Chapter 165 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

On top of the walls that surround the Old Count’s mansion.
The man who called himself a sage stood there while his face was distorted with anger.

「What the hell are those things!?」

The light arrow missile that came from far away has interrupted his chanting many times.

「Damn it! They’re getting closer」

The feeling of impatience he has never felt before burns his heart.
He didn’t have a hard time dealing with the Knights in the eastern country.
He kept them in a position where they could neither escape nor approach him, while continuing to barrage them with attack magic.
But that doesn’t work this time.

「That’s too fast, damn it!」

He spat seeing the light arrow missile come flying at him.
He doesn’t think he’s inferior in terms of bullet range.
However, the opponent’s rate of fire is shorter than himself. Even if he tried to aim at him, he would just get interrupted midway. Just like this.

「Magic shield!」

He cancelled chanting the attack magic and activated a different magic.

「Don’t get too full of yourself even though you’re weak!」

It has low attack power. So low that deploying the lowest rank magic shield is enough to repel it.
But that weak light arrow missile blows away the surrounding stone walls.
Without magic, the flying stone blocks would cause him life-threatening injuries. That reduced the self-proclaimed sage’s move by one.

「Thunder arrow!」

He cast a chantless attack magic to the Knight that kept approaching at high speed.
With this, it won’t get cancelled, he thought.

(It’s doesn’t work)

However, in return for faster casting, it doesn’t have much firepower.
The thunder arrow, which should have hit the chest of the blue Knight, disappears without leaving any trace.
And the speed of the Knight didn’t seem to be slowing down at all.

(In that case, I’ll cast more of them)

The self-proclaimed sage barrage them with multiple chantless thunder arrows like a storm.
However, the Knight continues to push forward without even trying to dodge.

(This is bad!)

The blue Knight finally reaches the wall.
It swung down the twin swords in both of its arms at the self-proclaimed sage.

(You think I’ll let you hit me?)

He deployed a shell-shaped physical barrier and at the same time, casted a jumping magic to avoid it.
The self-proclaimed sage looked back at where he was standing a moment ago. Horror runs on his back when he does so.

(It tears apart the wall!?)

A chef with a kitchen knife in both hands. That’s what is chopping the wall right now.
The kitchen knife doesn’t stop. It chases after the sage as it carves through and destroys the walls.

(There’s no way I can deal with those!)

It’s not fun, but let’s run away.

(Being able to endure one hit is enough)

He’s confident in his magic shield.
The blue Knight’s sword attack is terrifying, but it won’t break his shield with just one strike.
If so, then he can try to escape to the mountains.

(See you bastard around. I’ll make sure to remember this)

Vowing to get revenge, he repeatedly made a big leap, heading towards the forest.
Together with the faint light coming from the shell, it looked like a bouncing rubber ball.
Unable to catch him with his sword, Corneal grinds his teeth.

(Moving about relentlessly!)

Powerful defensive magic and jumping magic. And the magician who can combine them together.
He’s a very troublesome existence. If he let him enter the forest as is, he will definitely lose sight of him.


In that moment, there’s a shadow of a running Knight from the side.
Affected by the wind pressure coming from it, he wobbles for a moment. When he look at it, it was the Knight of Black Locust.
Even Viking, an A-class Knight, cannot achieve that speed. It was a lightning dive that was demonstrated at close range.

『I won’t let you get away!』

Cold voice coming out from the external sound system.


Its appearance is clearly lower than the Blue Knight from earlier.
The self-proclaimed sage sneered, thinking that it’s unlikely for it to be able to break through his shield.

『Lightning sword!』

At that instant, the sword that comes slashing reflects the sunlight and makes the sword’s trajectory spark like lightning.
It is the extraordinarily accurate attack that Tauro talked about.
It is activated against the sage’s magic shield.
The thrust, which was released three times in a row, while focused on one spot shook the shell greatly with the first thrust, cracked with the second thrust, and destroyed the entire thing with the third thrust.

(What was that just now??)

Corneal was speechless after witnessing Lightning sword for the first time.

(Good grief, Tauro-san’s acquaintances are nothing but monsters)

For just a moment, the figure of Cool floated in his mind.


