Chapter 170 Part 3



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

「I guess there’s no choice but to go to the adventure guild, huh?」

Now that he has returned his qualification as a merchant, he won’t be able to purchase any products.
But before that, there’s the matter of today’s meal.
The young man who’s in a hurry and the shadow of the building he’s at. He looked up at the rugged mansion on the west side of the square.
The adventurer’s guild.

(Let’s try entering for now)

He lifted his butt from the stone paving.


The plants in the garden forest are shining under the strong mid summer sunlight.
Especially for the medicinal tree, the green light makes my eyes hurt.

「It’s good even at late afternoon like this」

I talk to myself while eating summer vegetable curry in the living room.
The appearance of the turtle, a spirit beast with water attributes is causing non stop supply of summer fruits.
I desperately went around the stalls in the neighborhood to share it.
After I finished distributing the harvest in the morning, I was having a late lunch with the summer vegetable curry I received in return.

「Ah, right, speaking of the turtle, it is also written in that black book. Let’s give it a read」

Vigorous exercise immediately after eating is not good for your body.
So I decided to take a short break before heading to brothel.

「Let’s see….」

A very heavy, large-sized, thick book. The binding is a moist black skin. No title is written on it.
When I turned the cover, there was a blank page.


The same for the next and the next after that. After about a dozen pages, there’s finally something written on it.

「What’s with this…. emptiness?」

Moreover, there is an unnatural wide margin at the beginning. And then writing begins abruptly in the middle of a dozen lines down.
From that point onwards, small letters are written all over the page without any gaps.

「My eyes hurt」

I flipped up the page, but there’s no illustration or some sort. There was only a full line of texts.

「I can’t read it」

I raised my face and groaned.
I can’t understand it at all. It seems that even with the “general official language ability of the human race(D)” that I got from the stone statue is not enough to decipher it.

「The stone statue?」

There’s something that’s bothering me, so I opened the book in my head for the first time in a while.
This is something given by the mysterious stone statue when I was transferred to this world.
I usually don’t pay it any mind, but if I focus my consciousness, I can slightly feel it.

「I knew it!」

I unintentionally let out a loud voice.
What is written there are letters from the second page of the book in my head. It was very similar to the mysterious characters written there.

「No, it’s not just similar. Some of the letters are completely the same!」

Excited, I rushed into the garden with the book in my hands.
There, I asked Imosuke to call the turtle.

「Do you know what’s written here?」

「Is it a magic book?」

「What language is this?」

「Who wrote it?」

I lean forward and ask questions in quick succession.
It reaches the turtle via Imosuke, and then returns from Imosuke to me.

『He said he don’t know』

The answers were summarized in one sentence.

「The content is unknown. What kind of book it is also unknown. All he know was that it belongs to the human that used to live on his back」

After repeating the question and answer session, that’s the only answer I got.
Also it seems that this human was a magician.


Unfortunately, in the end there wasn’t much I could gather.
I put my back on the medicinal tree and opened the book on my crossed legs.
I compared it with the book in my head to see if I could understand anything.

「Wait, what? The are more letters now」

The book in my head, the second page onward.
It should’ve been blank the first time I saw it. But the next time I read it, it was full with letters that it filled the entire page.
And now, dozens of other pages are also filled with letters.
I was afraid because I didn’t understand the meaning.


However I noticed the difference when I compared them carefully.

「The turtle’s book is handwritten」

While the book in my head is like something that was printed. The same letters have exactly the same shape.
But the turtle book is a little different. It was clearly handwritten.

「Which means….」

I’m aware that I’m not that smart.
Still, when I thought about it calmly, one hypothesis floated in my mind.

「I think he probably transcribed it. Either from another book, or from the book inside his head」

I can’t come up with any other answer.

「So there used to be a person like me, huh」

I remembered how it strangely acted familiar when it was transferring me.
It’s no wonder if this is the case.
That day, I ended up groaning until evening came.

「Argh… screw this! I don’t get it!」

In the end my brain got overheated and as I shouted as such, and I ran off to the brothel.
My destination is the fin-de-siecle*.
After paying at the counter, I push the heavy door open to the play area.
There are stage sets that imitate the cityscape of the royal capital.
[*TL Note: End of the century]

(Found you)

A stall selling magazines nearby. There, a woman was arranging the products.
Of course, she wasn’t a real salesgirl. She was an employee of the fin-de-siecle brothel.


As I started running, I took off my pants and made a big leap.
Probably on purpose. The saleswoman who worked while slouching and her butt facing this way. I then hug her from behind.
She was surprised and screamed, but we don’t have to worry about that. This is such a shop after all.

「Be quiet」

I uttered a classic line while holding her head against the cobblestone carpet.
I tucked up the skirt with my other hand and slid down my hand under her underwear.
The saleswoman is ready now. Then I invade her in one breath.

(Ahh…so warm~)

It’s not that tight, but it still feels good.
I use my stress as fuel and move around on my own. I don’t care about the other party.

(Something like this, I guess)

The saleswoman was swinging her hips violently. But that’s only at the beginning.
It gradually slowed down and eventually stopped moving.
I collected my thoughts and switched to my sage mode.

(Now that I think about it, there used to be a girl killing time behind the cityscape stage aren’t there?)

As expected of sage mode, I can clearly remember my memories.
She wasn’t properly developed and the circuit to make her happy was incomplete.
As a result of my tuning, she became so popular she had a line of men chasing after her.

(It’s been a long time, so I guess I’ll say pay her a visit)

There’s a chance she might have been transferred to a more classy brothel.
But that’s fine. If I keep playing in the Royal capital, we might meet each other again.
A saleswoman who is still laying down. I took the skirt down, put it in order, and started walking triumphantly.




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