Chapter 157 Part 1



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A town on the north side of the Kingdom near the border of Black Locust country.
In a forest of small mountains south from that town, a beige-colored Knight was kneeling.
The cane rifle, held with both hands, is aimed exactly at the town.

(What’s up with those Knights earlier?)

I speak to myself in the cockpit of the beige Knight, the Old lady, the merchant guild Knight.
The optical correction magic circle rotates in front of my eyes. I’m looking through it, but I can’t figure out the identity of the defeated Knights.
Their exterior, painted in dark brown, has no indication of the country to which it belongs.

(There’s no doubt those are B-class Knights)

It is a national Knight class.
If there are four of them in a group, they’re no longer on the level of a small or medium-sized nation’s knight order anymore.
And while the possibility isn’t zero, they shouldn’t be a bandit too.

(It’s possibly the Empire)

Since we have an cease-fire agreement, we will not act hostile. Such words contained a pillow word, which is Openly.
The possibility of it being the Empire is high just because it doesn’t have any sign indicating their nationality.

(Well, something like that better left to the guild master and prime minister)

I turn off the optical correction magic circle and lower the rifle I was holding.
Then I closed my eyes and thought about something else.

(But still… He did well noticing them)

It’s about Lightning.
Old lady’s optical correction magic circle is effective for seeing something in the distance but it has a narrow field of view.
I didn’t know at all that they were approaching from the surroundings.
After seeing what and to whom Lightning was acting to, I finally started to realize and check the area.

(Looks like I’m still no match against someone who studies martial art)

A sharp sense to detect enemies that were hiding.
A refined sword technique that could crush two Knights in a short time.
I have none of those.
I can’t imagine what would happen if he wasn’t there.

(It sucks…)

Three units of B-class Knight who attacks all at once in a situation that I am not aware of. I frowned imagining that possibility.
I didn’t think I was able to protect everyone with just sniping skills.

(Well, it’s good that everyone’s alright)

Ponytail and the others probably weren’t aware that I lend them a hand.
Light arrow that fly from too far away, it didn’t let out any sound or form.
What’s more, the surroundings are full of strong summer sunlight. Unless they knew I was here beforehand, they wouldn’t know where it came from.
It might seem to them that the leg of the Knights in front of them suddenly got blown off.

(Let’s see…. Guess I’ll do that then)

That’s right, let’s push everything, including the Knight that fell down the valley to Lightning.

(I’m sure Lightning knew that I was here, but… well, that’s fine)

I confirmed that he knew I was hiding here.
I’m sure he would avoid giving out the name of the Old lady thinking that there’s a meaning behind my action. He’s a man who’s considerate about that kind of stuff after all.
That was why he released Lightning sword as a greeting to me.

(Let’s head home then)

The combination of the Old lady and me who excels in long-distance travel at high speed. We still can make it to the brothel if we go now.
There are stores that open all night. However, if possible, today I want to go to the Uniform store.

(A slender girl with bob cut hair)

I recalled one of the students at the pilot school who recently came to work.
Her feet that look even more slim due to her black tights.
To grab and lift those feet and play-punishment of the defeated with her is my recent boom.

(It’s also nice to blindfold her while chasing her around the room)

A neat pilot’s uniform. Feet wrapped in thin black tights, peeking through her tight skirt.
I imagine a scene where a girl who can’t see her surroundings and is frightened while fumbling around. Also the figure of me chasing around that girl while teasing her from time to time.


I nod to myself.
I head on my way back after quietly making the Old lady turn around.


Under the dark grey colored clouds, it began to rain in the Royal capital.
The ever-increasing rain drives people walking down the street into their homes and close their windows.
The royal castle with a remarkably high tower, located slightly north of the center of the Royal capital.
This building, that reflects white sunlight on a sunny day, is different now. It has the same gray color as the sky, shining in the pouring rain.
In one of the rooms inside it.
The furnishing inside the room didn’t look flashy, but it’s definitely expensive. There were two men inside such room.
One is a middle-aged man who sits on a chair with a tall backrest. The other is a man in his prime with a good physique standing in front of him.

「So it’s the Empire」

Sitting on the chair, the prime minister said.
The knight commander nodded while stroking his prided kaiser mustache.

