light.
A post town in front of Awoke. After that one incident that happened some time ago, there were no more occurrences involving the Ghost Knight.

「As I thought, the price is too great」

Handlebar mustache said, turning over the documents.
It is the minutes of the round table meeting that arrived from the Imperial capital. The following was written there.

「Ghost Knight drives its rider mad in exchange for great power」

The margrave was making an expression as if to expect such a thing.
For that kind of power, there’s no way the price would be ordinary.

「Someone with low skill or low loyalty. If someone like that rides it, the hurdle of becoming berserk will be lowered. Or so it is according to the blacksmith guild」

Count Rosehip shook his head at the margrave’s words.

「If so then they would need at least a pilot of an A-class Knight. It was impossible to use unless they make such pilots to be disposable」

The three nodded together.
Then the margrave spoke to conclude the meeting.

「I don’t think this is a matter that could be solved quickly. Let’s just concentrate on domestic affairs for now and leave the counter plan to our home country」

And so, the meeting concluded.
After leaving the room, Count Rosehip headed to his residence nearby.

(But still… the climate here is sure nice)

He squinted his eyes in the pleasant night breeze while gently stroking a few of the hair he had left.
It’s hot in summer, but there’s still a breeze of wind. It was very different from the military city he has been staying at until recently.
The summer in that place, there was no wind at all and the humidity was high. While in the winter, cold and dry air blow through.

(Spring three my ass)

He recalled the name of the place and scoffed.
Plum, peach, cherry blossom. Three flowers that were supposed to bloom at different seasons, bloomed all at once in that place.
That is the origin of the name Three Springs.

(I thought it was a warm place with long lasting springs from the sound of it, but it was completely different)

The summer was too hot and the winter was too tough. The two seasons lasted for a long time while the spring and autumn only lasts for a short period of time.
The seasons changed at once from a frosty winter to a sweltering summer.
And because the spring was extremely short, the three flowers bloom at the same time.

(Well, whatever)

Three springs have been repatriated to the Emperor because he has acquired a wide and rich land of Land barn. There’s no need to step into that place anymore.
Suddenly, the margrave was attacked by an urge to laugh.
He recalled what he wrote in the hand over report.

『In the spring, various shades of red and white flowers fill the mountains. You will understand the true value of spring when you are here. It was something that I really looking forward to, and something make me sad every time it ends』

That wasn’t a lie.
Short springs and the other seasons which are tough to go through. He just expressed it in a roundabout manner.

(The next lord can just expect things and be crushed by it)

He entered the building with an evil smile on his face.
A while after he finished eating his dinner, the bell that tells the time to turn off lights rang. This is a local rule in this mansion.

「So it’s already this late, huh?」

The margrave put on a ring and walked down the hallway, ready to go to bed.
However, his destination wasn’t the bedroom. It was the maid’s dormitory.

(Now then, where should I go?)

He proceeded down the dark corridor.
From now on, it’s time for a little entertainment.

(Good evening…)

He gently pushed the door and entered the double room.
The door was locked with magic, but the ring that shone on the margrave’s finger was a master key.
He can enter anywhere.
He climbed onto the bunk bed and hugged the lying maid in the dark room.

(Uhohoho… it’s so warm and soft)

The maids have been informed beforehand. If the margrave visits them, they should pretend to be sleeping, even if you are awake.
That’s why the margrave could tease the young body that cannot resist and advanced inside.


She tightly closed her eyes after she let out a muffled voice.
Of course, the margrave knew that the maid was actually awake. Not a woman actually sleeping, but a woman who keeps pretending to be asleep. That was his preference.
Perhaps because something happened in his youthful days that made him develop this taste.

(The Kingdom’s woman is not bad, eh? For example this healthy tanned skin, let’s see…)

While rubbing the half naked exposed skin, he slowly moved his hip back and forth as if having a taste of her.

(I’m glad I hired the locals)

A lord from another country and the residents who originally lived here.
As a good lord, he was trying to shorten the distance between them.
One of his attempts was to do a local employment of maids in spite of the opposition he got.

(As I thought, only by touching and intersects with each other like this, can we understand each others)

The speed of the round trip was rising before he knew it.

(Alright, now, I’m going to pour all of my information inside you)

While tightly clinging to the thigh of this young body, he poured the last drop.
Leaving the young maid who was breathing roughly, he descended the ladder of the bunk bed.
And he began to invade the lower bed as is.

(Hey, tell me… how do you feel when you know that I did it with your friend above?)

He whispered so in her ears, but the maid that pretends to sleep didn’t answer.

(Well, alright… I’ll just get the answer straight from your body)

He then slid his hand into the pajama.

(Oh? What do we have here?)

At that voice, the maid shyly turned over.
The margrave once again threw his arms around her body tightly with a smile on his face.

(The night is still young. I have to think of how to distribute the pace)

The bed in the margrave’s room was still left unused.
He always spent the night at the maid’s dormitory.
Getting on their bed in some of their bedrooms and sleep there as is. Then woke up with the maid’s morning service the next day.

(Maybe I should hire more of them)

He thought as he made noises from the sucking.
It would be a little too much for a mansion of this size but, there is no financial problem at all.

(What type of girl should I hire next, I wonder?)

The number of people he would hire and his free days to hold an interview. The schedule already set up in his mind instantly. He was a capable person.
Buy sculptures and paintings to decorate your mansion. Handlebar mustache advised him as such.
At that time, the margrave said,

「It’s better to hire maids and keep paying them rather than buying expensive arts」

Besides, he continued as he called over the maid nearby.
He suddenly rolled up her skirt halfway and crawled on her soft thighs.

「This one here is a much better work of art, don’t you agree?」

The lord laughed happily with a perverted smile.
Looking at him like that, the handlebar mustache sighed as he lowered his head.


Around the time when the margrave fell asleep in the maid’s dormitory.
There was a man in the northern land that was still awake.

(It’s suffocating)

He knew the cause.
The thing that was sleeping inside him started moving recently.

(Did the seal weaken?)

He asked himself.
The answer is no. The willpower inside him didn’t waver.

(If so, then why?)

That was because the thing that was sealed was getting more powerful.

(I can’t let my guard down. If the seal is broken, it’s going to be a disaster)

But the trial continues.
The internal pressure rose day by day, and the sealed one was rampaging as it shook its body.
The invisible chain, called reason, has been hit by a shock for many times already.

(It’s going to be bad if this continues)

However, he didn’t know a way to deal with it.
Recently, his companion hasn’t come near him. So at night, he was fighting alone to protect the seal.


He managed to hold it back somehow tonight.
However, it’s impossible to hold it forever.

(I have to do something…)

He started having the same dream recently.
It was the figure of himself repeatedly defeated by the sword of a hero.
A terribly joyful look. Completely different from the expression he has right now.
The broken chain and the sealed one. It was him after his heart was taken over by that thing.

(Even so, that’s alright with me)

He was already so tired of it he thought that way.

(….I want to be relieved of this already)

Alone, and without any help.
The urge to break the chain was getting stronger every night.


The violently moving right hand and the stirred watery sound.
Also a disgraceful moan that occasionally leaks.
The battle to protect the seal was just taking place.



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