Chapter 158 Part 1



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

West of the Ost continent, the sand-colored city – the Imperial Capital.
The skies there are blue and there are few clouds.
The wind that is slightly strong but soothing blows through the streets even reaching every corner there are.
Towering above at the center of the town is the palace that has the external appearance of countless towers being bundled together. Nearby, in the study of a mansion, the face, that looks gentle, of a middle-aged man was in shock.

「Annihilated you say?」

He asks repeatedly but the answer of the person who brought the report does not change.
As none of the Knights returned, it took up till now to confirm the situation.

「Without the Knight from the Merchant Guild appearing, when they wanted to defeat the Knights from the Kingdom, they were defeated by the Knights from Black Locust country that scrambled to the scene?」

He did not understand the meaning of this at all.
There is no helping that the Knight from the Merchant Guild did not appear. There are probably cases where things do not go according to the plan.
But why, was there really a need to attack the Knight Order of the Kingdom?
Black Locust country on top of all of that? What of those Knights from that insignificant nation?

「What in the world happened? Explain in detail!」

The middle-aged man who has a gentle-looking face is definitely not gentle. He just looks that way.
Having known his ruthless side, his subordinate trembles but he cannot explain any further. He does not know after all.
The middle-aged man with a gentle-looking face who grew impatient rode a golem carriage and hurried over to the Knight Order.

(This is bad. This is very bad)

He repeated these words while sitting in his carriage seat.
This is the second time this middle-aged man has failed.
The first is when he was under the lord of the frontier, a weakening operation that made use of narcotic drugs. At that time, he somehow managed to push the blame on another person thus succeeding in escaping from the need to take responsibility.
However, it will not become like that this time. He will stand out too much as this is a consecutive failure.
The chances that he will be abandoned is high unless he finds a suitable reason to have the Emperor believe that the expedition force retreated.

(Please let this be the work of the Ghost Knight!)

It will surely be forgiven if it was an annihilation by the hands of the Ghost Knight.
I will just make up a story that they approached too close in secret and were counterattacked. No, it is surely a fact that it happened.
After arriving at the Knight Order headquarters, the middle-aged man with a gentle-looking face hurriedly climbed the stairs and opened the door to the room of the Knight Order commanders loudly.

(……Not possible huh)

But over there, he was met with the figures of the Knight Order commanders who, like him, were enveloped in an air of gloom.
If there was a report about the Ghost Knight being spotted, there will surely be signs of excitement within the darkness. However, he could not even sense an iota of such excitement.

「What in the world happened?」

Even so, he sought an explanation with a faint hope that it would turn out as he planned.
What came out of their mouths was that the expedition force got annihilated by five Knights inclusive of those from Black Locust country.

「Why did they not retreat as is? If the Knight from the Merchant Guild did not show up, then it is just a matter of gambling that it will the next time!」

A middle-aged man with a gentle-looking face shouted. In the face of this, the Vice-commander answered with a gloomy expression.

「This is only my guess but they probably hated coming up empty. So they probably thought about bringing anything back as long as it can be counted as an achievement」

(What foolishness)

The middle-aged man with a gentle-looking face sat down on his chair.
This is a failure on the part of the pilots. But the person in charge of the planning is him. To the Knight Order, it is only a matter of him going to them for assistance.
They can get away from taking even the slightest of responsibilities. Such a thing is surely impossible for him.

(A demotion to baron or a revocation of his rank)

It is impossible to climb back up either way.
The Knight Order commanders averted their eyes from the middle-aged man with a gentle-looking face who has gotten silent.
And so, at the venue of the round table discussion held on another day.
There were no sightings of the middle-aged man with a gentle-looking face.
On the same day, it was announced on the official daily gazette that the number of Viscount houses has reduced by one.

The Kingdom, Royal Capital.
Built at one comet of the entertainment district, built with a mix of white marble and bricks, is a building with a chic and cool atmosphere.
Above the two polished heavy oak doors is the word 『Jayanne』 shaped with silverwork.
At the sofa further in from the doors, two men are sitting facing each other.

「Tauro-san. Thank you very much for a while back」

「No no. I did nothing in the end」

Hearing Corneal’s words, I waved my hand back and forth in front of me.
We are chatting while waiting for the woman to finish her preparations.
The topic is, of course, the matter at the Northern Town just the other day.

「That is merely the result. The Black Locust country Knights coming to the rescue is only a coincidence. I would have to rely on Tauro-san if not for that」

I do not nod, I drop shoulders.

「Please do not say it is impossible. It is B-rank Knights you know?」

「……Well, that’s true」

A weird reply from Corneal.
After that, we exchanged opinions on the Knights from Black Locust country.
It seems like even to him, as a pilot of an A-rank Knight, the results achieved by Lightning in battle is not normal.

「By the way, is the opponent today a spy from the Empire?」

The expression on Corneal’s face changes, he whispers in a way that the others in our surroundings would not be able to hear.
I too stiffened my face and nodded back.
The path that continues on from Instructor Light Cruiser. The greatest, towering obstacle in the middle of that path.
Today is the day that I finally stand at its gate, ready to challenge it.
In order to have Instructor Light Cruiser be my opponent, I will have to play with this woman who appears to be a spy from the Empire.
The reason for that is because the instructor is the last to make an appearance.
I must first battle the Werewolf Onee-san, Explosive Onee-sama, and the Spy beforehand.
I will not overexert myself in these three battles. It is then, after confirming this, that both legs of Instructor Light Cruiser will open.

「I did some preliminary investigation and she is already being called by her second name. Since it has only been in this short span of time, there is no mistake if we view her as a skillful individual」

Corneal explains while keeping his voice down.
It has to be her or it is a no go. There seem to be customers that are declaring as such and are paying no mind to any other woman.

(A second name huh)

My heart tingles at the ring of that word. At my urging, Corneal said her second name.

「It seems like it is Giant Killing (Eater of Giants)」

Most of the celebrities who have yielded to her are people who are well-known in the red-light district.
They have been captivated by her in quite a short time. It seems that name has been given to her in astonishment and fear of that feat.

(From the ring of it, an opponent that I cannot let my guard down)

I am acquainted with a number of those celebrities.
Every one of them is a top ranker in the red-light district of the Royal Capital. As many as the number of women who will turn down a nomination.

(For her to be able to captivate them)

I will probably be eaten unless I challenge her with much determination.
If it were the usual, I would be extremely satisfied with going at it and feeling good but this is dangerous with the Spy as my opponent. I do not know what she will do to me.

(As expected, there is a possibility of it being brainwashing)

The high-class brothel in Auwalk, Elsaikyu. There, I had the experience of being brainwashed by the Elder Lich, also known as Lich.
You will not notice it on your own. That is the most frightening thing about that.
At that time, it was a mere coincidence that the brainwashing was removed. It was all thanks to the Abnormal status effect recovery magic that I casted on myself.

(This is that which calls for the appearance of my reliable best friend)

The brainwashing that the Spy might carry out. Corneal is here as a means of countering that plan.
He will be in the same room, observing our fight up close.
And when the play is over, the D-rank abnormal status effect recovery potion that I passed to him before this. He will pour that over me.

(I have done all the preparations I could have just in case)

The matter regarding a companion accompanying me has already been approved by my opponent.
It was looking grim at first but she finally gave in when I said that I will not be playing with her with she does not allow it.
I want to play with Instructor Light Cruiser. However, being together with the Spy on my own without any plans is too dangerous.
This is also a difficult decision for me but I am glad she allowed it.

(No, just saying, this also goes to show how much confidence I have)

My opponent is the Giant Killing after all.
Being prideful is a sin. I got my guard back up.




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