「I couldn’t find anything to show their affiliation, but I’m sure it’s the Empire’s Knight from their model」

The topic of their conversation is about the battle at the town north from here the other day.
The knight order who went to exterminate the demon beasts was attacked by Knights of unknown affiliation and fought them.

「Their purpose is still unknown」

The prime minister groans as he leans against the backrest.
All enemy pilots comitted suicide.
I looked everywhere inside and outside the town, but couldn’t find anything that caught the eye of the empire.

「What the hell is going on in the Empire right now?」

Their expeditionary force sudden withdrawal in front of Awoke.
A cease-fire agreement brought up by the Empire that advantages the Kingdom side.
In addition, their mysterious movement this time.

(It’s weird…)

If the expeditionary forces were to advance towards Awoke, it’ll be the downfall of that town for sure. Not only that, the Royal capital would’ve been besieged by now.
The reason they brought up a truce must be in the Kingdom, not in the Empire.

(There’s also a story that their expeditionary force was attacked by someone. And that is the reason of their withdrawal)

The prime minister shakes his head.

(What a nonsense)

A force that can repel an expeditionary force. Just which organization in the Kingdom has such power?
If there’s something that is capable of doing that, then it should be in the Kingdom’s knight order already.
And that knight order was busy defending Awoke at that time.

(They even agree to let go of the post town)

The conditions for the truce should be stricter on the Kingdom side. There should be no way they would let go of the post town where the expeditionary force built its base.
He was prepared to do so in the negotiation.
However, they surprisingly agreed to the request to withdraw from the post town so easily.

(Something serious must be happening inside the Empire)

And they probably withdraw their army to deal with that.
He is currently searching for information.
However, he hasn’t obtained any valuable information so far.
The prime minister shakes his head again and changes his mood.
He then turned to the knight commander again and uttered a word of praise.

「To defeat the same number of opponents unscatched… should I say as expected. I guess that’s the result of daily training」

The enemy is four B-class Knights.
No matter how elite the Kingdom knight order is, it should’ve been tough for them.
However, the reaction of the knight commander is dull.
One can see that there’s wrinkles between his eyebrows.

「It wasn’t the same number. A Knight of Black Locust country also participated in the battle」

He recalled the contents of the report.
A town attacked by a herd of giant double axe mantis. A Knight from Black Locust country rushed to the site to rescue his own people who were staying there.
The rank is B class. It was a Knight they confiscated from the previous fight against the Empire.

(In any case, there’s no arguing that the Knights of our country became the main force. The knight commander too, he shouldn’t have to mind these little details)

He lightly shrugged his shoulders and replied.

「I got it. I’ll write a letter to the king of Black Locust country to thank him of his assistance」

However, the knight commander’s expression is still dark. And he opened his mouth with an expression as if he has something difficult to say.

「About that… the truth is, our Knights only defeated one unit. The Knight of Black Locust was actually the ones who defeated most of them」

But, it didn’t get through well.
The prime minister raised one eyebrow and made a dubious look.

「The Black Locust Knight destroyed two units and destroyed the leg of one of the enemy’s Knight. The Knight that our Knights defeated was the ones that has been crippled」

After hearing his explanation, the prime minister made a don’t tell me expression.

「After that, they found another unit trying to escape to the mountains. Then the Black Locust Knight shot it down with a long ranged magic attack, and made it fall in the valley.」

Then he concluded with a sad look.

「It wasn’t just an assistance. He rescued us from a dangerous situation」

Even after his explanation, the prime minister is still not convinced. So he asked the knight commander a question.

「Our side also has four units of B-class Knights, you know? Don’t you think rescued is an overstatement?」

To that question, the knight commander answered bitterly.

「Those B-class Knights that were at the scene were the Knights your excellency collected and turned into B-class」

With those words, the prime minister understood everything.
The B-class that he collected is a Knight on appearance only and is actually a C-class.
C-class Knights who were forcibly collected from local nobles. The appearance was slightly modified and they call it B-class.

(If so, then the pilot is a newcomer. With this, even if it become a burden, it will not be a fighting force)

But at the same time, a new question arose.



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