The noble kid’s B-class Knight has finally caught up with them. Behind it were C-class Knights who have yet to reach them were visible although small.
Corneal notices it and gives instructions.

『Bring them down!』

『Yes sir!』

The noble kid climbed over the wall and rushed over.
Two C-class Knights trying to resist. He closed in behind them and cut off their limbs.
The fight was completely uneventful.

『….Then, let’s hunt down the remainings, shall we?』

The C-class Knights that arrived even later.
The old man mutters while observing the noble’s kid sword skill.
The other old man’s Knight nodded obediently.
Then, along with Ponytail and Busty-chan, the four Knights search for the surrounding enemies.
And so the old man stepped into the castle as the conflict nearing its end.

『Hou? I think they’re in the secret room in the basement』

A mansion that got its above ground-part of the building destroyed.
He found a suspicious stone lid on its foundation.

『Don’t think you can fool the eyes of a former adventurer』

Surveying ruins using a Knight. He’s experienced in this field.
He’s good at this kind of thing.
He made his Knight bend and kneel down.
Then, he thrust the tip of the sword into the gap of the stone lid, and the floor slab around the lid was pulled up.

『The rumored twins, huh?』

The count’s proud twin grandchilds.
It seems he can confirm it was them from the story of them being only ten years old.

(They didn’t told us to catch them, but they would make a good achievement)

The old man was grinning inside the cockpit.
But soon, that smile was erased from his face.


Magic circles began to develop around their figure.
The old man had forgotten.
That albeit still young, the twins are still magicians.
The two were working together to activate attack magic.

(Oh crap!)

He tries to retreat in a hurry, but the magic circle already becomes even more bright. He knew that he wouldn’t make it in time.
The old man held no expectations or whatsoever on the defense of a C-class Knight.
The appearance of his wife and daughter in a matching yellow bikini emerges in his mind.
The next moment, his vision was covered with dazzling light.

「We did it!」

The young boy and girl happily hold each other’s hand.
Two kids with similar faces wearing magician-style costumes.
They are the sage’s disciples. They shot a thunder arrow, a spell handed down directly from their master, at close range.
The arrow, carrying the magical power of two people, had enough power to destroy a C-class Knight.

「There’s one over there too!」

Hearing the sister’s voice, he turned around, looking beyond the collapsed wall. There’s a Knight similar to the one they just defeated just now.
It might have noticed them because of the thunder arrow spell, as it turned its face at them.

「Let’s do it」


They nodded at each other and started chanting.

(We have to do our best until master destroys every one of them)

The two thought strongly inside their hearts.
Knowing the sage’s magic, the possibility of their master was no longer in this world never crossed their mind.

「Here we goー!!」

When the two were about to release the spell in sync, they realized that their surroundings had become dark.
When they look up, the Knight they were aiming for has made a big jump in the air, showing the sole of its feet to them.


The soles of the feet fill their field of view.
In an instant, they felt unbearable pressure on their whole body.

『What are you doing? You lowered your guard to much, you know』

A thick voice echoes from the C-class knight who trampled the magic circle.
The Knight who lost his head sat down. His chest opened and an old man crawled out of it.

『Also, you made a bad decision there. Why did you try to run away instead of just going at them? Are you drunk or something?』

He can’t find a word to refute that.
In an unexpected situation, a misjudgment can be fatal. Like what happened just now.
Because he was faced with kids, he was hesitating for a moment.

(Thankfully they targeted the head part)

The twins are probably unfamiliar with the structure of a Knight.
It seems that they had misunderstood that it would be over if they crushed its head.
While listening to his companion’s words, the figure of his daughter came to my mind.

『I will also become a pilot like daddy in the future』

My daughter, a little older than the twins.
She has recently begun her studies while she works for a brothel.

(I might be the one who say this but, I don’t want her to trade lives yet if possible)

In the near future, she will take the entrance examination for the pilot school.
She wants to be like me. I’m happy when she said that. But when she becomes a pilot, she will also enter the battlefield sooner or later.
A red pond that slowly oozes from the feet of the Knight of his companion.
That scene made him feel complicated.



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